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    I will take the auto-success. I feel like we have enough Complications bouncing around at the moment.


    I’ll go ahead and use one of them for the information (unfortunately, questions escape me at the moment) and one for the Advantage created to inform me and the captain immediately of any system/terminal access attempt without a biometric signal being detected at the console corresponding to one of the crew with the attempt blocked until I or the captain authorize it.



    “Kronk to senior officers. The Benetran delegation is in Cargo Bay Two. I am en route to ascertain their safety.”

    Wondering if yet another strange ritual was the reason for the delegation’s midnight change of location, Kronk dismisses the chief back to her normal duties and heads down to the cargo bay by himself.


    Mephit James

    It takes two Momentum to Create Advantage, Cmdr Wright, so we’ll create that?

    The captain stands at the news and looks around at his science officer. “Mr. Ra-Doranis? Any light you can shed on this?”

    Reviewing the sensor logs, Ra-Doranis realizes he might have exactly that. The Benetrans’ original visit to the cargo bay obviously didn’t happen at the same time as the sensor issue but it happened soon after. The login in sickbay, though, coincides directly with when the Benetrans started their ritual in the cargo bay.


    In his quarters, Commander Wright starts setting up the alerts in the computer system. Now if anything else with this same programming signature happens he will get an alert. That’s when Kronk’s message came through.


    Lt. Commander Kronk arrived at the cargo bay to find the security detail stationed outside. The two officers exchanged looks at the tactical officer’s arrival but Kronk continues inside. The Benetrans were packing up their ritual gear and preparing to leave by the look of things. “Lt. Commander,” Ambassador Gessin said, “I didn’t expect to see you again so soon.”



    “Kronk to senior staff. The delegation is safe in cargo bay 2. All clear.”

    To one of the awaiting security team, “Check with engineering and make sure we didn’t have any energy spikes this tiem.”

    “I’m sorry to disturb you, Ambassador, but we’ve had some issues again during your ceremony and I wanted to personally ascertain your safety. Is it customary to perform this rituals in the middle of the night?”

    Let me know if the info gleaned above from the advantage is shared with Kronk.


    GM: I’m not following the timeline. The Benetrans arrived, went and did their ritual right after they arrived, at the start of shift. There was then a break of indeterminent length before a formal dinner, and just as dinner finished up – after the Benetrans had been in the conference hall for presumably an hour or so, at least – the original sensor issue happened. How is this considered “soon after” their earlier ritual? From what I can tell, it seems like the evidence is suggesting that the first sensor incident likely had NOTHING to do with the timing of Benetran ritual, or am I missing a conclusion that you’re saying I should be drawing about that first sensor issue?

    “Captain, this issue in sickbay seems to have happened almost the same instant that the Benetrans began their ritual.” He frowns. “I witnessed the earlier ritual, but got no sense that it involved any sort of … I don’t know, astrally projecting and trying to hack into computers or anything, sir.” He double checks that the entire diplomatic contingency has been in the cargo bay for the duration of the ritual. “It might be worthwhile, if this timing isn’t a coincidence, to set up a notification. Next time the Benetrans go to perform a ritual, we could be alerted. Maybe even call a momentary stand-down, put up tactical shields throughout Sickbay and Engineering, and then if some … thing … is trying to move through those areas, we would perhaps be able to detect its movement as it collides with the shields.”

    Kronk & Wright – Assume that you are on the comm channel including the above comments. Actually, with the captain AWOL, can we just retcon slightly to assume that Wright is coordinating this rather than the captain?


    “The precautions seem fair, Lieutenant Commander,” Wright responds over the comms, “See to it. There should be warning given should any more access attempts occur later.”


    Mephit James

    @Ra-Doranis: You’re right, it’s a little thin, but I’m trying to give you the right course of study. I’ll let you, the players, know that once you combine Commander Wright’s findings with Ra-Doranis’s then you’ll see that the login in sickbay and the commander’s doorbell-ditch happened at the same time as the current ritual, while computer activity in the transporter room happened at the same time as the first ritual. It just took time for an error to show up.

    “It’s possible that some of their ritual materials involve an energy phenomenon we missed before,” the captain answered his science officer. He didn’t seem totally convinced, though, not least because the items used were mostly made of feathers and other natural products. “If the delegation will allow, we can scan their items. At least to rule things out.” He tapped his commbadge. “Henry to Wright. Commander, I’m sorry to interrupt your sleep schedule but I could use an extra senior officer to unravel some issues we’ve been having.”


    In the cargo bay, the ambassador stood blinking at Lt. Commander Kronk. “We have our rituals throughout the day. Our practices require specific timing to show proper honor. I hope we haven’t caused a problem, the captain did say we could use this space for performing rituals as we required.”



    Kronk sets up a simple computer reminder on the cargo bay access panel to alert him the next time there is a ritual session in the cargo bay. He then turns to the ambassador and says:

    “I understand, Ambassador. I would, however, like to have one of our scientific staff observe in detail your next ritual session… without interfering of course.”


    Responding to the hail, Stephen says, “What do you need me to do, Captain?”


    Mephit James

    The ambassador looks uncertain for a moment, then smiles and nods. “Certainly. Our next observance will be in six hours and I would be happy to discuss with you beforehand to set context.”


    “I’d like you to take point, commander,” Captain Henry answered, “In scanning the Benetran delegation’s equipment. We’ve had some technical issues and we’re beginning to think it might be related. I need you to make sure they feel welcomed while we investigate.” There was a pause, then the captain’s voice continued. “We’ve had to drop out of warp and can’t afford too many delays if we’re going to make the conference. Hopefully they understand in that context.”


    “If they don’t understand,” the captain continued, “do your best to ease their frustrations.”


    OOC: What is the reason for dropping out of warp?


    Mephit James

    Kronk was concerned that there was anomalous activity in Main Engineering. He thought that the warp engine might be compromised. The engineering staff is currently running a diagnostic.


    OOC: Well, the captain wants to know when diagnostic is complete. I want us back at warp ASAP

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