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    “Aye, sir,” Stephen responds and then proceeds to meet up with the crew assigned to perform the scans.



    Kronk thanks the ambassador and returns to his duty station. Knowing from the comm logs that most of the senior officers are awake, he messages them with an update.

    “We’re awaiting the full diagnostic results momentarily and should be back in enroute shortly thereafter assuming nothing is found. As Lt. Cmdr. Ra-Doranis found out, it appears the timing of the malfunctions is temporaly related to the delegation’s religious rituals. I’ve secured permission for a someone to observe and scan in detail during next session in 6 hours and recommend that we continue on as normal until then. If there is any sign of further malfunction, we can stop as necessary if there is any compromise in engineering.”

    Was there any exterior sensor anomalies reported this time or were the malfunctions limited strictly to the interior of the ship? Kronk would likely check with the duty officer on the bridge when he returns to his night shift and include that in his report.


    Mephit James

    Commander Wright heads to Main Engineering to check on those initial scans. “It’s not an intruder, commander,” Lt. Commander Maesel says as Wright enters the room, “I think it’s a virus. None of the affected stations had anyone at them, I checked, and I can see active code in the system.”

    @SITZKRIEG: The only exterior sensor anomaly is the phantom ship that appeared behind the Bucephalus. Let me know when you get back to the bridge, I want to let you talk to Captain Henry an not rush you.


    Captain Henry sat on the bridge reviewing multiple department reports. His sharp mind was trying to piece together the anomalous occurrences. Phantom ships. Strange energy readings. Religious ceremonies. Injured crew members.

    He hated not to be at warp. It seemed like it was waiting around for something to catch up to them and put a hurt on them. He tapped his comm. “Engineering, I want us back at warp in two minutes. Helm, plot a course and speed that makes up for lost time. We will maintain yellow alert.”



    @James: Are you referring to the phantom ship sensor anomaly that happened last time or did it happen again with this second series of malfunctions that we were just investigating. Kronk is done with the ambassador and back on the bridge.

    “Captain, I was just about to submit my formal report on tonight’s malfunctions after checking the exterior sensor logs.”


    “If there is nothing remarkable, I will be happy to read the report once we are underway back at warp,” Henry said. His eagerness was palpable.


    OOC: James, I realize you don’t want to “rush us,” but we have nothing clear to act on. We are flailing around here with no idea of what we can do to advance the plot. Are we at a position where we should be using the scientific method mechanics and begin putting forth some hypotheses? Or are we just waiting on the next ritual period for something to happen? Either way, I think any of that should be happening once we’re back at warp, unless there is something still going on that is keeping us from warp. In general, though, if you know that the scene has pretty much played itself out, I think you should just move us on to the next scene. I believe we have Kronk, the Captain, Wright, and myself with some measure of focus back on the game … let’s not lose it!



    I can’t speak for other but I’m trying to roleplay sensibly like a starfleet tactical officer without stepping on other characters’ toes when the player/gamer in me wants to do other more effective in game things. I’m fine with the occasional nudge and maybe the captain being on the bridge is an opportunity for just that. After the bridge discussion (once we just cross the t’s and dot the i’s with things like the sensor logs and engineering diagnostic) and assuming nothing immediate pops up, I’m fine with zipping forward until the next ritual session.


    I am alive and kicking . I think GM has been swamped with life.



    Sorry, I got a bit confused as to who has which character.


    Mephit James

    The good captain is right, but I should have jumped in sooner.

    Six hours later, the Benetrans again were setting up their equipment in the cargo bay. “I’m still not sure what the issue might be,” the ambassador said. It was the fifth time he’d said something similar since they arrived at the cargo bay. “These rituals aren’t exactly private but… Having our prayers to the haltyri observed and notated is something that we’d never imagine back home.” Behind him, the other delegates began to assemble in their circle with the ritual materials.


    On the bridge, Chief Sai’s station began to beep. “Sir,” the Betazoid said to Captain Henry, “Commander Wright’s alert just picked up more of that strange computer activity. Deck 4, Section 23.” He looked over the screen, then up at Captain Henry. “Looks like one of the hydroponics labs, sir.”

    You guys let me know who’s with the Benetrans and who is on the bridge. I assume Commander Wright’s with the Benetrans since that’s what he was tasked with.


    I am on the bridge.

    Captain Henry was becoming frustrated with these oddities. “Kronk, with me. We are going to the hydroponics bay. Have a security detail meet us there.” He stood and said to helm. “Take us to warp. We can multitask.” He headed for the turbolift signaling Kronk to follow.

    If our science officer is available, I would like them to attend to. Just add that to the narrative.


    Mephit James

    I’m assuming you’re back at warp. Nothing was found in the diagnostic and you only lost about two hours checking.



    “Aye, Aye, sir.”

    Kronk instructs the on duty security team to take position outside the hydroponics bay and await their arrival as well as reminding Chief Sai to pay close attention for potential sensor anomalies that indicate a cloaked ship.


    Ra-Doranis is in the cargo hold, with a sensor scan in place focused on the cargo hold for any anomalous energy readings. He is about to reply reassuringly to the ambassador’s comment when his PADD beeps, sending him a copy of the alert about hydroponics. He glances around, confirming that though the Benetrans are gathering in a circle, the ritual itself has not yet begun. Ra-Doranis uses his PADD to focus a scan on the cargo hold, to see if any unusual energy output has yet been detected, while also pulling up and cross-referencing any ship-wide sensor readings.

    OOC: Reason + Science, so target is 15. I am spending one group momentum (group total now 5) to get an extra die. I will try to apply my Focus of Observation. Roll: 8, 20, 5 … So that would be 3 successes, with a Complication. And the ship assist Sensors + Science = 12 (Focus 2) rolls a … 20. So 3 successes, 2 Complications, that’s fun.

    So to resolve the successes before the Complications spring up … I assume the Difficulty is 0, so I generate 1 Bonus Momentum as Science Officer that can be used on Obtain Information, and from Studious I get 2 questions for that Obtain Information spend:

    1. Is there any sort of energy or signal being transmitted to or from the cargo bay – either the Benetrans themselves or their equipment?

    2. If yes – What is the exact nature and source of the transmission? (If this counts as 2 questions, I’ll spend another Momentum to get answers to both.)
    If no – Is there any anomalous energy source manifesting anywhere within the ship other than the cargo bay?

    I think it best to use 2 of the Momentum to cancel one of the Complications I rolled. I’m sort of okay with one Complication manifesting.

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