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    Mephit James

    Just putting this out there: I would love to run a PbP mini-campaign. If you’re interested then post your interest here!

    I think we’re all set for crew, but stay tuned for the action!

    The Summit
    Your ship has been dispatched to retrieve a diplomatic delegation from a new Federation member world. The delegation is expected at a conference on Andoria and you have a little more than a week to get them there. It should be plenty of time… Provided things don’t go wrong.

    Numbers of Players: 2-4
    Character Creation: Lifepath (with rerolls) using material from the core book, all Modiphius books released to date, all Continuing Mission posts. Other material subject to review.
    Era: Next Generation, 2372
    Submissions So Far:

    • Captain: Captain Hercules Henry by Michael Dismuke
    • First Officer: jasemarten
    • Conn Officer: Stephen Wright by gamer94014624571
    • Chief Tactical Officer: Hardak Kronk by SITZKRIEG!
    • Chief Science Officer: Lt Commander Ra-Doranis by Andrew Zimmerman Jones
    • Chief Medical Officer: Commander Eliaz Norado Lin by JtEvans
    • Chief Engineer: Maesel by Bryan
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    I will take Captain!!!


    I would be interested. I am OK with anything, but would lean toward Science Officer.


    Mephit James

    Sounds good to me, Andrew!

    Both of you guys can roll up some characters and post here. Text-based or pdf link are both fine by me!


    TNG Era, I assume.



    I’d be interested in playing a TNG era tactical officer if you’re ok with a non-standard scifi race (which uses the same rules in the books just is called something different from another scifi universe).



    XO for me please



    I’m very new to this, but would very much like to join in. I’ll take CMO, if that’s okay.


    Ok. I’ll snap to it tonight or tomorrow.


    I’ve got one here that could go either tactical officer or executive officer.



    Mephit James

    @SITZKRIEG!: I’m not opposed to borrowing from another franchise. You can file off the name or we can just pretend no one recognizes it.

    @jasemarden: I think you can take it!

    @jtevans: You got it.

    @gamer94014624571: Looks like a fun character! People have already spoken up for XO and Tactical, though, so we’ll have to have some sort of run-off.


    I normally do the flight control station, but I’m in a different STA PbP on rpgnet where I have a Romulan flight controller. Wanted to try something different.



    So this is the CMO for this ship. This was actually a lot of fun to make. I might use this character for more than one project.

    He’s a joined Trill, about early 70s. Very experienced, his symbiote, Lin, has lived 11 lives. In another century or two, Lin will probably retire to the Caves of Mak’ala. He wears an alternate Medical Uniform, similar to Dr. Pulaski, except the tunic ends just below the knees instead of at the calves.




Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 95 total)

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