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    Captain’s Log, star date 52401.4.

    Admiral Hebert has given the crew of the USS Prelude the mission to gather information of any type relating to the edge of federated space and the unknown border. Cartography, mineral wealth, life forms and threats are the big 4 we are searching for. Because this is a scouting/cartography mission we have authorization to cross our current border if the need warrants it. Any and all anomalies must be logged as anything could have unforeseen repercussions.

    This is planned to be a long-term venture with a smaller crew. We will have scheduled rendezvous with various vessels sent from Narendra station for resupply and requested resources/parts.




    Haimich heaved a sigh as the computer gave him the sound of another negative result. He looked at the complicated phaser efficiency calculations he’d just spent the last few hours painfully working out by hand, and shook his head. A few taps at his console, and the calculations were whisked away, back into his personal file, to be worked on some other time, once his eyes had uncrossed. His shift was just about over, and he’d once again failed to milk even a fraction of a percentage point of extra phaser power from the old girl.

    Prelude, you sure are a stingy old bird.” he muttered, as he pulled up the interior security schematics for the hundredth time.

    The particular challenge of the Oberth class ship were her two structures separated by only a few points of contact. In order to have Security ready to respond to any point on the ship, he essentially needed to have eight teams, instead of his accustomed four, and that meant he was spread thinner than he liked. Like worrying at a sore tooth, Haimich was constantly reviewing the schematics, looking for a more elegant solution. Hundreds, if not thousands, of security chiefs before him had failed, but Haimich figured that, since he was a glorified shield tech on this mission, he might as well spend his time attempting the impossible.

    With a final glance at the shield stats, and a minute adjustment to ensure they remained at full strength as the Prelude entered a minor gravimetric anomaly, he returned to running simple security simulations, trying to decrease the number of teams on standby without sacrificing emergency response efficiency.

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    Brick Andreasen

    Lt. Ets’ona, Daughter of Mapeq, looked across the bridge at Haimich, a wry smile lifting the corner of her lip at his grumble. “Your attempts to transform Prelude into a warship are noble ones, Commander, but ultimately, I think, one doomed to fail. Any battles we fight with this aged ship must be fought with guile more than strength of arms, and all the better! The greatest songs are of victories against overwhelming odds.”

    She turned her dark brown eyes back to her console, thanking Khaless that the controls had at least been updated to the latest interface during one of Prelude‘s many refits. She tapped a few symbols, making minute adjustments to the ship’s flight path.


    The Prelude and crew have been mapping the border for 9 months so far. They have seen crew come and go, they have mapped some new resource heavy worlds, gravitational fields and even a miniature black hole. It’s no surprise when another console in engineering loses power in mid keystroke which creates a warning on the bridge.

    OOC: Do we have anyone who can create maps, or do I need to bring in another NPC?

    Helm: Insight+science +Helm Ops and ships Science+sensors TN2


    Kudos Das

    Captain Kohvarr sat leaned back in his command chair, his fingers steepled in front of his chest in an almost Vulcan like manner as he watched the vastness of space slide by on the Prelude’s main viewscreen. A hint of a smile played in the corner of his normally down-turned lips as he slowly turned to regard his Chief of Security. “Do you have a problem with my ship, Mr. McGregor?” he asked wryly, the arches above his orbital socket rising questioningly in a very human like manner, “Or are you looking for a hen’s teeth again? Unless you and Mr. Nexum have made some unauthorized upgrades to the warp core of which I am unaware, I agree with the Lieutenant’s assessment that you are unlikely to find the additional power you seek without removing it from some other key system such as this vessel’s life support or gravity plating. Your efforts, however, are duly noted.”

    His smile broadening, he turned to face his Klingon flight controller. “As for any songs written about us, Lieutenant, I hope they include the part where our venerable vessel returns us all home in one piece, the knowledge and experience her crew having carried the day and overcome such overwhelming odds.”

    A klaxon sounded suddenly, no doubt indicating yet another of the Prelude’s aged systems had decided to unexpectedly call it quits. Kohvarr shook his head wearily wondering, not for the first time, if the Prelude really did have this one last mission left in her. Standing, Khovarr tapped his combadge. “Mr. Nexum, I believe you have something to report?”


    Brick Andreasen

    In Engineering, Lt. Cmdr. Nexim scowled at a console, his fingers eliciting a chorus of beeps.
    Prelude, you grumpy old bird. First three replicators down this morning and now this? I swear, if I made you a sandwich, you’d complain about the–”

    His combadge cut him off with a message from Kohvarr.
    “I hear you, Captain. Give me a second to figure out what the old gal wants this time.”

    On the bridge, Ets’ona spoke up. “I may have something, Captain. Verifying.”

    Ooc: I will buy an extra d20 with 1 point of threat, so that I can use Bold (Conn). It’s a bit early in the game, but I’d like to avoid a complication, and, if possible, earn us some momentum to work with.

    PC Roll (3d20, rerolling 1d20): 9, 15, 4 = 2 Successes.
    Ship Roll: 13 = 1 Success.
    Total = 3 Successes


    For troubleshooting the console: Insight and Engineering, depending on your methods and from where you troubleshoot depends on if you can use the ship to help. TN1

    Helm succeeds gaining a momentum. Sensors pick up a MASSIVE metallic object floating at the end of sensor range outside federated space.
    There appears to be a weak gravitational vortex centered 1 AU from the metallic object parallel to the Prelude’s current course.

    As for the captain’s chair, there is now an amber light flickering on his control panel signaling an issue with communications of some form.


    Brick Andreasen

    Nexim tossed his hands up in frustration. “Every day it’s something. At least I’m never bored. I’m going to try to run a diagnostic from the central computer access.” He looked to his left and gestured. “Ensign, try opening up the access panel and see if any of the relays have burnt out. The darn things are so old, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

    Ooc: As Chief Engineer, when Nexim is working aboard the ship, he has the Advantage “Engineering Department”, which represents the ship’s compliment of engineers and technicians (pg. 127). An Advantage is a trait that reduces the difficulty of a task or cancels out a complication, according to pg. 76.

    PC Roll (2d20): 6, 1 (crit!) = 3 successes
    Ship Roll (If allowed, due to using a computer station; I’m assuming Computers+Engineering): 6 = 1 Success (if allowed)
    Total: 4 successes (or 3 if Prelude does not assist)

    Ets’ona furrowed her brow ridges at the data from her console. “I’ve got it, Captain. There’s an extremely large metallic object just on the edge of sensor range. It appears to be outside of Federation space. What’s more, there is a minor gravitational vortex, surrounding a point 1 AU from the object, on a parallel course to the Prelude‘s current heading. We may want to have our Science Officer take a look at these readings; I have many strengths, but theories on gravimetric anomalies are not among them. I might be able to get more information on the metallic object, though.”

    Ooc: Kudos said he might have a science officer to use in the other thread; otherwise we can use the cartography NPC that Dutrax uploaded to the drive.
    Edit:I would like to use one of the momentum we generated to ask this question:
    “What quantities of metallic alloys make up the object?”


    Using Nexim’s advantage, the TN is reduced to 0 giving him 4 momentum. From his main terminal he tried to connect to the powered down’s terminal in any way. Being unable to do so, making a simple check to the optics relay shows multiple worn cables and a broken relay that when wiggled just right continues to work the affected terminal. – with advantage – auto fix for this relay.

    1 relay has burnt to a minor sub section in a cargo bay station. – TN 0 to repair

    side note: I left a message in the other post to let that science officer into the game. I feel we still don’t have enough positions filled and hopefully this addition will help immensely.



    Haimich runs a large hand through his mop of copper-red hair and watches with interest as information from the scan bursts onto his panel. A few quick taps, and it’s been reduced to comprehensible bits actionable by his console.

    “Captain, the object matches no known ship configuration. Recommend we increase power to shields and scan for energy signatures. That may give us a better idea what we’re looking at.”

    While he speaks, Haimich’s oddly graceful fingers fly across the console, as he adjusts the deflector shielding to compensate for the anticipated disruption of the gravitational vortex and works out a targeting vector (without establishing a lock) on the metallic object, just in case.


    Brick Andreasen

    Ooc: Wow, we’re sitting on 6 momentum already, with the extra we gained from Ets’ona’s roll and the ship’s sensor talents we’d forgotten. Those momentum add up fast with a few good rolls, don’t they?

    “Ah, there you are,” Nexim said to the console, tapping his combadge.
    “Captain, I’ve found the problem: The ship is old. Luckily, I should be able to make a few repairs to the relays that were burnt out. It will be a few minutes, but I think our little hiccup will be sorted. Well, for now, anyway. I fully expect Prelude to keep making my life difficult so long as I’m aboard. Nexim out.”
    He grabbed a toolkit and patted the other officer on the shoulder. “Good work on that console, Ensign. Keep an eye on things here while I sort out the relay in the cargo bay.”

    While crawling through Jeffries Tubes, Nexim patted the bulkheads, almost fondly. “I know you’re just old, you grump. Just hold in there a little longer; and would it kill you to think of me? I’m not getting any younger either, you know?”

    He stopped, ran a tricorder for a few strokes, then pulled a panel off the wall before selecting a few tools. “Now, don’t get upset,
    old gal; I’m gonna tickle you a bit. It’s for your own good.”

    PC Roll to repair cargo bay relay (Control+Engineering, 2d20): 11, 19 = 1 success.


    Brick Andreasen

    Ooc: Can I use one of our momentum for an Obtain Information spend for Ets’ona? I’d like to know how big the metallic object is, and what metals it’s made of. If my roll repairing the systems is right, then I think that will put us back up to 6 momentum, since the TN was 0.


    You can use momentum how you choose to. Currently 1 has been spent by our flight controller and another gained by our chief engineer.. this keeps the group currently at 7 momentum, 2 for her 5 for him. Once stated they go into the group pool, that’s where they will go.

    As for what she found in her scans, the metallic object is symmetrical in nature and is an alloy of several unknown elements (35) combined with lead(51), aluminum(4), zinc(4), nickel(2), iron(2) and titanium(1) and trace amounts of neon.

    340m vertically by 200m at its widest spot horizontally.

    Edit: percentages added


    Kudos Das

    Kohvarr nodded curtly, his face stern. “On screen, maximum magnification. Helm, drop us out of wrap and change heading to 310-Mark-0. Give me everything you can from sensors. If whatever is out there moves even a centimeter I want to know about it. Keep shields at full Mr. McGregor, and weapons on standby. Lieutenant Casperria, report to the bridge.”

    Discipline kept any hints of his inner thoughts concealed from the rest of the crew. While massive and metallic didn’t necessary mean something inherently dangerous, it certainly denoted something constructed, and constructed with a purpose. While the Borg was the first thing to enter his mind he pushed the thought away. If, indeed, it was a Borg ship out there all he could hope was that the century old Prelude wouldn’t be of any interest to it. If the crew had wished for something a little more exciting than the occasionally gravimetric anomaly then they’d certainly found it.


    A drawing of something similar has been posted to the drive. I have asked Brick to draw something better as drawing has never been in my skill set.

    The scans give you 1 momentum automatically, and reduce your TN by 1 making it a TN 2 as the unknown element has similar properties to lead making internal sensor sweeps a little trickier. … There is no energy signatures as asked for by security, from what can be freely ascertained from the scan there is no life, no power… and it is obvious this is not Borg related, but is made by someone. As for what’s deeper inside…
    Reason + Science and Sensors + Engineering from the ship (This is the TN 2 mentioned above)

    The objects composition has been updated to meet the momentum spent.
    If someone has history or space ship/base knowledge feel free to roll with reason + science TN 4 (Computer look up will auto fail on this, FYI)

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