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    Message From Admiral Carrington to Captain Teele Jiyo of the U.S.S. Seraphiel NCC-37073

    Teele –
    Congratulations on getting the Seraphiel! I am delighted to see you headed for the frontiers of known space. YOu’ve been forwarded a Starfleet Intelligence Report about known operatives in the Shackleton Expanse, and from a quick look (privileges of an Admiral), it seems you’ll want to keep your head on a swivel. But I can’t think of a finer Captain to take her new ship and crew to face this challenge.
    -Admiral Charles Carrington

    Crew of the U.S.S. Seraphiel

    Captain: Captain Teele Jiyo
    Executive Officer: Commander Karidian Wren
    Flight Controller: Lt. (j.g.) Keval ch’Shran
    Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Simora (Commander)
    Chief Engineer: Lt Commander Azrael Lahl (GM Character)

    Captain Weston Barick (GM Character)

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    Why did I get this message? It was even addressed to me? Intercepted message perhaps? Haha



    Thanks, I admit I cribbed the format of y’all’s opening post, obviously with a little copy paste. Fixed now!



    “Personal Log, Captain Weston Barick, stardate 47127.6.

    The Seraphiel is about to set course for Starbase 364, locally known as Narendra station. A delay in Captain Jiyo’s transfer has left me in command of the Seraphiel until Starfleet can release her from her previous duties, and I face the proposition of command of this little ship with an eagerness that surprises me. I thought I had made my peace with command of Starbase 371 rather than my own ship, but when Cholly Carrington asked me to do him a favor and take command of the Seraphiel for the interim, I couldn’t say no. Besides, I still owe him one, ever since the incident on the U.S.S. Vecna.
    But being in command of my own ship has reminded me of my dreams when I left the academy; to seek out new life, and to go out boldly into the unknown. And this brief detour into the Shackleton expanse is the perfect opportunity to see if maybe it isn’t too late to change my mind, and request a ship of my own.”
    Weston tapped the button on his desk that stopped the recording. He looked around the room, and considered his position. Though the decorations were tastefully sparse, the ready room he sat in wasn’t decorated for him. It was reminiscent of his childhood on Betazed, and brought back a little of the sense he’d had then, of being welcome, but still an outsider. That was, he reflected, true of his whole situation on this ship. A whole crew, assembled well, but not for him. A beautiful ship he commanded, but not for long. He sighed. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d made the best of a bad situation, there had been that time on Magnus III when he’d been pinned down by insurgents, and…
    His thoughts were interrupted by the chirrup of his comm badge. He tapped it. “Barick here”
    The rich baritone of his transporter chief filled the room. “Captain, Cmdr. Wren is just beaming aboard. You asked to be notified?”
    “Yes, thank you, chief. Ask her to stop by my ready room at her convenience. Barick out.”

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    Karidian Wren

    The transporter room shimmered into view in front of Cmdr. Karidian Wren as she beamed aboard the USS Seraphiel.

    The transporter chief stood at attention beside the transporter console. He looked boyish with his brown hair slightly tousled. “Welcome aboard, Cmdr. Wren,” he said saluting. His rich baritone seemed at odds with his boyish looks. Wren looked a little more closely and could see the fine wrinkles and few threads of grey hair that showed he was much older than he initially.

    “Thank you, Chief,” Wren said. “At ease.” Then she smiled at him and added, “It’s nice to be on the Seraphiel.”

    The Chief stood easy and patted his hair a little nervously. It stubbornly sprung up again, just as unruly as before.”

    “What’s your name?” Wren asked, eager to get to know everyone she would be serving with.

    “Christopher Milne.”

    “A pleasure to meet you,” Wren replied, nodding her blue antenna-less head happily. “Karidian Wren, she returned.

    Milne looked at her like he already knew. She knew he did, but she liked in person introductions. She made a lot of effort to see each crew member as an individual person, not just a cog in the running of the ship. This crew was her new family and she intended to start out right. “I’m looking forward to serving with you,” she said.

    “Thank you, Commander,” Milne replied. “The Captain would like to see you, at your convenience.”

    “Thank you, Chief. You have the coordinates to beam up my belongings?”

    “Yes, Commander.”

    “Great. Just send them directly to my quarters. I’ll unpack later.”

    She strode confidently out the doors and said, “Computer, please give me directions to the Captain’s ready room.”


    Wren waited outside the Captain’s ready room, trying not to appear worried. The captain she served with would make a huge difference to her career and her happiness. She was equal parts excited and nervous.

    When the command came to enter, she stepped confidently through the door. “Cmdr. Karidian Wren reporting for duty, Captain.” She said, standing to attention and snapping a crisp salute.



    “Ah, Cmdr Wren, thanks for being so prompt.” The 6’2″ man stood up to greet her. He was in his mid 50’s, fit and with a full head of salt and pepper hair, cut short. He stretched across the desk, and shook Karidian’s hand. “I’m Captain Weston Garick. I imagine you’ll have a lot of questions, so grab a seat, and I’ll try to knock a few of them out in one go.” He gestured to the seats, and sat back down himself.

    “First off, I know I’m not who you were expecting, and don’t worry, hopefully I’m the only surprise on this tour. Captain Jiyo was unavoidably detained. I’m not at liberty to reveal why. This is still her command, but in the meantime I’m her stand-in. I assure you I have enough experience to cover for her, but I’ll expect you to pull your weight as my XO. This is your first posting as Executive Officer, yes?”

    Karidian took a seat and listened to what her new captain had to say. When it was her turn to speak, she said: “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Captain. I admit it’s a surprise to see you here instead of Captain Jiyo, but of course it makes no difference to my duty here. I will serve as your executive officer to the best of my ability. And you’re right, this is my first posting as Executive Officer.

    Captain Barick nodded. “Excellent. It means you won’t be carrying any bad habits over from a previous posting. Since the Seraphiel is fresh off her shakedown cruise, you’ve got my blessing to organize things however you like, duty-roster-wise. Please do not hesitate to bring any questions you have to me, and my ready room door is always open.” He paused, and then sighed. “Our orders remain to explore the space around Starbase 364, known on our charts as the Shackleton expanse. It’s a long term exploration mission, and we need to be prepared for anything, as not a single long range probe has returned from the expanse. Have you read the reports about the Shackleton expanse, Cmdr?”

    “Thank you, Captain,” Wren said. “I’m afraid I don’t know much about the Shackleton expanse. My previous posting wasn’t very science based so all I really know is the more popular scuttlebutt. There are a lot of rumours, some more far fetched than others.”

    She paused and looked around the room, wondering if the sparse decoration indicated that Barick wasn’t planning to stay long or if it was just that he was a very private man. After her brief pause she added, “has the rest of your command staff been briefed, sir? Am I the last to arrive?”

    “Hmm, I’ll forward you the report I received from Starfleet Intelligence, then. There’s not much to it, honestly, but it’ll at least give you an idea what to expect.” He noted her inspection of the ready room, but answered her spoken question first. ” You’re /nearly/ the last. We’re still waiting for out Flight Control Officer and our Chief Medical Officer. Once they arrive, I’ll call a meeting, and brief the rest of the senior staff.” He smiled. “There have to be SOME advantages to First Officer, after all.”
    He stood, and gestured that he would walk Karidian to the door. “You should have a few hours to settle in and review that report before the meeting. That might give me some time to make a few changes to the decor in here; it is NOT to my taste. Captain Jiyo will just have to forgive me my presumption at redecorating.”
    As they reach the door, he once again reaches out to shake her hand. “I’m looking forward to working with you, Cmdr Wren.”

    “Thank you,Captain. The report sounds interesting. I’ll be sure to read it thoroughly before the briefing,” Wren said as she stood. “And I’m really looking forward to working with you too, sir.” She continued as she shook his hand. “Happy decorating. I’ll be doing the same with my quarters. If you need anything from me before the briefing…” she paused and felt awkward for a moment. Their exchange has been so pleasant she almost fell into civilian forms of conversation – offering help if he needed it. If he needed help, he’d tell her. He was her superior officer after all. “…well, you know where to find me.” She sort of chuckled. On the ship her whereabouts would never be a mystery. “Otherwise, I’ll see you at the briefing of the senior staff.” She hoped he would dismiss her quickly so she could stop feeling like the deck would open up and swallow her whole.

    The door whooshed open.”Excellent. Dismissed.” Taking no note of her discomfort, he smiled at her again, and turned to move back behind the desk.

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