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    Feel free to back track to act during that timeframe.


    Kudos Das

    “A prudent course of action, Commander,” Kohvarr agreed with a grim nod, his eyes remaining transfixed on the midnight orb displayed on the viewscreen in front of him. He folded his left arm across his chest gripping his right elbow loosely, right hand slowly stroking his bare chin. “Computer, unless this order is rescinded by myself, or a Star Fleet officer of the same or higher rank, all information pertaining to “Cuneiform Station” is now restricted to Star Fleet personnel with Security Clearance Level 3 or higher unless temporary access is granted by Star Fleet personnel with Security Clearance Level 3 or higher. Authorization Kohvarr-2-4-Epslion-Gamma. Acknowledge.”

    “Acknowledged,” chimed the not unpleasant voice of the Prelude’s main computer in response to Kohvarr’s order. “All information regarding Cuniform Station is now restricted to Star Fleet personnel with Security Clearance Level 3 or higher, unless temporary access is granted by Star Fleet personnel with Security Clearance Level 3 or higher. ”

    Kohvarr gave a satisfied nod before turning to his science team. “If that orb is what you claim it to be, Commander, how is it being maintained in a solidified state? There is no power aboard the station that we are able to detect, so it is therefore reasonable to assume that it is not the station maintaining the orb in what appears to be a solidified state. If there is an active event horizon within that orb, how is it also that the station itself has not succumb to the gravimetric pull?”

    “It beats the hell out of me, Captain,” Casperria blurted out, her eyes growing wide in alarm, face red, as realization hit her that she had just cursed at the Captain. “Sorry, Captain, my tongue got away from me,” she managed to choke out apologetically before quickly glancing back down at her station, intently studying the readout on the screen in front of her.

    OOC: I’d like to make a roll here and see if Casperria’s earlier hunch about the energy being pulled into the station as opposed to the orb is correct or not. Going to burn a Determination here using her value of “There is nothing so alien it cannot be understood” to grant her an automatic critical success, plus buy an extra dice using one momentum from the group pool. Assuming Casperria can use the ship’s main computer to help analyze the sensor data here.

    Casperria’s Roll (Reason + Science = TN of 16): 2, 7, 17

    Prelude’s Roll (Computers + Science = TN of 17) = 20

    Going to use Casperria’s Technical Expertise talent to re-roll that 20…into a 2!

    Total Successes = 2 from the point of Determination spent + 2 from Casperria + 1 from the Prelude = 5 successes

    Casperria’s Studious talent will trigger here giving her one bonus momentum to ask one additional “Obtain Information” question, as will her Science Officer role, granting a second bonus momentum that must also be used to “Obtain Information”.

    So, in summary, 5 success and Casperria gets to ask two additional bonus questions for free.

    Group Momentum Pool = 4, plus whatever Casperria just generated for her roll beyond the bonus momentum she generated from her role/talents.

    Brick, what do you think about seeing if the engineering team was able to better protect our EV suits and other equipment from sudden energy drain in the preceding 19 hours?

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    • This reply was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by  Kudos Das.

    Brick Andreasen

    OOC: Sure, I’ll take a crack at seeing if we can’t protect the suits (and maybe our tools as well) from being drained again. Dutrax, what rolls should I make for that?

    OOC: Additionally, I assume, then, that we’ve jumped ahead to collecting the comet data, and that everyone is back aboard the Prelude?

    Ets’ona shook her head in wonder at the news. “So we face not one, but two black holes… One in space and one inside the station. While I am not one to run from danger, I feel that I must comment on the risks of tampering with such destructive forces, even if we are only attempting to understand how it is possible.”

    The doors to the bridge opened, and Nexim stepped out, a PADD in hand. He handed it to Kohvarr, giving him a respectful nod.
    “It might be dangerous, sure, but one of the most famous Starfleet captains once said that ‘risk is our business.’ Captain, those are my findings on that panel in their engineering section. Hopefully, that will help us understand things a bit better. I’ve already forwarded these files to Lt. Casperria and Ensign Teppolt; they seem the most capable in analyzing the language.”

    He scratched at a bit of stubble on his chin. “I’ve also been thinking about that power drain we experienced… While all of the surrounding energy and radiation was absorbed, the circuits inside of the station were unaffected–in fact, they held a charge while ours were drained, if only for a few moments. I know this grumpy old station is holding her secrets pretty tightly, but I suspect that the circuits on the station are somehow insulated against the drain. If I can figure out how, then maybe I can insulate our suits, tricorders, phasers, and engineering tools against another power loss. We got plenty of tricorder readings while we were over there; I’m hoping the answer is in them.”


    Casperria will gain 1 momentum and still has 2 questions to ask, and the station itself is probably NOT the recipient of the radiation draw.

    Daring + Engineering are what i’m looking at for the actual insulating process while engineering + reason are to study the tricorder data. The TN will reduce by 1 to 3 if you can aquire an actual part from the station that can be studied on board. Study will be considered an extended task. work 8, resistance 3 (reduced with part from station), Magnitude 3. Same setup as Nexim’s challenge dice on the station for his tasks.

    Currently on this ship, who has access to the files Kohvarr just put under lock down? Any NPCs, shall we take it for granted all but the medical officer PCs have access?

    FYI: The answer to Kohvarr’s question to Razix is an extremely difficult research project. It will take years of study on board the station from both scientific and engineering personnel. A basic TN 5 check is not enough and the amount of work involved for an extended task like this would be in the thousands, which makes game play very difficult.

    Razix: “I’m sorry Captain. Even with all our current technological advancements, this concept is still way beyond our current conceptual thinking. I am not even sure a human has even had an epiphany or theory related to this topic. Black hole theory is still very limited due to the amount of destructive force the gravitation can create. Only very special ships are able to even get close enough to study these phenomenon and even those are running at a 60% loss rate. My specialties relate to using physics and gravitation to create maps, not black hole theory. I’m sorry.”

    If there are any questions about the tricorder data, Nexim can elaborate. If Nexim will have questions, I’ll answer what I can when I can. I still check the site several times daily. I hope you enjoy this plot twist, I have a few more up my sleeve too. 😛


    Kudos Das

    OOC: In my head, Security Clearance 3 would pertain all senior staff, as well as anyone of the rank of Lieutenant Commander or above. For someone like Ensign Teppolt currently working directly on unraveling Cuneiform Station’s mysteries, I envision him being granted temporary access to the information until such time as it is revoked. There’s not a large crew compliment aboard the Prelude, so I imagine a fair number of personnel will be granted temporary access to at least some of the information though the course of our investigations.

    I’ll try and get a longer post up tomorrow, but for the time being here are Casperria’s next two questions.

    1) Did the Black Orb increase in size when the radiation drain occurred?

    2) Was there any change in emissions (if any) coming from the Black Orb? I put this in the context that we already know some Hawkings radiation is escaping from the other gravimetric anomaly. Looking at the larger puzzle, I’m trying to see if Casperria can gain any insight into whether this is a full on miniaturized galaxy, or if it is, in fact, a second black hole (albeit rendered inert by some unknown means unless power is provided to the station.

    Just a quick note on the timeline Brick, I’m assuming that we brought the away team back from the station and then debriefed on what happened and did a first glance at the readings that were pulled. Following that, when the main Alpha shift was off-duty Kohvarr gave permission for Commander Razix to take the Prelude on a flyby of the comet in order to gather the requested sensor readings.


    No size changes, and no emissions were detected from the orb. At this current time with the current equipment on board it is not possible to determine the truth behind the orb.

    During that time frame Cmdr Razix launched a mapping probe that is to become part of the comet. This will allow Razix and anyone with the correct algorithm to access the probe to acquire the information gathered. The probe does emit a pretty strong neutrally aligned signal the is obvious to anyone who listens to it that this is a mapping experiment via comet propulsion. It was just a thought he has had in the past…

    I will take it that there are certain personnel on board who have no knowledge of what is going on outside with the station. They have had to deal with the mapping data and follow a daily rut of work, bed, repeat. Most are enlisted.. Would they be allowed access to certain parts of info: ie … There’s a weird ancient tech space station out there!!! I will take it specifics are under lock and key, not the basic obvious to get info.

    I am still checking in daily, although it has gotten more difficult to reply. Family medical issues with a busy schedule to begin with. Please add to the game even if I don’t reply in a timely manner. When I do get a chance to reply that will allow me to answer all questions at once and we can still continue playing. We may have another total rookie player joining us, but like us, his life is currently being hectic.


    Brick Andreasen

    OOC: Apologies for the huge delay in posts from me. My family was traveling, and then work and life have been pretty zany since we got back. I’m sorry to hear about health issues; I hope things get better soon.

    OOC: I’m going to list the info for this Extended Task here for easy reference as we work on insulating the suits.
    Reason + Engineering for studying tricorder data of the power loss.
    Daring + Engineering for actually insulating the suits.
    Base TN 4 (3 if we get a piece of the station to physically study)
    Work Track: 8
    Resistance: 3
    Magnitude: 3
    Challenge Dice Results: 1 = 1 work, 2 = 2 work, 3 and 4 = no work, 5 = 1 work and Scrutinize (reduces Resistance by 1 for each rolled), 6 = 1 work and Progressive (1 extra work for each rolled)
    Rules for Extended Tasks can be found on page 90-91 of the Core Rulebook.

    OOC: I’ll get to work on studying the tricorder data with Nexim first. Perhaps Ets’ona can work on beaming aboard a piece of the station that we can study (unless we need to go over and like cut it out of the wall). If so, what attributes/departments and TN would she use for beaming aboard a chunk?

    PC Roll (power systems focus): 4 (focus crit), 7 = 3 successes
    Ship Assist: 1 (crit!) = 2 successes
    Total successes: 5
    Momentum gained (TN 4 check): 1

    Work Track Roll (2+5): 1, 6, 1, 4, 1, 6, 6 = 9 work
    Total work after Resistance (3): 6 work
    Breakthroughs: 1 (for having 5 or more work after Resistance).

    We just need 2 more Breakthroughs! The Work Track is currently at 6 out of 8 needed for another Breakthrough.

    Having returned to Engineering, Nexim sat behind a console, tapping and scrolling through the logs of Tricorder data. He paused, re-reading a section, then opened a new file and began typing.
    “Interesting… I wonder if…”

    He tapped his combadge. “Nexim to Ets’ona.”

    =/\= “Ets’ona here.”

    “I think I might be on to something here that could protect our gear from that thirsty old gal, but it would be a lot easier to run some tests if I had a piece of the station to test my ideas on. How feasible do you think it would be to beam a chunk aboard?”

    On the bridge, the Klingon woman raised a heavy eyebrow. “Hm… our transporters can penetrate the exterior with apparent ease. I do not anticipate there being any difficulty in removing a piece with the transporters, aside from potentially triggering a fail-safe or trap. What piece do you require?”

    “Well, I’d love to have a piece of their power conduits, but I suppose even a piece of bulkhead would do.”

    Ets’ona turned to look at Kohvarr, who stood within earshot. “Captain, if you believe it is worth the risk, I would request permission to operate the transporters to get Nexim his trinket. Or perhaps, we could send an away team to physically retrieve a piece, should you deem a transport too dangerous.”

    Current momentum pool: 6


    I am going to wait to see how Kohvarr responds to this. Almost got the protection figured out on the first go. Good job.


    How many days do you believe Nexim and the team spent working on this project? Feel free to continue the project as nothing will really change in the next 3 weeks or so, unless created by PC’s or something random happens like “Q”… I like his style of screwing with Picard…

    Kohvar: “I don’t believe we can beam a chunk over, but getting someone over there to get one should not be a problem. You are trying to figure out how to make our suits safe from the stations power drain, right? So how is having a piece of the hull or bulkhead going to help? Just a thought. Until the course of action is chosen Lieutenant, please continue manning the conn until otherwise relieved.”

    Engineering and Reason TN 2 to use or improvise tools to remove connectors from inside the relay.

    As for the mods made to the suits, they will not be able to be tested unless the same mistake is made on the station. The Prelude has no way of duplicating that level or type of energy drain. If the federation could figure it out I’m sure it would become one of their more powerful starship weapons. Another reason for the security levels.

    Since I’m sure Janpfe’s baby has decided it is ready to come to our world (CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope…) and Kudos got caught up in work (Come back soon), feel free to use their characters to progress the story as needed. It’s too bad, I had a surprise in store for Kudos later on. I’ll do what I can to keep the story going for whomever is able to stop by. I will let you roll for the characters as well, I feel like I’m cheating the players out of game time when I roll for them. I’m hoping we can get some more players to join us too.


    Brick Andreasen

    OOC: I’m hoping that congratulations are in order for janpfe! We’d love to hear more about the little kiddo, if you can spare the energy! We hope to hear back from everyone soon!

    Nexim nodded, despite being several decks away from the Captain. “You’re right that a bulkhead wouldn’t be of much help, but I think that our understanding of the power transfer systems, and thus the drain on our suits, might be enhanced by having a piece of their power conduits.”

    He scratched his chin. “I think the panel is still open in the hangar bay where we opened that first door; I could beam over without the risk of passing through the bulkheads, remove a piece of conduit, and beam back to Prelude to finish the–still very theoretical, mind you–drain proofing on our suits.”

    OOC: Assuming that Nexim gets the okay to beam over, here is his roll to remove the piece of conduit.
    PC Roll (focus in Power Systems): 10, 7 = 2 successes, just what we needed!

    Now that we have a piece of the conduit, it should make finishing up the Extended Task a bit easier, since it’s reduced the TN from 4 to 3.

    PC Roll (power systems focus): 4 (focus crit), 5 (focus crit) = 4 successes!
    Ship Assist: 6 = 1 success
    Total successes: 5
    Momentum gained (TN 3 check): 2

    Work Track Roll (2+5): 2, 1, 5, 6, 5, 5, 2
    Special Effects: rolled one 6 (Progressive, +1 work), and three 5s (Scrutinize, -1 resistance)
    Total work after Resistance (3-3=0 Resistance): 9 work
    Breakthroughs: 2 (one for filling the Work track, one for having 5 or more work after Resistance).

    OOC: Boom! There’s that Extended Task out of the way. I can’t believe how well I rolled on those checks. I think the dice roller on this site really likes me or something.
    However, our momentum pool was already at 6, so those two momentum I got will be wasted, unless I use them now. What I’d like to do is spend both of them on Obtain Information for two questions about the conduit we have on hand.
    – What major differences are there between the station’s conduits and our own?
    – Are our replicators capable of reproducing its design and materials?

    After several hours of intense work, Nexim sat back and wiped his forehead, looking over his engineering staff with pride. “Well done, everyone. I’ve been kicking around Starfleet for a long time, and you’re all some of the best engineers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’ll make sure to make a note of your excellent performance in my report.”

    He tapped his combadge. “Captain, Engine Room here. I’ve finished insulating enough EV suits for a full away team. We’ll have no idea if it works unless we encounter that power drain again, but I think my theories are solid. I’d like to take another crack at that panel on the station, but not until tomorrow morning. It’s been a long day, and I’m an old, worn-out geezer.”

    Current Momentum Pool: 6


    Again, the question arises about your estimate on how many days have passed? I will make a final judgement once I have that answer. This task should take at least some time to study and make necessary adjustments. The part is surprisingly similar to what was used on ancient earth and only studied in the “history of technology” lecture in the academy, but the biggest difference is that the interior has an unknown material helping the part fulfill its function. Unless there is a chemist specialty on board, which is not likely considering the mission, there is no way to test or determine what this is. However, it is not impossible to attempt the research to figure out characteristics of the material. To replicate said item, all materials and molecular levels need to be programmed into a computer. If things are unknown, it is hard to program. The computer can assist with testing and storing results, and once all results are compiled a program can be written by the computer. Understand that the computer would be writing that program. The best it can do it DUPLICATE, not improve the part and even then, who knows if it will work right.

    I seriously recommend NOT DAMAGING said part as you may need to put it back to continue your current mission.

    “Mr Nexim. Your next visit to the station will be at the start of your next shift. Rest before going, understood. Have your shift replacements collect what you need for the task and stage them in Transporter room 2. Lt Ets’ona will meet you there and will wait there until you are ready to return or in case of emergency.”

    And after the task is completed…”Good job Mr Nexim. You and your teams once again their skill and knowledge. How many suits do you have ready? How long does it take to upgrade one suit? We will need several suits protected before we try to tinker with that station again. What is the condition of our power supplies? Are they ready to go? Do you believe the large power source will be enough now that we know where the original power came from? Do not be in the same room as the power source when your ready for power transfer. If something goes wrong I want no injuries. Thank you for your work Mr Nexim and staff.”


    Brick Andreasen

    OOC: Ah, my bad, I had missed the request for how many days.
    I don’t think that it would take more than 1 – 2 days to get this far on working on the insulating project; if the shows are any indicator, a Starfleet engineer can really get stuff done if they set their mind to it.
    Nexim definitely wouldn’t do anything to damage the part they took from the station. He knows how crucial any piece of wiring can be in a power system, so he’ll probably go back and re-install it before trying to tinker with the panel in the morning.

    “Thank you, Captain,” said Nexim, wearily walking toward the turbolift. “No worries; I am bone tired, and don’t plan on doing anything all night, even though I won’t need any sleep for a few more months.”

    He paused to relay a few instructions to the shift replacements coming into Main Engineering, then resumed addressing the captain.

    “We have four suits currently insulated, enough for an away team. If we really hustle, two engineers can insulate an EV suit in three hours. We’re plugging in all the drained portable power sources now, so they’ll be all charged up and ready to go by morning. We’ll make sure to take every precaution when we’re back on the station.”

    At his quarters, he changed into comfortable clothing, requested a randomized selection Denobulan freeform jazz, and sat heavily down in a reclining chair for the evening to let his body rest. His yearly week-long sleep cycle was still a few months off, so his mind continued ticking away at the puzzle of Cuneiform Station while he let his muscles relax. His thoughts drifted between schematics, cryptic designs, and calculations on plasma exchange resistance until finally landing on the piece of the station they had in containment in Engineering.

    They were little closer to understanding its chemical makeup or designs than they were a few days ago, despite the few insights they had gained in researching the suits’ insulation. He would have loved to be able to fully disassemble it, but he knew that he should re-install it on the station to make sure the blasted thing actually worked once they discovered how to turn it back on. Keeping it, then, was out of the question.

    Then, his mind struck on a thought. The Prelude’s transporters had been able to successfully beam it from one place to another, and since the transporters utilized the same technological principles as a replicator, he should, in theory, be able to replicate a duplicate of the conduit. That way, he’d have an example he could dissect, and could still re-install the original back on the station. The conduit’s pattern should still be contained inside the transporter log; it should be a simple matter to translate that pattern into a replicator program…

    But how to do it? He crossed his ankles on the raised footrest of the chair and folded his hands behind his head to think.

    OOC: This is kind of a crazy idea that occurred to me, but I thought I’d run it through Nexim to see if there’s a check we could make to work out how to copy a transporter pattern into a replicator program.


    Skeleton crew means minimal numbers of crew to assist because several of said crew also need to keep an old bird flying through space and often they interrupt your specially assigned projects to ask for help… Sorry, but I will have to add a few days to that as I’m looking at 1 to 2 days for the FIRST suit and 3 to 4 hours per suit after that. Have to be able to get one to work first, then the rest will fall into place. (Unless you use your cheat method…)

    As for the method you brought up, feel free to ask the local Transporter Specialist what she thinks… I believe both characters are yours anyway.. Her answer will likely be “we can only try” or something along those lines, but I do like the thought that you came up with. It’s a valid idea and worth pursuing. ( Something Kohvar would say…) Insight and Engineering TN3 for difficulty (Ship’s Computer may assist, not the sensors).

    I am going to skip a scene involving Cmdr Razix and Kohvar here as niether of your characters would be around to hear it. Both characters are currently off duty as they are assigned to the same shift. It is rather obvious they bounce ideas off each other in good ways after all.

    “LtCmdr Nexim to engineering… We have a problem in your lab’s storage area! LtCmdr McGregor please accompany. Out.”

    Upon your arrival, you find Haimich and 2 other security personnel standing stunned as several of the younger engineers in the area watch the area with your suits in storage. From the look of it, the suits new resisters are glowing red and the lights and power in the area within 30′ are slowing growing dim then bright in a steady pattern of 2 minutes 27 seconds per cycle. (YAY for Eyis to figure that out.) Ensign Eyis is the senior man on this shift’s crew.

    “Teppolt to all senior staff… We have readings incoming from the black hole. Probable release of Hawking radiation. Effects are unknown, sensors are already active and gathering data to analyze when this is finished. Out.”

    OOC: Have fun with this Brick. This would be a great time for the others to come back, but I doubt we will get that lucky. Feel free to use all the Characters on board the Prelude to play this out. I figured I had to keep the game interesting somehow, right?

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