You Know You’re Legit When Plays Star Trek Adventures

Perusing the web as I do, I was pumped to see this cool article I had to share with all of your STAers our there! Marshall Honorof, Contributor, wrote an article entitled ‘Star Trek Adventures’ Is the Franchise’s Best RPG Yet.

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Marshall writes, “The developers at Modiphius were generous enough to send a PDF copy of the rules. I realized quickly that I had a lot of work ahead of me if I wanted to make an adventure worthy of Gene Roddenberry’s world — just working through the rule book and organizing my first session took about three months. But if you’re patient, imaginative and have a fair amount of disposable income on your hands, you may find that the most memorable “Star Trek” adventure is the one you create with your friends.”

Couldn’t agree more! The article is really well-written. It could be used as a good lure to get your space-loving geek pals to play STA. So, share, share, share! And let’s keep Star Trek Adventures alive and thriving.


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