Babylon Fleet – A STA West Marches/Individual RP Discord Group

I (ELH) have been running Star Trek Adventures for over 3 years. During that time I’ve built up a comprehensive, expansive setting that all of my games takes place in. Now you too can experience the ELH-verse by joining Babylon Fleet! If you’re looking for Star Trek roleplay, want to get a taste of Star Trek Adventures, or simply want to read through the chat logs, you’re encouraged to come check it out! There’s plenty of different ships and stations to create characters on. Depending on the availability/activeness of each ship’s crew, it may lead to things like one-off sessions with me as well as impacts on the rest of Babylon Fleet!

The Sabine Expanse

Babylon Fleet is centered upon the edges of the Sabine Expanse, the area to the galactic “left” of Cardassian Space. Deep Space October is the staging ground for the Babylon Fleet, and where Fleet Admiral Ignitrix has planted her flag. The goal of the Babylon Fleet is to press into the unexplored reaches of the Alpha Quadrant, much like how the “default” setting of Star Trek Adventures does the same in the Shackleton Expanse in the Beta Quadrant. The starting Stardate is Stardate 93312.4, meaning we’re post-STO in terms of the timeline.

Interested? Great! You’ll need to join my discord server and read the rules within. I can also answer any questions in the comments.

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