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    Reuster’s Games

    So I was building some NPC’s for a Roll20 game and I came across an odd issue with Scales and sizes.

    Borg Cube: 3000M on each side See Memory Alpha
    Earth Spacedock: 4600M by 6900M See Starfleet Data Sheet

    The problem lies in the fact that Borg cubes are Scale 13 per the book (page 267), so does that mean Spacedock is Scale 15? 16?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated… and yes, i’m this bad about details.


    Good questions. it would make sense that Space docks are scale 15 or 16. It would take a lot of damage to completely take one down. Maybe we can come up with a homegrown rule that calculates how many deaths happen during certain damage rolls that affect Structure; or complications related to entire sections being compromised.


    Reuster’s Games

    Maybe a roll to determine location of a hit (unless called shot at higher difficulty) and then roll to kill? This way it could be possible to blow open the docking area of a spacedock and cause minimal damage to habitat area.


    Mephit James

    I would think that’s a case of random events with a Breach. I’d try my hand at a table for that…

    As for Scale, I agree with Jester Dave’s take that Scale seems logarithmic not linear. Here’s a picture he made of the comparisons…
    Ship Comparisons by Scale | David

    Taking a look here, you can see that going from an NX-class at Scale 3 to a Constitution-class at Scale 4 isn’t a huge shift in terms of length or volume. Going up the next step, though, to an Ambassador-class ship means adding more space and increasing length, beam, and height. Likewise, the jump to Galaxy-class at Scale 6 is a much bigger jump than previous intervals and then going to a D’deridex-class warbird at Scale 7 is big as well.

    I’d like to crunch some numbers and see but maybe crew complement is the best judge for Scale? Incidentally, I’ve listed all spaceframes (and species) here to help with the discussion.


    Reuster’s Games

    Damn, nicely done. And the logarimithic (exponential) increase does make sense, based on the evidence. However, does it make sense from a power, shield or resistance perspective?


    Adam Whobrey

    I’m still on my first read-through of the book, so I’m not entirely sure how to implement this, but when you get to something spacedock level, and you need to track damage against it, would it be more helpful/manageable if the spacedock was divided into smaller scale sections that had to be targeted individually?

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