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    Whatever you decide . Nothing is locked in until all players answer. I’m starting to worry that some are keeping up on the game, but don’t have time to say “Hi, sorry, but busy.” Azrael was here until his area got nailed pretty hard by the winter weather; so I hope he’s OK. I think he’s in Ohio…?

    Don’t forget to check out the last post I made in the “Thinking about running a game here” thread. Everyone gets to do mission end character maintenance as your original mission has changed. Teppolt gets the MAIN CHARACTER option. Be sure to go over your character sheets from time to time. Some determinations and foci can be used what certain characters are doing in game this minute.

    Prelude has already done that scan by the way. It’s up to Teppolt or another science team member… maybe engineer if passed on… to decipher the readings and create a 3D map of the station. … I believe Teppolt succeeded on the map so it just needs someone to interpret it… TN2 Reason/Insight + Engineering … The choice depends on how you go about searching the readings for the information you want.

    We already have NPC security personnel who have been to the station. We also have a worker bee pilot and NPC shuttlecraft pilot who have been to the station too……..(Plus a shamed PC pilot).

    Currently at 1 hour on station.


    Kudos Das

    Casperria let out a disappoint sigh as she let her gaze sweep across the mostly empty room. “I hate to agree, Lieutenant Commander, but I think you’re right. That is until we can at least get something over here powered back up.” She closed her tricorder, replacing it in the holster at her hip before moving back to join the rest of the away team.

    She listened as Nexim and McGregor as they discussed the situation, nodding her head in agreement as the two more senior officers laid out a plan for moving forward. “Yes, that’s correct, although so far selecting that symbol has proved to be more lucky guess than anything else. Still, if you think having me looking over your shoulder will be helpful, I’m more than happy to stay and assist. As for Ensign Teppolt here, he has just about as much experience with this language as I do. It probably makes the most sense that we spread our knowledge, as limited as it may be, amongst the two away teams.”

    “Well Shields,” she added mischievously, shooting the security officer a wink, “It looks like you get to stay here with me as we do our best to fight off boredom while our good Chief of Engineering does his best not to electrocute himself.”

    OOC: From what I just reread, Nexim rigged the door to open with Ets’ona’s assistance, Casperria selected the symbol that opened it, and Est’ona pressed the button.

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    Hi folks. Apologies again, real life and work has pummeled me the past weeks and I have not had the energy to do anything besides work and sleep. I’m playing catch up with the game (again…sorry). I have not done the main character perks yet from last mission, but will do so tomorrow (Actually have a Day off, who knew those exist). End OOC.

    Teppolt was looking around, still not believing he was on an alien station with some odd ties to humanity due to the cuneiform language. He realized he hadn’t been paying much attention and decided to snap out of his daze. He briskly walked over to Nexim and Casperria.
    “My apologies, I was a bit overwhelmed by the grandeur of this moment. ” He was blushing a bit, ashamed of his lapse in duty. He’s been on away missions before, he should be on his game.

    “I can take a team with McGregor and explore another part of the station. I have all the confidence in Eyis’s abilities in Engineering, they most certainly out-perform mine”, Teppolt smiled and nodded at Eyis, and added “Though I’m not that bad at it either.”

    “As for transporting back and forth with the Prelude in order to access other parts of the station, I believe we are asking for trouble. This region of space is….well, it is weird. Call me paranoid, but all the gravimetric distortions previously, plus the Hawking radiation, the singularity, and just the existence of this station out here is making the hair on my neck stand-up. On our last leg here we did generate a 3D map of this station. Ensign Eyis, would you help me go over the map on our tricorders. If memory serves, the power conduits come together at the bases of the rings. Lets see if we can find a way to access that area directly, perhaps transport there…if we must. If this doesn’t help, I suggest we transport over to the other engineering section which we identified and work our way through there.”
    Teppolt turns to Nexim.
    “Does this sound good to you Lt Cmdr?”

    Roll for re-evaluating scans:
    Reason + Engineering : 15
    2d20: Results (10, 19)

    Assist by Eyis:
    Reason +Engineering :13
    1d20: Result 5

    2 successes.


    Brick Andreasen

    OOC: Janpfe, I think Teppolt’s on the right track, but I’m pretty sure we are currently in the engineering section below the rings, which is why Nexim suggested that the other half of the away team explore around the top of the station while he works on the panel. I do like the idea of beaming in one place and then working your way through the doors to nearby areas, though.

    Nexim nodded slowly. “You’re right about this weird patch of space, Ensign. There’s too much going on here for us to be careless. Coordinate with the Captain on where your team should explore. Meanwhile, I’m going to see if the secrets to turning the lights back on are hidden here. I’ll keep the largest power cell with me, and your team can take the others for opening doors. Eyis should be able to help you get through any closed doors.”

    He turned to Casperria, giving her a wink. “You know, Lieutenant, I bet you’ll die of oxygen loss before the boredom gets to you. Come on, let’s see if this circuit panel is the rosetta stone to this crazy old-earth language.”

    OOC: All right, I’m going to take a crack at the first extended task. If I understand the rules right, then both Casperria and I can make independent checks, and both our contributions count toward the total, right?
    Also, I’m going to use a momentum here for another d20.

    PC Roll (Insight+Engineering, focus in Power Systems): 14, 6, 8 = 3 successes.
    Total: 3 successes. I have met the TN, so I get to roll work now. 1 & 2 is that many work, 3 & 4 is 0 work, and 5 & 6 are 1 work each with different effects, as outlined by Dutrax before.
    Work Roll (Challenge dice = 2+Engineering [5]= 7 dice): 1, 3, 4, 4, 1, 6, 2 = 6 Work, and 1 Progressive Effect (+1 work on top of counting for a work itself). Resistance: 1, so -1 Work.
    Total Work completed: 5
    Breakthroughs: 1 (getting more than 5 work in a single roll).

    Just one more breakthrough and we’ll have finished the first extended task! I imagine Nexim mapping out the circuits in the panel and going “if I were designing this, I would but this component here, and label it like this…This part kind of looks like one of our [technobabble] converters…” etc.

    Momentum Pool currently at 3.


    Sounds good to me. Remember there ae 2 tasks here, then another I haven’t laid out yet. Are you going to focus on finishing the language mapping out first, then the hook-ups?

    I’ll wait for Kudos to progress much further. H has questions from the PCs to answer. I’m off tomorrow so I will be watching for responses.


    Kudos Das

    OOC: All right, let’s try and crack this language. Since we’re dealing with Difficulty 3, I’m also going to spend a momentum to roll an extra dice.
    Roll (Reason + Science = 16): 20, 16, 6

    Dutrax, there’s your 20. And, unfortunately, since this is technically a new adventure, I don’t believe I get to use Casperria’s Testing a Theory talent to re-roll that 20 (since I don’t believe Casperria’s technically made a successfully roll this adventure involving the language). So, two successes and one complication with one more attempt to make up for six work…
    Momentum Pool = 2
    Casperria shook her head, fighting to urge to throw the datapad in her hand across the room. She’d been staring over Nexim’s shoulder for close to an hour, and even with the current context of the Cuneiform-like symbols staring her right in the face she still had no idea what any of the meant. “Six weeks! Close to six weeks I’ve been staring at this language,” she exclaimed bitterly, the frustration clear in her voice, “And all I can tell you is what symbol opens a damn door! Even with help from the ship’s computer I can’t crack it!”

    Casperria let out a long sigh, drawing in a deep to calm herself. “So much for the ‘universal’ part of our universal translators, eh Nexim?” She continued sheepishly, forcing a half-hearted laugh. “At least you seem to be making some headway.”
    OOC: Going to wait on what happens due to the complication before attempting a second roll with the language. As for any requests to beam to another part of the station, I don’t see Kohvarr having any issues with that if requested by the away team. If additional personnel are required, I’m sure we’ve got a couple more crew onboard the Prelude that could be spared.

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    I’ll start with the complication then… anything that has a battery or internal power source that was within 10 feet, currently attached or being attached to the display is now fully drained of power. I need to know if the large power generator falls into these criteria to see if something on a larger scale occurs.

    Yes, Nexim and Casperria have made a good deal of headway on interpreting the language. Roll a challenge di, 3,4 nothing changes, 1,2 small road block, 5, 6 equals a dead end using this method of analysis.

    Is Ets’ona at the Helm?

    As for my earlier question of whether Nexim had help with the first door, … I have Brick with he did it solo, and Kudos with Ets’ona to assist. What is your answer Janpfe? I’m also waiting for your update Brick, gotta beat the rewards.


    Kudos Das

    OOC: Okay, rolled a 4, so at least that’s some good news there. As for anything Casperria brought with her, unless Nexim grabbed the power cell Casperria transported with, nothing she brought over should be attached. Sorry Brick. 🙁


    However, if she is near the console, that means her communicator, to order and data pad all got drained. Same with nexim and any other crew nearby. It also means your suits have lost their power sources so no more light from certain characters. Good thing oxygen is supplied mechanically… too bad the read out doesnt work though.


    Brick Andreasen

    OOC: Oof, what an awful complication, and one that is totally mysterious, too. What the heck is up with this station?! No worries , Das, wierd crap happens in space. 😀
    As far as who/what was affected, I think that Nexim, Casperria, and the large power cell were within 10 feet of the panel; everyone else was either securing the room or investigating those tables while waiting for the decision on whether to beam out or not.
    Yes, since she wasn’t needed at the transporter controls in the hour that has elapsed, Ets’ona has returned to her station on the Bridge.
    Also, as for the question about the first door, I think that Ets’ona may have made an assisting roll when Nexim first tried to connect the power cell to the door. My 11-month old kid still isn’t sleeping through the night, so my memory gets a bit fuzzy from the sleep deprivation 😀

    Nexim shook his head with a bit of a grin at Casperria’s frustration. “Don’t worry; we’ll get this figured–”

    All of a sudden, every readout on Nexim’s helmet went dead, and his suit’s lights blinked out. A shot of panic ran through his spine as an expletive shot past his lips. He lifted his wrist-monitor, only to see that it, too, was dead. He instinctively sucked in a breath of precious oxygen, holding it in his lungs while listening for the flow of oxygen. Thankfully, the soft thump-hiss of the pneumatic pumps still whispered at the edge of the helmet, but it did little to ease his concern.

    He pulled his tricorder (dead), and his phaser (also dead), and his engineer’s tools (dead as well), then checked the power cell. All of them lacked a charge, as if they’d been sucked dry in an instant–a ridiculous notion, since that large power cell had enough juice to jump-start a shuttle’s warp core.

    He tried a few words, but the lack of response meant his comms were dead, too.
    “You bloody old wreck,” he grumbled, tossing a dirty look at the cryptic panel. “No wonder they left you; you’re grouchier than Prelude.”

    He stood up, gently reaching out a hand to hold Casperria’s elbow, both in reassurance and to guide her gently away from the panel. He approached Ensign Eyis, waving to get his attention. Knowing that speaking was useless without the comms up, he gestured at his dead wrist readout and the dead tricorder in an attempt to convey what had happened, as well as showing that he could still breathe. He then gestured for everyone to move back away from the exposed panel.

    He could hear Eyis’ mouth moving, but he tapped his helmet and shook his head to indicate he couldn’t hear. Eyis then gestured at his own set of tools, as well as the still-glowing small power cell he carried, and then at Nexim and Casperria’s suits.

    Nexim grinned. “I’m gonna put that kid in for promotion when this is all over,” he muttered, nodding to indicate he thought it was worth a shot.

    Ooc: I’m going to try to connect our suits to the smaller power cell Eyis is carrying, to see if we can restore any power to our suits. If it doesn’t work, we’ll know if they are just drained of energy, or if all the conduits in our suits and gear are burned out. What Attribute+Discipline should I use for this, and what would the difficulty be?


    Daring + Engineering TN3. This is trickier than normal and the possibility of not having the correct adapters to transfer power to the suit is a possibility. The tools, tricorder and phasers are, however, unable to be charged on this station. This check is only for the suits. Eyis can assist and if you want to write him a recommendation, feel free to do so. I’ll see what I can do to make something official once I get something from Nexim or Kohvar.

    Ets’ona needs an Insight + Conn check TN3, with sensors and computers from prelude. Yes, that should be pretty easy, but pivotal info hangs in the balance here… So i’m increasing the Threat range by 2… 18, 19, 20… 9 threat remaining.

    McGregor is pointing his rifle at the computer like there is some form of parasite inside the console that feeds on power. His lips are in constant motion like he’s reporting to someone.

    McGregor has not been watching what Eyis and Nexim are doing with their hands; he is pointing his rifle at the computer like there is some form of parasite inside the console that feeds on power. His lips are in constant motion like he’s reporting to someone if noticed by one of the 2 without power. McGregor has not been watching what Eyis and Nexim are doing with their hands. “McGregor to Prelude, The station drained all power from everything with in a 10 foot radius. 2 crewmen and the large power cell were caught in this area at the time of depletion, please advise on the proper course of action. It appears coms and electrical components have failed, but they are able to breathe normally. Is it me or is there a blinking light on that wall?”


    Brick Andreasen

    OOC: Okay, we’ll start with Nexim; I’m assuming that Eyis is assisting, since he’s right there, and offering up his tools. Will this one check cover both Nexim’s and Casperria’s suits, or should I make a separate check for Casperria? If these do need to be separate checks, he’s going to do Casperria’s suit first, then his; after all, as senior officer present (I think?), his responsibility is to make sure his people are safe.
    I’m not super confident that he can make a TN3 with just his regular stats, so I’m going to invoke his Value of “You have to be more stubborn than the machine” to use a Determination and gain an extra dice that has already rolled a crit.

    PC Roll (Electro-Plasma Power Systems focus): 5 (focus crit), 6 = 3 successes
    Determination spend: 2 successes
    Eyis Assist: 15 = 0 successes
    Total successes: 5

    Momentum pool: 4

    Nexim also has the talent “Veteran” which may let him regain a Determination point if he rolls an effect (5 or 6) on a challenge dice after spending a Determination.
    Veteran Roll (d6): 6
    Determination point regained!!! Wow, I didn’t think I’d be rolling this well. Let’s hope that Ets’ona can roll as well…

    Nexim’s hands flitted back and forth from the tools to the spool of power cord connected to the small battery, then to Casperria’s suit.
    “Come on, come on,” he muttered, knowing nobody could hear him.

    OOC: Alright, let’s see if Ets’ona can get some vital info (heavens knows we need as much info as we can get on this crazy station). I’m going to buy an extra die with some of that momentum I just generated, reducing our pool to 3.

    PC Roll (Helm Operations focus): 16, 12, 10 = 2 successes
    Ship Assist (I’m guessing Dutrax meant Sensors+Science, since Computers is also an attribute): 5 = 1 success
    Total successes: 3

    On the bridge, Ets’ona tapped the screen of her console, making minor course adjustments to maintain a safe orbit, when a chirping notification popped up.
    “Captain, the sensors are detecting something. Stand by…”

    Current Momentum Pool: 3


    I am going to believe the view screen on the bridge is off. Therefore, other members of the bridge crew did not see or experience what Ets’ona just did. Her console pops up with an idiot light to state “course shift”.

    Upon further research, a sudden change in radiation patterns lasting microseconds brought the Prelude about 30 meters closer to the station. The rings are now in different positions (off by about 14 cm), and the black ball at the bottom of the rings shows no noticeable change. Scans of that orb have failed multiple times in the past, so there is no solid data on the object.

    Current scans of the surroundings show the amount of radiation around the station in a radius of 12 km is minimal and at 12-15 km, the radiation was flowing towards the station. Radiation of all forms, Hawking, Warp core, and all other types. (Light is too dim and fast to determine if that was pulled towards the station too.)

    The roll is for 1 suit, but the second suit’s TN is reduced by 1. You don’t want me to play with complications on this, so pray… Casperria’s suit now has a small amount of power in it (maybe 2.5 hours), but because it’s the small power unit, the suit was not able to be completely powered, held in case of future need (like opening multiple doors in a hurry)

    BTW, you’re forgetting something important shipboard…



    Teppolt is caught off-guard when McGregor is coming over the general audio bands in his suit. He spins around and moves toward the general direction of McGregor. “What on Earth is going on McGregor?” He notices Casperria and Nexim fiddling around to fix their suits. Neither appear to be in distress, and in fact, Casperria’s suit lights come on in a dim fashion.
    “Glad to see your suit is back online Sir” Teppolt told Casperria, but they were too busy dealing with Nexim’s suit next.
    Teppolt went back to what caught his attention in the first place .

    “McGregor, you say you see something in the computer panel?” McGregor is bobbing his head, while not losing focus of the computer station with his Phaser.
    Teppolt thought he perhaps saw something too, but that could be just stress. Either way, Starfleet training kicked in and he got to work.
    “McGregor, keep an eye on the console, I will scan it with my Tricorder. Please try not to shoot me if something pops out.”

    Alright, I will do a focused scan of the computer console. I assume this will be more difficult than usual. Reason and science? Before TN 2 was for basic info. More detailed will require TN3? Either way, I’ll buy a dice, so I can use my cautious science talent in case I need to re-roll.

    Anyone want to assist?

    Roll: Reason and science (11+5)
    2d20 +1d20 (momentum)
    Result: (4, 2, 16)

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    Brick, read Teppolt’s character sheet…. what are you tinkering with……

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