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    With a month and change to go before the second season of Star Trek Discovery, it seems time to start a thread.
    But time has shown that us Trekies don’t play well when discussing Discovery. So we need two threads on the show.

    This is the Love Thread.

    If you loved Discovery or want to praise the series, this is the place to post. If you hated it but still want to gush about Tilly or say how awesome the Andorians look or flip out over how amazing the classic uniforms look in season 2, then this is also the place.
    If you don’t have anything positive to say… that’s okay, but please go to the other thread so we can keep this thread upbeat. And if you absolutely must say something less that totally positive in a post, then you MUST sandwich it between two honest positives and sincere compliments. If you can’t do that then your post really belongs in the other thread.


    I like how Discovery helps establish the tone of The Original Series, with Starfleet reeling after almost losing the war and not having as many ships. It helps explain why the Enterprise was all over the place and doing all kinds of different missions: Starfleet didn’t have enough ships to spare for side missions.

    I do love the look of TOS uniforms with the new cut. It looks and feels classic while still looking like an actual uniform and not pajamas. It’s possibly my favourite update of the look, surpassing the Star Trek Beyond uniforms which were also rather slick.
    I’m a little sad they seem to quickly be shoving Pike into the DISCO blues, but I imagine they have a *tonne* of extra DISCO uniforms and don’t want to replace the expensive uniforms after a single year. Hopefully we’ll see them slowly swapped out in a few seasons.

    I was very surprised by how tight the continuity was in the second half of the first season, referencing how the Defiant was in the Mirror Universe, a nod to the Mirror Universe episode of Enterprise from it’s seldom seen 4th Season. It almost feels like a deep cut. And they even had the incident classified, which helps explain why the Defiant was still lost and how Kirk was unaware of the Mirror Universe. I always appreciate when they try and explain stuff like that.


    Tony Pi

    Of the ideas I like, definitely Saru’s species. Also, lots of things not in the original series but might be cool for adapting into an RPG, like the spacesuit that they had at the Binary Stars. The virtual combat simulator predates the holodecks but since the Xyrillians had holodecks, it makes sense that some virtual training environment is being worked on – extrapolations of the VR goggles now.


    Short Treks were decent. I quite liked Calypso, which was lovely and touching. And The Escape Artist amused me greatly. I was worried it would get dark, but that ending was amazing.

    The season premier was good and went a long way to addressing complaints people had with the series. There was a sense of camaraderie on the ship and teamwork, with Pike being respectful of Saru’s feelings. And asking for the names of the bridge crew was great, as that had been sorely lacking.

    And man do I love the hybrid uniforms. I hope they segue them into regular use for season 3.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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