Starship Sundays: Pallada

Welcome to Starship Sunday, presenting a new spaceframe for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

Wrapping up our return to the 23rd Century this month, adding a few ships to the classical Kirk era. This week is the much less canon Pallada-class.

The Pallada is named after several Russian cruisers, a name equivalent in history as “Enterprise“. The design has popped up a few times online, and a very similar looking design is fighting Klingons in the Beta Quadrant Sourcebook, which is the reason I’m opting to do this entry.

While a fan design, there’s not a lot of solid lore on the role of the class. I’ve done a few different TOS ships at this point, but I haven’t done a companion ship for the Constitution, the scientific partner to the exploratory ship akin to the Nebula and the Galaxy, or the Luna to the Sovereign. Given its size and purposefully historic naming, this role fits the class fairly nicely. This allows people to play in a game set in and around The Original Series without directly mirroring the Enterprise by also commanding a Constitution-class ship. And as a scientific ship purposely investing unusual phenomena, the ship could be involved in more storylines akin to Enterprise or The Next Generation and there’s a nice excuse for the gamemaster to send the crew into bizarre anomalies of the week.

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  1. Some nice FASA designs could be borrowed and altered…this one’s nacelle arrangement is not attractive.

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