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    OMG. You are right. Scan for anomalous chroniton radiation when you get a chance. [Holding head in hands.]



    OOC: I’d assume Kronk would look up if the Benetrans have any traditional enemies or history of interstellar conflict with any races in their space travels before first contact with the Federation. Also would there be any chance of Cardassian interference given the hints of the mission we just finished?


    “Yes, Captain,” Stephen responded succinctly,” Between the time and effort put into the welcome ceremony and decorations therein, and the current state of their waiting quarters as of just a couple of hours ago, everything should go rather well on that end.”



    Lin nodded his head as he received the rotations. “I cant help but wonder if their aversion to the color green extends to eye color. If that is the case, a fair few crewmembers should probably avoid interacting with the Benetrans any more than necessary.”

    Turning to Ra-Doranis, Lin continued. “Do you have any information on what color spectrum the Benetrans see in? I can not help but wonder if their aversion isn’t just cultural, but perhaps physiological as well.”


    “One can only hope that eye color doesn’t spark the offense,” Stephen says as he turns his own deep emerald eyes toward Lin.


    “Okay. This is a new concern.” Hercules gave it a moment’s thought.

    OOC: Gamemaster, can we do a roll to see if green eyes is going to be a problem. If so, I want all non-green eyed senior staff on the welcome delegation.


    Ra-Doranis looks curiously among the bridge crew. “There is no record of eye color causing problems in the previous encounter logs. They had some problem with broccoli .. possibly a food allergy, or an inability to digest chlorophyll or something, sort of like human reactions to beans or lactose intolerance. There are also some stories about green foods being poisonous in their mythology. I really wouldn’t consider this a serious concern, Captain.”


    “Great! Then let’s get on with it. We need to head to transporter room one. I don’t want to keep the delegation waiting any longer.” The captain stood and exited the conference room followed by his staff.

    OOC: Just moving us to the next scene. Let’s meet these people.


    A bit dubious on the assertion, Stephen gives a nod all the same, keeping such thoughts to himself as he follows the captain out of the conference room behind and slightly to the captain’s right.



    Thinking of his own people’s reticence to accept the societal changes necessary for full Federation membership, Kronk says as he stands up from the conference table…

    “Even if their aversion to the color extended to eye color or other physical characteristics, those kinds of superstitious and discriminatory practices shouldn’t be coddled in a society that petitioned and was awarded full membership in the Federation. I’m glad that’s not the case here.”

    OOC: GM, let me know if there is anything in the security background check and history of the Benetrans that I should be aware of and/or preparing for either generally, with their greeting/boarding, or one the voyage to Andor.


    As the officers approach the transporter room, Wright looks to the security officer and says, “While superstition could play a role here, I wouldn’t call such discriminatory, persay, Lieutenant Commander. While it may seem such from one’s outside perspective, that does not necessarily mean it truly is. Sometimes we must respect societal customs even if that custom is repugnant to our own belief system.”



    “Commander, I agree that we should respect member societal customs but only if they don’t conflict with core Federation values. For example, in my people’s culture, your appropriate response to my respectfully disagreeing with your statement would a violent headbutt; luckily for both of us, you’re not respecting that particular societal custom. All member planets chose to petition for Federation membership and should be held to the standards that entails. Regardless, Lt. Cmdr. Doranis said it is unlikely that their aversion to a certain color applies, at least overtly, to other species so it’s more of a philosophical discussion.”


    Mephit James

    OOC: Man, you guys have taken this way off the rails! I love it, though. If you want to make some rolls for the Benetrans that would be Reason + Command (for diplomatic concerns) or Reason + Science/Medicine (for biological concerns).

    The transporter operator looks up with a slightly concerned expression. “The delegation is ready to energize, sir. They seem anxious to arrive. Something about the timing.”


    “I will apologize when they arrive. Energize.” Captain Henry primped his uniform in preparation for the arrival of the dignitaries.

    OOC: Did we lose our dice generator, GM? I don’t need to do any rolls at this point.


    Mephit James

    OOC: It’s back. It got turned off as part of the behind-the-scenes stuff but I just reinstated it.

    The transporter pad shimmered with four figures the clarified into four Benetran figures in heavy robes. The leathery skin only showed at their heads and hands, with pointed ears and two tendrils coming down on the side of each Benetran’s expressionless face. Their robes are covered with tassels to match these tendrils, all made of dull material similar in color to Benetran skin. Three of the figures immediately moved around the transporter room, purposefully holding wooden handles with bundles of dark feathers that they wave as if warding something off.

    The fourth figure, the one with the most tassels on his robes, steps forward and makes a complicated gesture to Captain Henry. “Thank you for your hospitality, captain. We trust you received our belongings?” Ambassador Gessin was the leader of the delegation and the principle connection between the Benetrans and the rest of the Federation for the last five years at least.

    The transporter operator nods slightly to Captain Henry behind the ambassador. Standard protocol was to transport belongings separately to a cargo bay. After a quick scan, operations personnel would be carrying the belongings to the Benetrans’ quarters.

    Benetran delegation.

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