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    Deep Space Nine has always been my favorite. No question. I loved the characters, and they seemed more real. Less like exaggerations of people, which I think TNG and VOY were full of. Everyone on TNG just seemed too morally upstanding. Real people aren’t like that. They’re dark and twisty, and DS9 always seemed to be gritty in a real kind of way. Plus, how could you go wrong with Quark’s? Guinan is great, but Quark’s is my kind of dive.

    If I could have changed just one thing about DS9, it would have been changing Ezri to a boy instead of a girl. I just think it would’ve created a more dynamic and interesting scene, with the possibility of more LGBT representation. Plus I think it would have been funny to see a young, thin, man leaping into the arms of a surprised Worf.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Voyager. I could never take the pilot seriously, because why couldn’t they just put timed detonations on the Caretaker’s station, go through, then the detonations would go off. Simple. Logical. Makes Sense. Aside from that though, I loved the stories about relationships and family that VOY expressed.

    How do you guys feel? What would you have done differently?


    Tony Pi

    I really liked DS9 better when I binged the episodes back-to-back. The epic scope was quite evident. Same with Enterprise.

    If I were to change some things with DS9, one would have been seeing more Romulan involvement with the Defiant cloaking device when they first got it. T’Rul was a great addition but then they never brought her back.

    Enterprise could have had a unifying storyline like Season 3 earlier.



    Wow, this is a tossed glove theme I suspect, so let’s try to pick it up and expose myself, here is my Top chart:

    Extra place: TOS (because this is where it all begins, because Spock, because the very first beautiful Enterprise, because…)

    And now to the real stuff:

    1st place: VOY (despite the all ups and downs it was always thrilling to watch and also re-watch how they would not fall apart, and let’s be honest here, anyone who have not loved at least for a second Seven of Nine, especially when she started to become Anika Hansen and re-explored the human emotions, anyone ?)
    2nd place: DS9 (well, technically I agree with some folks that this is not the star-ship-against-all-odds space Hornblower / Master & Commander scheme, so it should not count, but these are the series that actually glued all the lore into one big living world we all love. And on top of that, where would Federation be without badass squad like Sisco’s ? And where the rest of us would be without Garak ?)
    3rd place: TNG (because Picard versus anyone. Best Jean-Luc in the known Galaxy.)

    I have never watched the Animation series, so I can not speak of those. And probably I should restrain myself commenting Enterprise and Discovery…


    Mark Compton

    It is so hard to decide, however I have to go with TOS, just because it showed us that original vision of a future where humanity works together and is not so divided.

    TNG Took that to a whole new level and I just love Sci-Fi where is is not dystopian, it just irks me.

    DS9 did a great job of presenting how aliens could be perceived as God’s and worshiped as such, and I loved that aspect.

    VOY Took us back to this whole idea of one ship, out there on it’s own, no contact with the fleet (HArkens back to TOS) However I hate how they neutered the Borg. Before Voyager, the Borg were a legitimate threat. After Voyager they were a joke.

    ENT had its moments, but the temporal cold war was just a bit much, ALSO, I think it sets an alternate timeline because it changes the date of First Contact with the Klingons (As Stated in Babal).

    DIS Can go die in a fire.



    I’m all about VOY. Just too good.


    Mephit James

    How do people approach the animated series and the novels? There’s a nice, robust wiki for Star Trek Online and since it’s a game nothing is set in stone, but what about players who are all about the Memory Beta “canon” and want that to be followed as well?

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