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    Upon entering the shuttle bay, the away team finds 4 enlisted and 1 officer rearranging and prepping the type 8 shuttlecraft USS Revenant 3C for departure. Prechecks are done, she’s powered up and ready to go. The EV suit await the team on hangers inside the shuttle and the enlisted help everyone ensure they are fitted correctly as mistakes occur and some seals are easier than others.

    “Razik to Capt Kohvarr, the away team is clear for departure when ready. We will maintain coms as long as possible and 1 teleporter array is locked onto the shuttle’s pad in case of emergency. Any other instructions sir? Questions from anyone else?”


    Kudos Das

    “Kohvarr here. Just keep your eyes on us as best you can, Razik, and let us know if anything out here changes.” He gave the enlisted crew member assisting him a thumbs up as the wrist mounted display on his EV suit turned green indicating the self diagnostic has successfully completed itself without detecting any issues. “Depending on what conditions are like on the inside, with any luck we might be able boost our comm signals through the shuttle and keep you appraised of our progress. The away team will check in every sixty minutes once we’re aboard. If we miss a check in by more than fifteen minutes assume we’ve run into some sort of trouble. Command is yours, Kohvarr out.”


    Brick Andreasen

    Ets’onna settled into the shuttlecraft’s pilot chair, feeling the EV suit’s embrace on her body, the phaser and tricorder on her hip, and her family’s sheathed mek’leth settled into the small of her back for easy drawing. She tapped a few keys, then nodded gratefully to the crewmen who had prepped the shuttle.
    “All systems nominal, Captian,” she said. “Shuttle Revenant is ready for departure on your order.”

    “This’ll be great,” Nexim muttered to Haimich, sarcasm lightly peppering his words. “I finally get a break from our old ship, only to go walk around an exponentially older piece of alien technology. I’ll bet you my next replicator ration that one of us falls through a rusty floor as soon as we get in there.”
    Despite his grouchy words, Nexim couldn’t help but feel a thrill of excitement rush up his spine. He’d left his home and burned bridges with his family to experience and tinker with fascinating new technologies. Federation tech was old news to him after so many years in Starfleet, but this… This was thrilling.


    Haimich grunts his response, and Kohvarr simply says “Let’s go.” (Player’s can edit this in their next posts…)

    The shuttle purrs quietly as she moves toward the shuttle bay’s shield and exits into the black. Lt Ets’ona makes it an easy ride toward the massive structure. No seams can be found on the structure, but there is occasional evidence of a form of power conduit being piped from one box to another. What appears to be windows can be seen, however, everything inside the structure is black out and all light directed at the windows is simply reflected back at the shuttle.

    Pilot check near the structure TN3, Control + Conn and for the ship Computer + Conn.
    What’s everyone else doing while the shuttle is in transit? Make your rolls freely when you need to. If the TN is abnormal, i’ll let you know.


    Brick Andreasen

    Ets’ona’s fingers danced across the LCARS as she steered the shuttle out of the Prelude‘s bay and toward the structure.
    “Shuttle Revenant to Prelude, we are clear of the shuttlebay, and on course to the object.”

    Razik’s voice buzzed in her helmet. “Acknowledged, Revenant. Safe flying.”

    She kept her mind off any conversation behind her, focusing on keeping the structure in sight and keeping an eye out for anything that might pose a danger to the flight.
    “Approaching nearest aperture on the structure. 500 meters to target. 400… 300…”

    Ooc: I’ll use a Momentum for an extra d20, bringing our pool down to 5. For the Type 8 Shuttle, I’m using the stats from the Command Division rulebook, page 70.
    PC Roll: 2 (Helm Operations focus crit), 20, 10 = 3 successes, 1 complication
    Shuttle Roll: 13 = 0 successes.
    Total = 3 successes, 1 complication

    Ooc: I should have listened to my gut and bought the d20 with threat instead of momentum, so that I could have re-rolled that complication with Bold. At least I hit the TN, though. Oh well, it wouldn’t be Star Trek without some good old-fashioned shuttle problems!


    I had already intended to spend threat here anyway, so your good. However you are now in the same predicament my kids are in…

    The flight was going smooth until a gravion wave slipped inside the helms sensors causing a slight jerk to the craft and crew. Unfortunately that jerk was enough of a bump for even the most experienced helmsman to slam the hands down to brace… oops, wrong button.. and the shuttle is now moving straight at the station at speed facing perpendicular to the laid in course. Your successes have you nicely lined up for a bay entrance, but how quick will you be to make your decision and fix/correct the issue? Control + conn with disadvantaged as I’m spending 2 threat.

    Science officer, if you are using a terminal to scan it loses power at this point. Actions?


    Brick Andreasen

    The Revenant lurched sideways, setting off blaring alarms and causing Ets’ona to reach out and steady herself, accidentally spinning the shuttle 90 degrees.

    “Graviton wave!” she called out, readjusting herself. “Course and speed constant, but we’re all turned around, attempting to compensate. Casperria, it would be to our advantage if we knew about any more of those waiting for us up ahead!”

    Her fingers flew over the LCARS, her eyes darted back and forth, and she gritted her teeth in a fearsome Klingon grimace as she attempted to fire thrusters to rotate the shuttle back to its correct facing in time to avoid a crash into the bay, while decreasing the velocity.

    Ooc: Alright, now I’m buying an extra d20 with threat. I want that Bold reroll, or else we all could be in trouble. Question for Dutrax: by “disadvantaged,” do you mean you’re increasing the complication range, or just the difficulty of the check?
    PC Roll: 11, 13, 12 = 3 successes
    Shuttle Roll: 6 = 1 success
    Total = 4 successes


    Sorry, I thin this system uses advantages different than what I know… please explain them in the other thread, thanks

    Edit: I think my intention is to cancel out some of your successes.



    Haimich rolled his eyes good naturedly at the Denobulan engineer’s grumbles, but busied himself distributing phaser rifles to the security team, and kept the last one for himself. As he stood in their midst, he and the team reviewed search protocols, and tested their helmet comms. The shuttle’s sudden lurch threw him off his feet, and he scrambled to grab one of the ceiling mounted handles befire realizing this was just a shuttle, and the handles didn’t exist. His scrambling did, however, procure him a handhold as he grasped the edge of the bulkhead, and he managed to avoid being thrown into anyone’s lap.

    “Hey, watch it up there! I almost stunned poor Shields over here!” he said, gesturing to the greenest security Specialist, who was turning decidedly green for a human. “Don’t worry, lad, I’ve not seen anyone as handy with a ship or a shuttle as that lass in the pilot seat. She could run circles around a photon torpedo, so that gravimetric disturbance won’t cause her but a moment’s concern.”

    He finished, and the shuttle shuddered as the inertial dampeners struggled to compensate for Ets’ona’s maneuvering. “Perhaps I should take a seat nonetheless, just to be safe.” he said, and dropped into the empty seat left for him.

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    Kudos Das

    Azraelia stifled a cry as she was thrown abruptly forward into the science console before being roughly slammed back hard into her seat.

    “Your telling me!” she replied through gritted teeth more sharply than intended, “Attempting to adjust sensors…”

    Her eyes darted quickly between the various screen that mere seconds ago had been streaming the plethora of data form the shuttle’s sensors. Now here entire station had gone dark. Her fingers danced across the LCAR attempting to elicit a response of any kind. “My station’s gone dark, I’m blind here…”

    Kohvarr, having been standing behind the two lieutenants staring out the front windows when the gravitation wave had hit, moved automatically once he regained his balance to the paneling covering the science console, removing it with practiced swiftness. “Just keep us steady Lieutenant!”

    OCC: We’ll go with Kohvarr attempting to diagnosis/fix the problem, assisted by Casperria. Going to buy an extra die here with momentum…

    Roll : 3, 6, 3 = 3 successes from Kohvar with Reason + Engineering (?) plus two critical successes if his focuses of Computers or Electro-Plasma Power Systems apply. If the group is okay with it, I can spend two momentum if this was a success in fixing the tech to give us an advantage with the sensors with Industious Mind.

    Roll: 10 = 1 Sucess from Casperria assisting with Reason + Science (?)

    Right, won’t be able to post again until tomorrow night so just NPC/roll for Kohvarr and Casperria as needed in the mean time.


    With less than 300 meters to the target Kohvar is able to remove a small panel, see the damaged relay (same break that Nexim has been fixing on the Prelude), and jump back in his seat to brace for impact. 4 successes, power system isn’t involved, and she was unable to help.

    Ets’ona is able to straighten out the shuttle, but the computer feels like it’s lagging massively. She is barely able to raise the nose enough to save the hull from impacting the side of the station, but the landing struts aren’t so lucky. As the struts are now free floating in space, their impact was enough to slow the shuttle to stop near the center of the bay in an upright position.

    If your character was not strapped in, Fitness + Security TN 2 to prevent taking damage, 2 challenge dice. 1 effect is stun, 2 effects is unconscious.

    Ets’ona, Haimich, Kohvar, and Azraelia are the only crew on the ship, right? Currently at 3 momentum.

    Editted: and Nexim… How many security crew would Haimich take with him? I’ll upload some NPC’s to the drive.


    Brick Andreasen

    Ooc: It looks like the current crew on the shuttle are: Kohvar, Azraelia, Ets’ona, Nexim, Haimich, and the security team. The rest of the crew is back on the Prelude with Razix as acting captain.

    Ets’ona PC Roll to avoid damage: 1 (crit), 14 = 3 successes
    Nexim PC Roll to avoid damage: 4, 6 = 2 successes

    “Brace yourselves!” barked Ets’ona, “This will be a violent landing!”

    The proximity alerts blared out in protest as the oval-shaped opening rushed closer and bigger, like some massive maw waiting to swallow the shuttle.

    “Warning, collision course detected,” stated the matter-of-fact computer voice.

    “You think?!” yelled Nexim as he gripped his seat.

    The impact jerked them forward once, twice, as the shuttle slammed into the ancient metal, then grinded to a halt against the floor of the bay.

    “Not your finest landing,” grumbled Nexim.

    “We are alive, are we not?” replied Ets’ona.


    OOC: The captain succeeds his rolls with 1 momentum (5,7,11) with a focus in survival (adrenaline rush made things feel like they were slower than reality for a split second)- used his momentum for this. Ets’ona had a TN 1 for injury because of never leaving her seat gaining 2 momentum and Nexim is just amazed he and most crew are unhurt… especially the captain who had been playing engineer milliseconds before the crash… and whom is still holding the panel he removed… waiting on Haimich for his info… Azraelia is shaken, but otherwise fine with 1 success and a near complication TN 1 (19,8) .. I rolled for these Kudos so you would know how to start your next response. Hope this helps with your story and creates a better game play experience for all.

    Alert warnings are blaring and we need TN 1 checks for the security team. I’ll leave those to Haimich as he will be responsible for overseeing them anyway. The only current console with power is helm and transporter.

    “Razik to away team! Status update! your out of physical sight and need an update. We still have a lock and can transport on your say. I have a team getting the second shuttle craft ready for salvage operations and a worker bee will be helping them. Is there anything they need to know that may have facilitated the accident?”



    OOC: Haimich succeeds his rolls, (2,8) and the security team (there are 4 of them, so that they form a separate search team) roll 8,15 against their group 14, giving them their one necessary success.

    Haimich is sprawled like a starfish on the floor of the shuttle, quietly singing an irish funeral dirge “Tig an Geimhreadh dian dubh, gearra lena géire ach ar lá le Bríghde… Wait, are we alive? Security check!” As Haimich stands up, miraculously unhurt, the security team sounds off, also unhurt. He taps his combadge.

    =^=”McGregor to Prelude. The shuttle is down, but we’re all fine so far. Please warn the pilot of the next shuttle that the Gravimetric interference is stronger than expected, and to keep a sharp eye out for errant gravimetric waves.” he pauses, and looks down at his phaser rifle. “Have the security team stow all weapons until they touchdown, as well. Better safe than sorry.”=^=

    He dusts himself off, and gestures toward the shuttle hatch like a game show host. “Shall we see what’s behind door number one?”

    That’s the link to the Security team. Not sure if you have access to that folder on your end.

    The security team opens the exit to enter a zero G environment with minimal light. The Prelude cannot be seen until any crewman are near the bay opening to the outside. Looking around the bay, it’s completely empty. No boxes, no consoles, and no seams on the walls. There are no obvious doors to close the bay off from the outside either. However, there does appear to be a way into the station itself at the back of the bay. An inset panel 7′ x 7′ with curved corners is one option of 2 to explore this station.

    Razik: “Roger McGregor, we’ll be listening for updates. Prelude out”

    “Computer, I need to see all personnel files concerning people on board with emergency management, salvage operations, shuttlecraft repair and ancient technology/studies of any kind. I want to know what we are looking at. Helm, get us a better scan of the path the shuttlecraft took. I don’t want that to happen again. She’s an experienced pilot, that shouldn’t have happened.”

    Scanning through the files compiled by the crew, the Commander finds several names. Most he sends simple instructions to trusting them to know what they are doing better than he, but…

    “Razik to Lt Teppolt. Report to the bridge for a change of assignment.”

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