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    I went with lt cmdr.



    @Maesel: I hope I didn’t offend with my earlier question. I was just a bit surprised at the rank layout of the group.

    @Gamer: Yes, he’s a Krogan. I wasn’t able to add that to the autogenerated character sheet from the web app but he’s ruleswise a half Klingon/Rigelion Chelon to get the “feel” of a Krogan in game. I changed the backstory of the planet/race to better fit the Trek universe though. The TLDR version is that the planet has large dilithium reserves but was inhabited by a post atomic age race (the Krogan) coming out of their own nuclear war. During the Four Year’s War from the FASA timeline (or if we’re using the DISCO timeline the Season 1 war with the Klingons), the Klingons discovered the reserves from the database of a wrecked Federation ship and Starfleet had to violate the Prime Directive in order to stop them from capturing such a valuable resource. After the war, the Federation agreed to make the planet a protectorate in return for exclusive access to the ore with the hope that the planet would one day with some guidance become a full fledged member of the Federation. Krogans being Krogans, they’re still as a society too stubborn to give up their old ways as a whole and convert to Federation norms so remain stuck in their current status except for a minority like Hardak.


    Figured I’d put up a non-cropped version of the picture I made for Stephen (used STO character creation to do it).



    I for some reason cant update my profile image, so here’s a link to something I threw together of Ra-Doranis … and I feel somewhat foolish for not thinking to use STO now. 😉




    Good idea! As long as they don’t allow Gorn in the Fed faction, I won’t have anything resembling a TNG character sheet image. 🙁 I managed to cobble together a TOS one from someone elses art but not anything more modern in universe.

Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)

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