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    James, any results from the computer check (2 successes) of the security feeds in sick bay?

    “Yellow Alert. Kronk to the captain and commander. We have a possible intruder alert and computer breach both in sickbay and more recently on Deck 5. I am en route to the Ambassador to check on them first.”

    “Intruder Alert. Security teams to deck 5 and sick bay. I am en route to the ambassador’s quarters. ”

    Making sure that his phaser is set to stun, Kronk looks to Chief Sai and says, “You’re with me.” To the next highest ranking on duty bridge Lt., “You have the bridge. With the intruder alert and security breaches, lock down the bridge turbolift and only allow access to fully authorized codes autheticated by voice and facial recognition until clear.”


    Considering that a simple diagnostic shouldn’t transfer control to another panel, the commander moves to his desk and brings up security video of that station in engineering saying, “Let’s see what this is about…”


    Mephit James

    I think our captain is indisposed for a bit so I’m going to answer for him.

    Lt. Commander Kronk quickly arrives at the ambassadors’ quarters and hits the door signal. There is no answer from the other side. His commbadge chimes at the same time from Chief Sai in sickbay. “No sign of anyone here, sir, and the staff says they haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary. We’re doing a sweep of the deck.”

    In answer to your question, the security feeds in sickbay show no one at any of the stations besides nursing staff. You also don’t see anyone suspicious after a review of the previous hour.


    In his quarters Commander Wright pulls up a security feed of the engineering station. No one is nearby, all the staff being in other parts of Main Engineering, but the commander sees the station screen flickering through various feeds and readouts. After about fifteen seconds of this it goes black and then reloads with the default screen for an engineering station.


    Utilizing his command codes, Stephen runs a search for similar console accesses and tries to get the computer to cross-reference those accesses with the security feeds for any similar instances.



    “Kronk to the Captain and Commander. Logs show no physical entity present during the computer breaches. Telepathic scans by Chief Laalah Sai indicate other lifeforms on board possibly cloaked but I can’t rule out a computer virus assist. Recommend dropping out of warp to perform a level 1 computer diagnostic to exclude the latter. There is no response at the Ambassador’s quarters so I’ll be attempting a security override to enter and ascertain their safety.”

    ” Chief Laalah Sai, do you sense anything on the other side of the door? Are the diplomatic staff in danger or even present?” Kronk asks just before ordering the computer to open the door via a security override.

    Chief Laalah Sai’s telepathic scan if needed:


    Mephit James

    Give me a Reason + Engineering roll for that, Commander Wright, assisted by the ship’s Computers + Engineering. Difficulty will be 2.

    This is the captain,” Henry’s voice came back through the commbadge, “I want a brief before we drop out of warp, Lieutenant Commander. We’re on a serious schedule.

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    As Kronk is waiting for a response from his Betazoid chief scanning inside the quarters and the security override to open the door, he answers the captain…

    “Captain, I believe the at a minimum we have an intruder onboard and possibly that the computer is compromised as well. With the initial inciting event causing the engineering energy pulse, I can’t guarantee that the warp core itself can’t be affected or manipulated thereby putting the entire ship at risk.”


    Mephit James

    There is a long pause before Captain Henry answers. “You’re right, Kronk. Report back when you have something, I’ll be on the bridge.

    The scans inside the ambassadors’ quarters show no lifesigns inside, Benetran or otherwise. The security override opens it soon afterwards and they find a neatly arranged cabin, devoid of any occupants. “No one’s here, sir,” one of the security staff says after checking the adjoining rooms.

    Sai to Kronk,” the chief said over the commbadge, “No sign of any issues on this deck, sir. I sensed some of… what we talked about, but it was only here when we first arrived. Nothing at the moment.

    Sai is on the sickbay deck. He can come your way if you like.


    Just to confirm: We had a security detail outside the Benetrans suite, didn’t we?

    Ra-Doranis begins accessing the science station on the bridge. “Captain, I think I can pull the ambassador’s pattern matrix from the transporter logs. Give me a couple of minutes to calibrate the sensors, and I can perform a focused scan with the ship’s sensors, looking specifically for his pattern.”

    What do I need to roll to make my technobabble a reality?


    Here’s my roll using this forum’s roller.
    Result: 9 (8, 1)

    And here’s for the ship.
    Result: 8 (8)


    Mephit James

    Commander Wright might be a senior officer now but he hadn’t forgotten the nuts and bolts of the computer system. He quickly established an operational signature for this redirect and saw that it matched an override of a terminal in sickbay at the same time. The signal wasn’t active anymore but a quick back search showed that earlier there was a similar override of a sensor system and a containment system in Main Engineering, that time redirected to a terminal in Transporter Room 3.

    Someone seemed to be remotely accessing stations across the ship earlier during their dinner and then now but… They didn’t seem to be doing much except messing with systems.

    You had four successes thanks to that 1, which means two Momentum. How would you like to spend it? My suggestion would be Obtain Information to ask questions.

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    Did my post get deleted somehow? The betazoid chief should be with me as I told her to come with to the Ambassador’s quarters. It doesn’t make much of a difference if no one is there but I figured I’d clarify just in case.

    “Computer… what is the location of the Ambassador and the Benetran delegation?” If the computer says he and his staff are not on the ship then “What is their last known location?”

    To save on time since this is a play by post, if the computer says they’re not on the ship, Kronk will have the chief scan for residual transporter traces at the last location (whether that be the quarters or elsewhere). If they’re not located, Kronk will comm the rest of the command staff with the info.


    I believe we could also use 2 Momentum to Create Advantage … which might be more useful in this instance. Perhaps a way to program the computer to delay this access and notify us next time it happens? I think our Momentum bank is still full, although I plan to use one if it turns out my transporter pattern plan is needed.


    OOC: I am going to proceed on the assumption that the normal “ask the computer” move won’t locate the Benetrans, and that Kronk is notifying us, and that I am working on my earlier idea … though still waiting for word from the GM on the roll. I assume Reason/Science assisted by Sensors/Science, but I do not know if my xenobiology Focus will apply. I am holding off on the roll until I know the difficulty (and for the GM to have an opportunity to extend the Complication Range before I roll).

    Ra-Doranis’s hands are flying across the science station interfaces when he suddenly goes still for a moment, then snaps his fingers. He touches his comm badge. “Mr. Kronk, are the Benetrans ritual items still in their chambers?” As soon as he asks the question, he resumes calibrating the sensors with the ambassador’s transporter pattern.


    Mephit James

    Looks like a few posts disappeared, SITZKRIEG, yours and mine. I have it on email but let’s just try to sort things out here, starting with positions.

    The Bridge: Ra-Doranis and Captain Henry (currently NPC), figuring out what’s going on.
    Main Engineering: Maesel (currently NPC) running diagnostic.
    Ambassadors’ Quarters: Kronk and Sai, checking things out.
    Sickbay: Dr. Len (current NPC) checking on the security of his office.

    Realization dawning on him, Kronk looked around the ambassadors’ quarters. He asked the computer for a location and got a response. “The Benetran delegation is in Cargo Bay Two.” Suddenly this all felt silly. They weren’t missing, they had just gone to complete another of their rituals. And yet…

    Back on the bridge, Ra-Doranis began to have an idea. These events, however strange, seemed to be related to the Benetrans in some way. If he could reconstruct their movements and activities throughout the ship, he could see if this was more than coincidence.

    This is a trivial task to reconstruct sensor logs for the Benetrans so a Diff 0 (you’re right on the Skill and Attribute combo). You don’t have to roll, but if you do you can get Momentum to spend on Create Advantage or Obtain Information. You also risk rolling a Complication, of course.

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