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    Anyone still there?


    I am. I think GM tuckered out. I have a really active game going via Discord. We are about to launch the latest Living Campaign module from Modiphius. Is anyone interested in coming aboard? We post (like texting) 2-3 times per day generally. Once in a while we get together at a designated time and get through big chunks of story.

    If you are interested, hit me up at



    I’m still here and I check in typically twice a day to see if there is an update. I agree that it feels like it stalled. I’ve only ever spent a few minutes on discord and am not sure how it works in old internet fogey terms (is it like a chat room or more like a forum?).


    It is like a chat room. If you can text, you can Discord.


    Mephit James

    Sorry, my life is pretty stressed at the moment and clearly it’s affecting my ability to be a good GM here. I know that people are disappointed with the pacing so calling it might be the best option. Sorry guys, I can let you know where things were headed anyways.



    I understand and have been there. I’ll just assume we’re on indefinite hiatus and check periodically to see if things have changed.

    Mike, I appreciate the offer but I’ll probably take a break from online text gaming. I do wish you and the discord games luck and will obviously follow the escapades you post on the STA facebook groups.


    No problem. It can be hard to coordinate a game. And, frankly, I think Star Trek is probably a bit harder to manage in this format than Pathfinder or more encounter/combat-based RPG would be, because it’s more open-ended and narrative.


    Just in case anyone wants to continue on, I have openings in Prelude. I enjoyed reading along with you guys. Great adventures to you.

Viewing 8 posts - 226 through 233 (of 233 total)

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