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    OOC: Sorry Dutrax, missed the earlier post. My guess is that Kohvar helped with the Door. At least he was on the station.


    Ok, sorry janpfe, kohvar was busy with the shuttle. Brick and kudos get to enact a mission end reward situation. However, …. teppolt has a focus in ancient technology …. use engineering.



    Well, In that case.😁

    Reason and engineering, 11 and 4
    Allen tech focus (engineering 4)
    Using my old roll results (4,2,16)
    Two critical success. That’4 successes total

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    Kudos Das

    Kohvarr’s face darkened as McGregor reported the away team’s status. “Bridge to Transporter Room One. Lock onto the away team and be prepared for an emergency beam out on my order. McGregor, your top priority is getting our people to safety. Do you know if the power drain was accidental, or was it a deliberate response to the away team’s actions?” If the pneumatic pumps in the EV suits were still functioning, then at least imminent suffocation was not an immediate concern. Still, given how little they actually know about the station, the safety of entire away team was now in serious question.

    “Given the current situation, Lieutenant, I will need you to be a little more specific than that,” Kohvarr replied briskly, an edge in his voice that wasn’t normally present.

    As Ets’ona began relaying the sensor readings, Kohvarr’s face grew dark. “Yellow Alert!” he ordered, standing swiftly up for the center chair, giving a sharp tug to his uniform before making his way briskly over the Klingon’s station. “How, exactly, Lieutenant, did we just move 30 meters while in station keeping?”

    As his eyes fell upon the sensor data regarding the energies from the warp core Kohvarr felt his level of concern rise sharply. “Bridge to Engineering, status report!”


    “So am I,” Casperria replied, a wave of relief washed over her as one by one her suit’s systems came back online. She flashed Nexim and Eyis thumbs up alongside a relieved smile. “You know Teppolt,” she continued, an edge of exasperation in her voice, “Right now, had I chosen music over Starfleet, I could be singing in the Crystal Cathedral on Voltan III in front of thousands of dignitaries. Instead here I am on the far reaches of Federation space with some derelict space station trying to kill me.” She let out a halfhearted laugh, more release of nervous energy than from finding anything actually humorous.
    Casperria went quite as she noticed both McGregor and Teppolt staring intently at the computer station she and Nexim had just been working at. One held a tricorder, the other a phaser. Apparently, they weren’t out of the woods just yet…

    OOC: Going to see if Casperria notices this thing apparently McGregor is seeing and see if she can glean any insight into what it is (or isn’t). For that reason, since I don’t have a functional tricorder any more, I’m going to guess rolling Insight + Science makes more sense than Reason + Science.

    Roll (TN =15) = 5, 14 – Two successes (Three if exobiology happens to apply)

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    • This reply was modified 4 months ago by  Kudos Das.

    Brick Andreasen

    Ets’ona’s fingers flew over the console as she verified the data, and she turned her head with a frown as she heard the Captain’s conversation.

    “Captain, if I am correct, then the power loss on the station occurred exactly at the same time that we changed position. It is as if everything–not just the radiation–around the station was pulled toward it. Another point of interest, Captain: when we were pulled closer, and the power drain occurred, the rings shifted slightly in alignment. I believe that Commander Nexim’s assumption that the rings and that strange orb are tied to the power in this place.”

    OOC: I’m going to see if I can’t get some temporary power to Nexim’s suit again as well; hopefully with the lower TN for the second suit, I can earn us some momentum to get the pool back up (I think it’s at 3 with Teppolt’s recent success).

    PC Roll (power systems focus): 6, 1 (crit) = 3 successes
    Eyis Assist (power systems focus): 5 = 1 success
    Total successes: 4
    TN2: 2 momentum earned.

    Momentum Pool: 5

    OOC: I’ve been worried about Dutrax’s reminder about something important on the ship. Can I use 2 momentum to Create An Advantage, with the advantage being somebody remembers the important thing back on the Prelude?


    You may do so to get your reminder.

    “Transporter room 1, locked”

    “Engineering to Captain, Nothing unusual happening here. All clear.”

    Those crew on the station are able to see a small blinking glif (Cursor in the DOS format) on the very bottom right corner of the wall panel. Unfortunately as you are watching it gets dimmer and dimmer, then blinks and doesn’t come back. Teppolt has his tricorder on the panel which allows him to see the flow of energy in those old lines. Some of the sections (on Nexim’s interpretation) are marked as resistors are storing a small bit of energy that is trickling slowly out. When there is no power left to track, the glif disappears. TN3, yes, 1 momentum gained from Teppolt.

    Nexim is now in the same situation as Casperria. 2.5 hours of power left and no functional tools/weapons. I am going to consider McGregor too focused on the panel to report the crew’s new status to the captain. Who’s gonna do that? Teppolt may have heard what Casperria said, but not replied due to the small discovery on the screen. If he wants to reply, feel free. Eyis is now cleaning up his little power experiment, the other security person is on the other side of the room keeping as much of the room in view as possible.

    Now it’s up to you.

    OOC: Things have been hectic and weird here lately. I am now a dedicated dungeon master for our public library, and looking for another job. My youngest is getting ready to graduate high school and is deathly afraid of college and the real world… including driving. The city is trying to make us take care of code violations that require us to spend a lot of money we just don’t have. So i’m sorry if it takes a few days longer than normal, but I will continue to post as long as I have players. Take care everyone.



    “Well, if that isn’t interesting!” Teppolt had a big grin on his face, and looked a the others.He was quickly reminded about the situation they were all in, and wiped the smile of his face. Teppolt looked at Casperria, blundering a quick reply. “I’m sorry, you were saying?” Before Casperria had a chance to respond, Teppolt hit his badge and broadcast in the general band for the away team. “Teppolt to Prelude. I’m sorry to skip the chain of command, but I think everybody should hear this right away. Whatever just happened momentarily powered up this computer station. McGregor, and myself, saw a chevron symbol blinking and it slowly faded out. I was able to scan this terminal and detected power reserves being stored in sections which Cmdr Nexim designated as resistors. The chevron faded out as power was drained from the resistors. I think we may be on to something. How do we want proceed from here. Casperria and Nexim were ble to restore power to their suits, but that is all i know.”


    Brick Andreasen

    OOC: Dutrax, it sounds like you’re going through one of life’s storms where everything starts happening at once. I wish I could do something to help you out! Just know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Even if it seems like nobody else is in your corner, you have a bunch of Star Trek nerds who think the world of you!

    OOC: Okay, I’m going to burn two points of momentum to create the advantage that one of us (it doesn’t necessarily have to be Nexim or Ets’ona) remembers the important thing on the ship. That puts our current momentum to 3.

    Nexim breathed a bit easier as the HUD readouts on his EV suit flickered back to life. He caught some of the frenzied comm chatter as his suit rebooted, and he turned, hoping to see the light on the now-dark panel.
    “Well that’s interesting…” he said, one eyebrow raised. He touched a control on his suit to activate his comms.

    “Captain, this is Nexim. We’re all okay here. We’ve managed to get everyone’s suits working again, but all the rest of my and Lt. Casperria’s equipment is drained of all power, as is the largest of the power cells we brought with us. That was quite a bit of power, Captain, and it’s already bled out of the resistors–that confirms our suspicions that this station was designed to operate and contain amounts of energy far greater than what we use.”

    On the bridge, Ets’ona spoke up. “Commander, I can be standing by our transporters in less than a minute, if needed.”

    Nexim shook his head. “Thanks, Lieutenant, but I don’t think that we’re in any real danger here… We have plenty of air, which operates on an analogue system. Our mission is to get power back to the station, and I feel like we’re close to figuring out this panel. If anything, this recent accident proves that we’re in the right place to make that happen. I’d like to keep Lt. Casperria and Ensign Teppolt with me to continue working at the panel–they’ve both been very helpful. The rest of the away team can stand back, outside of the radius of power drain, to keep an eye on us and an active communications line to you in case something else happens.”
    He looked ruefully at the mysterious panel. “Of course, if you’d rather us beam back to the ship to be safe, Captain, I’ll follow your orders.”


    The ships special sensor traits….


    Kudos Das

    Kohvarr nodded, his mind focused. “Until proven otherwise, Lieutenant, I believe you are correct that we should treat the Lieutenant Commander’s hypothesis as accurate.”

    Straightening, Kohvarr tapped his combadge. “Commander Dorn Razix, please report to the bridge.” With both Casperria and Teppolt presently aboard the station, perhaps the stellar cartographer could shed some light on how the Prelude had just jumped instantaneously through space towards the station.

    As if summoned by the mere thought of his name, Teppolt’s voice suddenly came across the comm channel. Not wanting to interrupt until he had a further read on the situation, Kohvarr made his way back to the center chair as the young office hastily relayed his entire update without seeming to pause for breath.

    “The status update is much appreciated, Ensign,” Kohvarr replied once the young man had finished, “Although, I would further appreciate it if you would remind those members of my senior staff who are present that I would also appreciate timely updates from…”

    Kohvarr paused midsentence as Nexim’s voice suddenly broke across the channel as if on cue. He leaned back in his chair, brow furrowed, face pensive as he listened to the latest update from his chief engineer. “So long as Lieutenant Commander McGregor is in agreement regarding the current safety and status of the away team, you have permission to continue with the away mission, provided you proceed with the upmost of caution. If there is another power drain, we may only have your lifesigns to lock onto with the transporters.”

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    Razix: “On my way Captain”

    McGregor: “I’m not sure we can continue on this particular part of the mission as we now are Sirs. The large power cell is drained completely, as well as 2 suits and all their equipment and we only got roughly 5 seconds of power from this particular console. I don’t know if Mrs Casperria’s or Mr Nexim’s suits will have enough power to complete this task or survive another critical issue. Ensign, how much power is left in your small power supply? Next time we may need to be farther out to protect ourselves. And the other engineering room, is it set up like this and meant to be used as a pair?”

    During this exchange between McGregor offering his opinions/misgivings, Cmdr Razix enters the bridge and takes up his station to make a quick survey of what MIGHT be on his screen. The conversation from the station is based on NOT knowing what happened shipboard. “Captain. You requested my presence on the bridge sir?” He has bags under his eyes, a clean and pressed jacket, but his pants show signs of long wear and a small amount of wrinkles. I believe he was about 60% finished with his mapping updates when the Prelude arrived in system again. It has been roughly 7 hours since the crews return…. Unless you, as crew, believe it took more time to get where you currently are?

    OOC: Good to see everyone back. I’ve worked with several FSR’s so I know the job details pretty well. Take care of yourselves. I still check for updates daily. I took a day to figure out how to respond to Kohvar, but now you’ve got it. Who is still having problems checking the site within 2 days?


    Kudos Das

    “Acknowledged, Away Team. You have fifteen minutes to gather your equipment and wrap up your investigations then I want you back aboard the Prelude.” Kohvarr’s tone made it clear his words were an order, not merely a suggestion.

    He nodded curtly as Razix stepped onto the bridge. “My apologies for pulling you away from your work, Commander, but we just experienced an…event…that I believe you may be uniquely qualified in unraveling.” Kohvarr turned to his Klingon helmsmen. “Lieutenant Ets’ona, please bring the Commander up to speed with what just occurred.”

    OOC: Haven’t forgotten (again) about the bonuses for the Prelude’s sensors, but since Brick made the role I feel it’s only fair he gets to decided what to ask with the bonus momentum generated from the task.


    Brick Andreasen

    OOC: Sorry for the delay, all. This weekend was a little wacky.

    Ets’ona swiveled in her chair to give a nod to Razix, tapping her combadge to keep the comm line to the away team open. “I believe the away team will also want to hear this. Precisely at the same moment that Commander McGregor reported the power loss of the cells and suits of our away team, our sensors detected that all radiation in the surrounding vicinity, including some of the excess warp radiation generated by our engines, was drawn into the spherical object at the center of the rings. Furthermore, precisely at this time, two physical changes occurred: Prelude was moved 30 meters closer to the station, and the station’s rings shifted 14 centimeters in alignment.”

    On the station, Nexim’s head snapped up sharply. “Wait, at the same time? That means that we must have triggered something accidentally… or perhaps the system itself detected our power sources and initiated a radiation and energy harvesting subroutine…”

    He paused for a moment, then nodded smartly. “Acknowledged, Captain. We will be standing by in 15 minutes for beam-out.”

    He turned to the rest of the away team. “Mr. McGregor, if you and Mr. Shields would begin organizing our equipment for a beam out on the far side of the room–oh, and one of you hand me your tricorders. I will be at the panel; we only have 15 minutes before we beam out, and I think we’re close to uncovering something.”

    As he accepted the tricorder, he gave the chief of security a wink. “And, that is some excellent insight, Mr. McGregor; we will have to look at the other engineering room next.”

    OOC: I think that Nexim might be able to finish the first extended task before the beam out. That will give us some valuable information as to what the heck is going on here. If anyone wants to join in, you are welcome to! 🙂

    PC Roll (power systems focus): 11, 4 (focus crit) = 3 successes.
    Work Roll (Challenge dice = 2+Engineering [5]= 7 dice): 6, 5, 4, 5, 4, 1, 2
    Results: 7 work, with 2 Scrutinize effects, removing the resistances of the task. With our previous work of 5, this finishes off the work track of 6, getting us a breakthrough.
    Breakthroughs: 2 (total work more than 5, completing the work track)

    That ought to do it for this first extended task!

    OOC: Also, I’d forgotten about our awesome sensors! If I’m doing my math right, with the reduced TN from Advanced Sensor Suites, and the extra momentum from High Resolution Sensors, we should be able to ask 2 questions? So here goes:
    – Toward what specific point on the station was all the radiation flowing during the power drain?
    – Was there any change in the black hole, our ship’s systems, or any other physical objects in the vicinity of the station during the power drain (aside from the ship moving closer)?


    So Nexim now has a functioning understanding of the symbols used to create the electrical schematic of the display. This knowledge can be used to reduce the TN of certain tasks by 1 or 2 based on what the goal is.

    Question 1: It appears all radiation was being pulled toward the black globe in the spherical area of the station. Although not much actually made it there we have seen the results.

    Question 2: It seems the black hole has gotten smaller by nanometers. There is a small amount of hawking radiation near the exterior edges, but that is quickly getting pulled back into the event horizon with anything nearby. The comet was not affected, but can barely be seen at this point. Not alot was really affected in the area except anything that had a form of radiation near it. If you look at how the ship is positioned, the pylons got pulled around to be closer to the station compared to the front. I gave the 30m information as meaning “the closest point toward the station”

    Razix to the Kohvarr: “Aye sir, I may be able to ascertain what could have happened. Let me look into the Sensor readings we captured at the time of the incident and I will get back to you.” “Razix to Ensign Misal: Something big came up, can I leave the research and station mapping in your hands for awhile? I’ll leave it to you if you need to find someone more qualified.” “Roger, I’ll see if I can get some help from Rogers”

    Razix moves over to the science panel to look over the sensor reading from the time of arrival to the present. “Oh, we can still see the comet… I wonder if it’s too late to get a mapping sensor or buoy on her… Captain’s choice with Helm to do the deed” The last part said under his breath as he refocuses on the readings. Razix has the value “All info must be accurate” and 4 foci that fit this particular situation. He rolls a 7,8,9 and for veteran a 1 which means he lost the determination point. The answer comes about 19 hours later, and he never left the bridge only taking bathroom breaks.

    “WOW!!! That shouldn’t be possible!!! That globe is scientifically not possible.” He looks from his sensors to the screen, “Please show the central station area on screen.” As the bridge officers comply (with a nod from Kohvarr) “That, captain, is a solidified black hole or galaxy. It appears the ancient denizens of the station used it as a battery of some form. I believe this station, if we can make it ours, will become a pivotal location for sciences within the federation and all known worlds if allowed. Not to mention a massive issue for federation security. I recommend a high level of secrecy when dealing with this knowledge sir.”


    Kudos Das

    “Once the away team is aboard, Commander Razix, I would be more than happy to have the Prelude do a flyby of that comet so you can get your sensor readings.” Kohvarr replied, giving the stellar cartographer a nod of approval. “I believe the away team could use some time to debrief, get some rest, and come up with a plan for how to further proceed with investigations aboard the station.”


    “If that is what you say it is…” Casperria replied breathlessly, her face full of no small amount of surprise as she attempted to collaborate Razix’s finding, “How is that even possible? If that thing is a black hole, how could it serve as a battery if nothing can escape the event horizon…unless…unless the station isn’t so much retrieving energy from the black hole as it is collecting and storing energy, specifically radiation, being drawn towards the black hole before it reaches the even horizon?”


    If we have a chance to backtrack and do a few rolls in the intervening 19 hours, I think Kohvarr would task Nexim with seeing if he couldn’t provide more insulation against future catastrophic power drains. I imagine Casperria and Teppolt, after some rest, have been helping Razix with studying the Prelude’s sensor data from when the station activated.

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