Starship Registry Sheets by Cory Belote: Saucer Separation Sections

Here are some Saucer and Drive section sheets for the Galaxy Class and Intrepid Class starships, from Cory Belote.

Saucer Separations starship registry sheet (A4, PDF)

Saucer Separations starship registry sheet (A4, PDF)


You can fill in the fields, but the same data will appear on all pages. Print only the page you need.

Alternatively, you can also use an application that splits PDFs to get single pages versions.  Here’s one possible free web program, but there are others: PDF2go

To find other form-fillable sheets, we now have a Ship Registry category for the spectacular Cory Belote variants, where the attributes match the order of stat blocks.


  1. It should have been Prometheus instead of the Intrepid it didn’t have a saucer separation

  2. Yeah, the Intrepid never had a saucer separation capacity. Even looking at its superstructure, it doesn’t even have a crease between its saucer and secondary hull like the Galaxy does. Hell, the Cheyenne is more likely to have a saucer separation than the Intrepid because it actually *does* have that crease.

    Any word on when Corey Belote is getting back? I have new requests for his style of starship sheets.

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