Mission Compendium: Pandora’s Box

Some secrets are best left buried. Whether that be forbidden knowledge, ancient technology, or a cache of weapons, the end result is the same. The one doing the discovering has to weigh the risk of revealing these secrets, be at the cost of their own morals, their mortality and that of others, or perhaps even an entire culture. This mission compendium provides you, the GM or Player of Star Trek Adventures, the means to explore that theme of buried secrets.

Hello everyone! I’m excited for the opportunity to bring you my STA Mission Compendiums. My goal is to release one every month as long as scheduling permits. Each compendium will have at least four full-length missions inside complete with everything you’ll need to run the adventures at your own table. They’re designed to provide at least 3 to 4 hours of gameplay for the average group of GM and players. 

This particular mission compendium has four missions that were initially written and run for the Ophion group. They are as follows:

  • Psi-Shift: The Player Characters are diverted by a disturbing distress call on their way to the Sabine Expanse. The distress call comes from a Federation Research Outpost in unclaimed space that claims to be under attack, complete with gruesome background noises. Initial scans of the players’ ship’s database cannot confirm that such a facility exists. Yet subsequent searches do, as if the data was simply missing the first time around. When the Player Characters arrive, they find that the outpost is in peak condition as is the crew. The psyche of Players will be tested as they investigate this strange series of events.
  • Triplicate: The Player Characters are en route to Sector Tau Eta 5 within the Sabine Expanse. As they approach they find that there is an increased build-up of Tetryons around their ship’s warp bubble. It eventually grows to the point that the player’s ship must make an emergency exit from warp into an uncharted system. This system turns out to be intelligently-designed, with three planets in particular sharing the same orbit. Each planet is a source of Tetryons and must be shut down before the players may leave.
  • Rings: While traveling in the Expanse, the players’ ship picks up an audio-only message on a lower frequency band. The universal translator is unable to decipher the message into a form the Player Characters can understand. Investigating the signal leads the Player Characters to the X364 system, where a megastructure, a ringworld with a diameter of approximately 10,000 kilometers, orbits a gas giant. The ringworld is teeming with unknown lifeforms and shows signs that a warp-capable species may be present on part of the ring. The Players will have to put on their best uniform as they make First Contact with the insectoid species known as the Sloix.
  • Pandora’s Gate: The Player Characters are tasked with escorting an archaeology and anthropology officer to a Class L planet that plays host to a Tkon outpost. After contending with the harsh atmosphere, the Player Characters are rewarded with a star chart with a set of coordinates for a “gate.” This gate is still in operation to this day and harbors a dark secret. And if that wasn’t enough, the Tholian Assembly is sniffing around for new systems to annex. The players must make a difficult decision that could shape the very fate of the quadrant!

The compendium also includes the Species Profile for the Sloix. You can grab it separately or as part of the larger PDF.

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