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    And I introduce our Chief Science Officer:

    Ra-Doranis Character Sheet

    Ra-Doranis Background:
    Ra-Doranis was born of a romance when his mother, an Efrosian, accepted the right to participate in the jamaharon while visiting Risa. Though his parents were not traditionally married, they remained in close communication, and he would visit his father on Risa periodically over the years, though he spent most of his life on a frontier artist’s colony with his mother.

    In that colony, Ra-Doranis learned to value the diverse forms of knowledge from throughout the universe, but he found himself drawn to the underlying common story – science – that all species eventually discovered. His desire to further explore and understand the universe eventually led him to join Starfleet.

    At age 40, Ra-Doranis has proven himself with a distinguished Starfleet career, currently serving as Chief Science Officer on a Federation starship. He has in particular received recognition for stabilizing an out-of-control quantum entanglement fluctuation crisis on Deep Space 2 and for once uncovering and thwarting a plot to assassinate an Orion princess.

    Ra-Doranis Appearance:
    Ra-Doranis is a tall, attractive man, with dark skin. The top half of his head is bald and a gold emblem rests in the center of his slightly ridged forehead. Dark hair on the lower portion of his head cascades down his back in thickly-bound dreadlocks. He has the Efrosian double mustaches, springing from the sides of his lips and his chin, and these two are bound in thinner, shorter braids.

    Here’s a link that walks through my Lifepath Creation steps, if the GM would like to review.


    Mephit James

    This weekend got away from me but it looks like we have a crew shaping up!

    @gamer94014624571 , would you prefer to play the chief engineer instead of another flight controller? That would be a different set of responsibilities for sure.

    For all, what spaceframe and what mission profile would you like to see?


    Here is the Captain. https://www.dropbox.com/s/agnajvs28qsblr8/startrek_character_Hercules%20Henry%20%281%29.pdf?dl=0

    Ignore the Lt. JG designation. He is a captain.

    As for Spaceframe: I am most comfortable with Intrepid. But I am willing to try Nova class on for size.

    Vessels equipped for Strategic and Diplomatic Operations
    are often placed under the command of flag officers and
    used as the heart of squadrons, battle-groups, and even
    whole fleets. These ships — and the prestige and standing
    that accompanies them — are also used for major diplomatic
    engagements, where they can serve as mobile embassies
    and represent the best of the Federation.


    Not really interested in an engineer, and then there’s that I would have to remake entirely for that.

    As to the ship, I’d say a Sovereign-class with the Pathfinder profile.


    Mephit James

    @gamer94014624571 , alright well then looks like the conn officer position is the one for you. Go ahead and adjust points and repost. I’ll use your original posting for name and rank and such.


    Given the campaign description, I agree with the Strategic/Diplomatic operations mission profile makes the most sense. It also fits with my Xenobiology/Anthropology Focuses.

    Captain: Looking forward to working with you. Good, solid captain. However, given your rank, I don’t think you qualify for Untapped Potential.


    Not that great at that station on this character. Only have 3 Conn whereas I have 5 Command and 4 Security (though Engineering is at 2 with both Science and Medicine at 1).



    I’ll take Chief Engineer. I haven’t got a character made yet. I’l try to knock one out this week. When do you expect to start play?



    As for space frame, I’m most familiar with Cheyenne-class, which is an interesting and not a popular ship. But I’m really comfortable with any ship.

    Diplomatic/Strategic is good with me. One of Lin’s host was a Trill Ambassador and another was a Federation Diplomat.



    I think for spaceframe we need to think about the time period and the fact that this is a new crew coming together. I would assume we’re not going to get an Intrepid or Defiant as they are too new for their to be many of them available at this time. Galaxy class, Akira Class, Soverign class, all too big or too new to trust to a new crew. I could see us doing well with a refit Excelsior or Constellation, or even a Miranda class. I know Excelsiors and Mirandas got called up in big numbers during the Dominion War and this is just before that really started. So they could be refitting ships from the mothball fleet and giving them out to new Captains about this time. I know the start of the mission seems like it’s geared toward diplomacy but I would make a case for going with Multirole Explorer instead of Strategic and Diplomatic Operations. I think it would work well for either the Excelsior, Miranda, or Constellation classes and it’d be more in line with how Starfleet would probably kit out a reserve ship called back into service.



    Constellation would be really cool, as would possibly an Ambassador class, which by 2370s would be about 50 years old, but still in pretty common use as refitted starships.



    As for the mission profile, you can’t go wrong with multirole explorer IMO as it gives a wide variety of useful talent options as well as across the board system bonuses. Since I’ll be the tactical officer, I’d recommend going with the Akira spaceframe for obvious reasons.

    Lt.Cmdr. Hardak Kronk from the Federation Protectorate Tuchanka reporting for duty.

    Hardak Kronk Character Sheet



    Cheif Engineer Maeseal

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    Geez. Do I have any other Humans on my bridge crew? Not that I’m part of the Human First Movement or anything. (That is an inside joke for me and Mephit.)

    When do we start?



    Hey Captain, you don’t happen to have a goatee and/or a sensitivity to bright light, do you? 🙂

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