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    “Thank you, Mr. Maesel. Would anyone happen to know where my first officer is?” Captain Henry asked looking around. “Did he have something more important to do today than report to work, by chance?”

    Before allowing a response, Hercules stood up from the command chair. “Hold off on transporting our guests on board. I think we need to review our standard protocol before we continue on this mission.” He depressed the button on his command console again. “Senior staff, please report to the conference room.” Hercules looked at an unseasoned ensign. “You have the bridge, Ensign. Enjoy.” The captain exited the bridge and headed into the conference room.



    Dr. Lin’s head perked up from his desk at the sound of the Captain’s voice. ‘Well he sounds quite agitated, doesn’t he?’ Lin thought to himself. ‘Best not to keep him waiting then.’

    Getting up and turning to one of the other doctors on shift, Lin smiled pleasantly. “Robert, barring any major incidents, please do not call me while I’m away. I leave sickbay in your capable hands.”

    His colleague chuckled, and said, “Of course Dr. Lin,” before going to his own work.

    Lin strided through the halls of the ship, humming a tune he hadn’t performed in over 500 years. He nodded and smiled good naturedly to any crew he passed, until reaching the elevator. “Bridge, please.”

    Lin knew it was pointless to use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when talking to computers, but it just seemed natural to him. Upon reaching the bridge, he detoured into the conference room, taking his usual seat. “Hercules, how are you doing today?”

    I’ve been watching everybody, but have been waiting for the proper time to introduce Lin. Also, in his own docterly way, Lin is kind of on a first name basis with everyone. He is just so amiable. If you find this too familiar, I can change that, but let’s consider it a character quirk. Also, XO was supposed to be @jasemarden – anyone heard from him?

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    Works for me, Lin.

    Ra-Doranis stood, grabbing his PADD, and following the captain toward the meeting room. He slipped into a seat, pulling up the latest scientific journal entry, hoping to skim a few lines before the meeting begins.



    Kronk, already annoyed at the lack of respect for bridge command transfer protocol, grunts in a quiet low tone at the XO’s unexplained absence from the bridge. It’s not a red or yellow alert but he should be here when on duty and the captain is away. Kronk accesses the computer to locate the XO’s location on the ship in response to the Captain’s inquiry and awaits the response.

    “Locating the XO, Captain.”


    GM, could you chime in on the question regarding the command structure of the player characters posted in the other thread? I’m fine with whatever you decide.

    @JT: I’m fine with you being on a first name basis with Kronk. You are after all his superior and that is your perogative. Even if you weren’t, I’m sure the two characters have earned some level of familiarity as you patched Kronk up from various injuries that tactical officers frequently get on duty.


    It does look like we are all Lt. Commander or above. Since we’re all the division heads on the ship, I don’t know if it’s that big a deal that we lean toward higher ranks. If we want to be spread out a bit more over the rank structure, though, I’m happy to lose the Veteran talent for something else and drop down to a Lt. or even a Lt. (jg).

    I agree, though, that the Conn Officer is the one where a young ace pilot could get the lead position even without much seniority. But having a seasoned pilot who has never moved out of the chair because it’s what he loves doing … that’s honestly something that you never really see in the show, and kind of a cool concept to work with.

    Just my $0.02.


    Mephit James

    OOC: I’ll post back in the other thread.

    A junior officer on the bridge looked uncertainly as the captain and the other senior staff started headed to the conference room. “Sir? Transporter room says that the diplomatic party is ready to transport now. Should we keep them… How should I inform the transporter room?”


    Mephit James

    OK, so gamer94014624571’s character, Stephen Wright, is going to be XO since jasemarden disappeared. Things are always chaotic at the start of a campaign but I don’t want to throw gamer94014624571 under the bus so here’s the reason Wright wasn’t on the bridge at that moment…

    Two decks below, Commander Wright was struggling to arrange feathers.

    The Federation Diplomatic Corps had been exacting in their specifications for how to greet the Benetrans and Commander Wright had been put in charge of overseeing the fine details of the diplomatic mission’s visit. Everyone was busy repairing the ship after contact with the Cardassians so it was either entrust this to a green ensign or do it himself… Thus, Wright was getting the feathers on the Benetran Welcome Wreath just right.

    He’d nearly finished when the hail came over the intercom for the senior staff to report to the bridge. His uniform jacket with his commbadge, though, was across the room draped over a chair.


    The captain responded to the junior officer before he entered the conference room. “Please let the delegation know we will commence transported in seven minutes. We want to make sure that they are accorded the honor of having the entire senior staff there to greet them. They deserve the best the Bucephalus has to offer. And do me a favor, crewman. Emphasize the need for senior staff to report to the conference room in a minute’s time.”


    Shaking his head as he straightened his uniform jacket in the turbolift, Stephen mutters, “Hope that arrangement works out. First assignment away from the pilot’s seat, and we get a mission of this level…”

    As the lift door opens onto the bridge, he moves with measured and dignified alacrity for the conference room.


    GM: Can we get some background on the race? Humanoid, I assume. They’re going to Andoria, so are they from an ice planet as well?



    Checking the comm badge locations of all the senior staff on the ship and confirming they’re on the move, Kronk answers “Senior staff are all on their way, Captain.” while prioritizing turbolift access to their locations. While walking over to the ready room, he also purposefully makes prolonged eye contact with the junior officer left in charge in order to emphasize the gravity of her situation (however fleeting it may be).



    Maesel looks up annoyed to be distracted from his work by the request for senior staff to be present at a diplomatic function. He sighs and locks down his console where he was running some predictive models from warp core output. He turns to one of his Assistant Chief Engineers and tells them “I will be indisposed for a few hours attending to this diplomatic function.” He leaves engineering annoyed to be taken away from his work for something so far out of his realm of expertise.


    Ra-Doranis nods to Maesel as he enters the conference room. “Did you see the paper by Brahms on a hypothetical framework to consider trans-warp dynamics? She’s proposing a joint research project between the Cochrane Institute and the Daystrom Institute, with support from Starfleet. This is a real game-changer, if the theory holds out.” He shrugs. “Of course, if not, then I’m pretty sure it’s possible that the warp field would de-stabilize, invert itself, and swallow the ship into a black hole, so I’m not necessarily wanting to work on the prototype.” His giddy tone, however, suggests that he just may be wanting to work on the prototype.


    Captain Henry scanned his team of senior officers as they settled in: Executive Officer Commander Stephen Wright; Chief Tactical Officer Lt Commander Hardak Kronk; Chief Science Officer Lt Commander Ra-Doranis; Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eliaz Norado Lin; Chief Engineer Lt Commander Maesel.

    “I realize we are all still getting to know each other,” Hercules said. “But we need to start acting like a tight unit and fast. The Benetrans have just been approved for membership in the Federation three months ago so this mission must go smoothly. Mr. Wright, I expect you to work with Quartermaster Nguyen to make sure the diplomatic suites are in tip-top shape. As you are aware, Benetrans are offended by the color green. Spread the word. Mr. Ra-Doranis, since you are our resident xenobiologist and artist-type, I will ask you to see to their recreational needs while they are aboard. The rest of us will make a good show of it. At any given time, at least one senior officer will be on hand to service their needs during our journey to Andor.” He tapped on the computer built into the table. “I have just forwarded you all of your designated hospitality rotations.”

    Hercules gave the officers time to look over their assignments giving them a moment to make remarks.


    Captain, I believe you have been caught in a temporal loop of some kind …

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