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    Kudos Das

    Sequestered away in one of the Prelude’s many science labs, Lieutenant Azraelia Casperria glanced up excitedly from her workstation as her combadge chirped. “Acknowledged Captain, I’m on my way.”

    She’d left the science station on the bridge in the capable hands of Commander Razix, the cartographic mission specialist currently assigned to the Prelude, while she began to analyze and catalogue the seemingly endless, mostly mundane data the Prelude’s sensors had so far captured. If she was being summoned to the bridge then perhaps something more exciting had been encountered.

    Stepping onto the bridge from the turbolift a minute later, Azraelia’s eyes went wide as she took in the object displayed on viewscreen in front of her. Now this was something more like it!

    Collecting herself, she nodded briskly to Commander Razix who moved over only somewhat reluctantly to the auxiliary science station beside her. Razix might be a more senior officer, but she was the Prelude’s chief science officer, and this was her station. Plus after so much scientific doldrums she was damned if she was going watch this discovery unfold from the sidelines.

    Bathed in the glowing lights of the console, Azraelia’s keen mind quickly analyzed and catalogued the incoming data as it scrolled by. She bit her lip unconsciously as she attempted to compensate for whatever was preventing the Prelude’s sensors from obtaining a more detailed scan of the object.

    OOC: Since we’re currently swimming in momentum I hope no one objects if I buy an extra dice here.

    PC Roll (3d20): 7, 15, 20 – Yup, going to re-roll that using Technical Expertise since the ship’s sensors are assisting…and…14! Rolled an 11 for the ship so that’s one additional success

    Total: 4 successes, plus one bonus momentum from the Perlude’s High Resolution Sensors.

    With that bonus momentum I’d like to ask if the object appears to be generating the gravitational vortex, or if the two appear to be unrelated. Since Azraelia has Studious, I’d like to also ask (for free) whether or not the object appears to be being pulled towards the gravitational vortex since we currently cannot detect any power readings from it, or if it is holding position.


    Razik had been gathering all the incoming data for months to create 1 massive diagram of the frontier trail, but this was a gem of a find. As he studies the floating fortress on the view screen the turbo lift opens letting the ship’s science onto the deck. Razik shifts stations leaving his read out and analyzations up for her to peruse and get briefed up to speed.

    “Sir, I believe there is a small black hole just outside sensor range that is keeping the object in perpetual orbit. It seems the gravitational pull is about the same as Earth’s. No matter what methods I use to scan the object, it looks like a space station of some kind. I can get what the 2 box like structures are.. storage and shuttle bays from the look of it. There is no pressure in them and there is nothing stopping anyone from going in. I’m sure our science officer will have no problems double checking what I have found out so far. I can’t seem to get a scan of the interior in a fashion I approve of. I don’t understand the lower section or the weird looking central area, but it does remind me of something. I just can’t place it.”

    I believe the pool is currently at 6 momentum, and four successes gives you 2 momentum more. Original TN 3, -1 Sensor suite, +1 momentum from the other sensor trait (spent). and the group is back to 8 momentum at current if my math is right.

    Azraelia is able to alter one of the sensors by using a different wavelength than normal as a veritable “X-Ray”, such an archaic term, to get a moderate idea of what the inside of the station would look like. The 3-D program left open by Razik showed a new screen to which a new image could easily be created.

    The central vertical is split into 2 sections and the outer rings appear to be hollow and immobile, while the inner rings look like they move with in following a centripetal pattern. Feel free to speculate what the mass at the bottom of the central opening is for. There are rooms off the central shaft and they are using some unknown form of power transfer.

    Ships computer + Engineering and Control + Engineering to create the 3D image.


    Brick Andreasen

    Nexim tried to mask his heavy breathing as he walked back into Main Engineering–the Jeffries Tubes were for the young, and he certainly wasn’t that anymore.
    “Sir, look at this,” said the Ensign he had left at the central console. “We’ve detected some sort of alien space station in orbit of a miniature black hole. All the sensor data is here, sir.”

    “Appreciated, Ensign,” said Nexim, giving him one of the signature Denobulan too-wide smiles. “I’ll take a look.”
    He tapped the controls for a few seconds, reviewing the info, before activating the comm panel.

    “Captain, I just got back to Main Engineering. That’s an interesting find! I guess that Prelude had one last surprise for us, after all. I think I can rig up the sensors for a low-level baryon-tetryon sweep. That should let us get a look at the inside of that thing, if I’m reading these metallurgical scans right. Stand by.”

    Ooc: Since we have so much momentum, I’m going to buy an extra d20 for this roll. That will bring us down to 7 momentum.
    PC roll (Control+Engineering): 5, 17, 6 = 2 successes (just barely missed that second roll)
    Ship roll (Computer+Engineering): 9 = 1 success
    Total: 3 successes


    Those rolls were for the science officer to create a 3d image. I will accept your rolls to try a baryon-tetryon sweep though, that will give you another momentum, and another momentum because TN 3 reduces to TN 2, No life signs at all, No signs of power or energy, No heat, nothing that shows an recent inhabitation of this station. It seems to have been floating here for millennia. Nothing seems normal to star fleet officers. This object is completely alien to everyone who’s looking at this.


    Brick Andreasen

    Ooc: Whoops! My bad. I saw the call for a Control+Engineering roll and got over-excited. Hurray for the extra momentum though!


    Brick Andreasen

    “By the Sword of Khaless, look at it,” breathed Ets’ona. “I’ve never seen anything like it… This far out from Federation space, perhaps we are the first of our kinds to see a relic of this civilization.”

    Ooc: Here is what the Bridge Crew is looking at: The Object. It is in the Prelude Google Drive.



    Haimich gives a low whistle, then starts relaying info to the Captain.

    “Captain, the baryon-tetryon sweep was a success. Sensors now report no life signs, no power signatures, no signs of recent habitation. It seems to be an abandoned station.” he pauses a moment. “Something that size would take forever to search, Captain. Shall I start organizing Security teams for away missions?”


    Kudos Das

    Kohvarr took a step forward, clasping his hands behind the small of his back as he took in visage of the enormous object for a moment before responding. No, certainly not Borg, but something of incredible interest nonetheless.

    “Perhaps we should knock first, Mr. McGregor? Just because we cannot detect any life forms or power signatures doesn’t mean there isn’t still the possibility that someone is home to answer. Open a channel, standard Federation greeting. Any signs of damage to the object? Weapons scarring, meteor impacts, anything of the like?”


    With the sensor suite, auto success. When magnified there are dents, scratches and burns all over the surface of the object. None of the damage is obvious attack or explosion damage, but space trash hits or solar flare burns may coincide with what is seen.

    No response will be returned no matter how often you signal or wait for a reply.


    Kudos Das

    Kohvarr waited patiently for several minutes, waiting to see if the Prelude’s standard Federation greetings garnered a response of any kind from the object. Judging by the size of the thing he assumed it was some manner of space station, or monitoring device of some kind. Given it’s proximity to Federation space, and the unknown nature of the associated gravitational vortex, further investigation as to the objects origins, construction, and purpose were certainly warranted. Yet another fascinating discovery to add to the Prelude’s already distinguished career. His only regret, as captain, was that his senior officers would never allow him to be first aboard the thing, at least not until it had been proven safe. The engineer inside of him growled in frustrated silence.

    “All right, Mr. McGregor, seems like no one’s home after all. I believe we’ve done our due diligence by knocking. Start prepping your away team. I want EV suits on at all times until we’ve determined that there’s a stable, breathable atmosphere over there. Lieutenant Casperria, Lieutenant Est’ona, and Lieutenant Commander Nexim will accompany you and your security team. I want open comms at all times, and if anything over there seems not on the level I want you and your team back here aboard the Prelude on the double.”

    Meeting the eyes of each of his senior officer in turn to ensure they had understood his orders, Kohvarr reached up and tapped his combage. “Mr. Nexim, I’d like you to accompany the away team. Is that gravotational vortex, or anything in the hull of that object, going to give us any difficulty using transporters?”

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    Commander Razix speaks up “There should be no problem getting transported to the outer areas as the … I want to say cargo bays… are open to space. But transporting deeper inside may pose unforeseen problems. Nexim can verify that if you’d like. Our shuttle craft can easily land inside those bays as well and all our systems can easily compensate for the gravitational pull.”

    Razix notices how the captain slumps one shoulder unconsciously, and understands how he wishes he could go. However, this would be a good chance for me to play captain for a few hours…

    “If you’d like to lead the away team captain and control the team from the first hand view, I haven’t found anything in the scans that show any obvious danger to you or the away team. I’m sure this will require as much engineering knowledge as security at this point anyway…”


    OOC: Away team, I would like to be sure you annotate everything touched, inspected and toyed with please. Everything should be new to our characters and who knows what curiosity can lead to


    Brick Andreasen

    In response to the Captain’s question, Nexim grinned. “No, sir, even though the old gal’s giving us a hard time, she can handle that pull just fine so long as you don’t try to drive her through that tiny black hole. I’ll get my things together for the away mission.”
    “As for transporters, Razix is right: those open spaces are our best bet for beaming or shuttles. It may be hard to keep a lock on us through whatever is making up the hull of that thing, what with it resisting standard sensor sweeps.”

    On the bridge, Ets’ona grinned at McGregor as she walked toward the turbolift with the rest of the away team and an Ensign slid into helm to replace her.
    “You never know, Nexim; Mr. Haimich may consider the black hole an enemy and find our phasers ineffective against it. His only recourse in defense of the Federation would be to ram it while detonating the Warp core. A noble sacrifice, of course; worthy of a song of at least two stanzas.”

    Nexim grunted through the comms. “You’d think it would kill the designers of these buckets of bolts to install a torpedo tube or two? You could sneeze at these phaser banks and they’d go offline. See you soon; I have a team prepping the EV Suits on Deck 4.”

    Ets’ona, still grinning, glanced sidelong at Haimich. “I’ll meet you there, Commander. I need to stop off at Deck 3 for some…personal effects.”


    Kudos Das

    Kohvarr inclined his head towards the cartographer. “I believe I do still require a few more hours in an EV suit to stay certified. Assuming there are no objections, you have the bridge commander. Away Team, meet me in Shuttle Bay 1. I want to see this thing up close with my own eyes.”

    OOC: Since we don’t currently have an XO, is Razix technically filling in the role, even temporarily, given his seniority? Or are we just going with him being a cartographic specialist on this mission?


    Razik has a rank that puts him in a leadership role, he’s a bureaucrat and a Veteran with command 2. If you so chose, you could put him in command of the ship. If you feel the situation requires a more specialist role in the position you can assign the position to another as the cartographer is a temporary crewman.

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