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    Mephit James

    Message From Admiral MacIntyre to Captain Hercules Henry of the Bucephalus NCC-5342

    Captain, you and your crew have performed admirably on your past several missions. I want to extend my personal appreciation again for your fast-thinking action on Renak IV. I firmly believe that war has not erupted again with the Cardassians because of your crew.

    Your next mission is in the Benetyr System, specifically Benetyr III. The Benetrans have just been approved for membership in the Federation three months ago so it should be stressed that your mission go smoothly. You are to rendezvous with a diplomatic Benetran delegation and transport them to Andoria. Details on accommodations are attached but I am confident that the Benetran ambassador and his staff are in good hands.

    Stardate 49859.7, Benetyr System

    The planet of Benetyr III turned beneath the U.S.S. Bucephalus slowly, a cloud-shrouded sphere with a distinctly reddish cast to it. The Benetrans had several continents but only one was currently in view, the smallest and most densely populated. Somewhere down there in one of the sprawling city-complexes was the Benetran ambassadorial delegation. They waited for final word from the Bucephalus before transporting up. So far so good.

    Crew of the U.S.S. Bucephalus

    Setting Information Goes Here

    • Benetrans: A touchy people who are new to the Federation. They are offended by green for cultural reasons and maintain many rituals that require precise timing.
      1. Haltyri: The “small gods” of the Benetrans.
      2. Hekla: A traditional Benetran dish.
      3. Sijaar: High priest.

    Team Momentum: 5


    Hercules rode the turbolift toward the main bridge. He had just completed a personal inspection of the RCS thruster assembly. It had given them some problems as they were positioning his ship in orbit and he was curious as to what the problem could be. He didn’t like to have anything wrong with this ship. He felt all malfunctions should be corrected swiftly and with a high degree of accuracy.

    Maybe it was paranoia from his youth; thinking back to the time when he and his family were stranded in the RT6 asteroid belt on the border of the Talarian Republic. What as supposed to be a simple scientific survey ended up being three months of hell until they were rescued by another research team from the eighth moon of Beloti that just happened to stumble upon them.

    He exited the turbolift and headed for the command chair. “Report.”


    Lieutenant Commander Ra-Doranis sits at the computer banks to the starboard side of the bridge, near the head. His attention is split between his screen, providing sensor readings of the system, and the PADD held in front of him. “Morning, Captain. Sensors are showing a consistent reading of boring at the moment, giving me the opportunity to read up on the anthropological notes regarding the Benetrans. I’m compiling some of the highlights in a memo to the crew. Cultural touchstones. Things to avoid. Possible areas of common interest.” He taps his PADD, then sits it aside, then returns his full attention to the sensors computer. “Anything in particular I should be watching for, Captain?”

    <I>Tentative image of Ra-Doranis. (For some reason, it won’t let me upload this picture as my profile picture on here.)</I>



    Benetyr III… another planet approved for full membership in the Federation while Tuchanka continues as just a Federation protectorate. Our dilithium reserves are too valuable for Starfleet to ignore (especially after violating the Prime Directive to get access to them during the war) but my people are too stubborn to adapt to Federation rules so the situation stays the same for over a century. Good on the Benetrans for getting in though as they deserve it. Looking over the plans for the upcoming diplomatic transport mission to Andoria, it should be a milk run and a welcomed respite for the crew after what happened on Renak IV with the Cardassians.

    *turbolift opens and the captain appears*

    Captain on the bridge!



    Lieutenant Commander Maesel exited his office and turned to the right, a few feet down the corridor and he could see Main Engineering including the warp core. At the central engineering terminal Assistant Chief Engineer Sullivan was instructing the team responsible for transporter maintenance. Maesel had written new protocols and gone over it with his senior engineers and team leaders last week, this week was the roll out on the new protocols. Continuing into Main Engineering he went to the open terminal nearest the warp core. Looking through the glass at and listening to the rhythm it made put him at ease. On his terminal he opened the results of the warp core diagnostic that had just finished, apparently the changes he made to the matter/antimatter reaction initiators did increase efficiency, but not by as much as he wished and it had the side effect of increasing electrical inference in the matrix. He would have to reinitialize to the previous configuration and begin again. He closed the diagnostic file on his terminal and made the necessary changes to the software governing the warp core. On its next cycle it would go back to the previous configuration. He looked at his chronometer and decided to begin preparations for the next staff meeting, he had to watch carefully to ensure all of his teams were performing all of their functions adequately.


    Having completed maneuvers to enter orbit, the helm officer sat back slightly as he awaits further orders.


    Captain Henry sat down. “Mr. Wright. Is there anything wrong with the acoustics on the bridge as far as you can tell?”


    Turning, the helmsman says in response, “I don’t believe so, Captain.”

    <<OOC Note: Not really much for him to report on given that the informative stuff in GM’s post isn’t anything that’d come through conn.>>


    “The reason I ask,” the captain continued, “Is because I specifically asked for a status report and no one responded. So,” he sarcastically added, “I had to wonder. Let’s try this again. Report!”


    Weird, my reply didn’t come through …

    Lt. Commander Ra-Doranis walks onto the bridge from the head right as the Captain repeats his request for a report. He smiles. “Sorry, Captain,” as he sits down at the set of computer banks to the starboard side of the ship. “Sensors are showing nothing unexpected.” He taps a PADD sitting next to the console. “I’m reading through the anthropological studies of the Benetrans, though, and compiling a few notes for us. Lemme just send that memo out.” He frowns. “We should avoid green foods. Maybe green in general. There was a bit of an awkward incident once involving broccoli early on in Federation contact with them. It apparently relates to some curious custom they have … Anyway, it’ll all be in the report.” He taps the PADD a couple of times. “There, it’s sent off for your review.” He returns his full attention to the sensors.


    Hercules scanned the report. “Thank you, Ra-Doranis. Please make a note to ship’s cook. No broccoli to be served while we are in the system. ” He depressed a button on his command console. “Engineering, is everything ready for our delegation to be transported aboard?”



    “All repairs completed and logged after our encounter with the sp…*ahem* Cardassians. We’ve resupplied as needed and from an Ops perspective are ready to depart.”

    Why didn’t the ranking bridge officer respond to the Captain’s report order? He’s supposed to give the Captain the update when transferring command back and not just sit there making us all look bad!



    OOC text is in italics. If you write it out like a narrtive post and just put your spoken lines in quotes that should be enough.



    Lt. Cmdr Maesel looks up from his console as he hears the Captains question over the comms. He presses a button on his console and says “All systems reading nominal captain. I don’t foresee any problems while our guests are on board.” He presses the button again to close the channel and returns to his work.



    @Maesel: Thanks and corrected.

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