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    I have an idea for an adventure I would like to run by some players. My daughter and her friend are currently playing this adventure on table top and living it. I am curious to find out whom among this site would be interested in participating in a play by play to help revise my ideas or just enjoy the ride.


    Kudos Das

    Hi Mike,

    I’d be more than happy to help out a fellow GM, whether it be discussing potential ideas for an adventure or actually rolling some dice and working through potential scenes and scenarios.


    – Kudos


    Captain’s Log, star date 52401.4.

    Admiral Hebert has given the crew of the USS Prelude the mission to gather information of any type relating to the edge of federated space and the unknown border. Cartography, mineral wealth, life forms and threats are the big 4 we are searching for. Because this is a scouting/cartography mission we have authorization to cross our current border if the need warrants it. Any and all anomalies must be logged as anything could have unforeseen repercussions.

    This is planned to be a long-term venture with a smaller crew. We will have scheduled rendezvous with various vessels sent from Narendra station for resupply and requested resources/parts.


    I appreciate that. I am quite new to this system and my current GM has shown complete disdain towards the system so I have no real idea how to run a game like this. I am still watching youtube videos, but they can be hard to understand without a book. There are some aspects of the game I don’t really know yet. I understand how to use momentum and skill use, but experience and ship battles are an unknown. The idea listed above is an idea I created for my kids so I would love to see how it will play out with experienced role players. I have a ship created and if no one chooses to command the ship I have supplemental crew/officers as well.


    Kudos Das

    I think we’re roughly at the same level of experience with the system. Youtube, in the form of Geek and Sundry’s Shield of Tomorrow campaign, was also how I got convinced to pull the trigger and give STA a try. I’ve also only run one session (using the quick-start rules no less) so I don’t have first hand experience with many aspects system so far, and the core book is the only one I presently own. I’m in the process of putting both a group and a campaign together, so fingers crossed I’ll get some more first hand experience running the game here soon.

    Based on the Stardate above, it looks like you’re setting the campaign near, or just after, the end of the Dominon War. I like that idea as it gives you plenty of wiggle room regarding established cannon while still giving you lots of established events to draw ideas from and reference. Tons of ideas to mine there for both the players and potential NPCs.

    What type of starship are you thinking about using for the players’ ship? I have a particular fondness for the Nova-class, but that’s just me. Scheduled rendezvous/overhauls also leaves plenty of space to work with for adventure ideas and introducing new NPCs or players, as well as reminding the players that while they may be on the edge of Federation space they’re still a part of a much larger whole and are representing both Starfleet and the Federation at all times.

    Given that you’ve mentioned Narendra Station, are you planning on using any of the Living Campaign missions?

    As for the Play by Play (Play by Post?), how are you seeing that running? Do you just want to toss out some pre-made characters and have folks run through certain adventures/scenarios, or are you wanting a few of us to come up with our own characters and just put us through the same adventure ideas you have for your kids’ campaign? Or, did you have something totally different in mind?


    Make your own characters. I threw Narendra station in there as a reference point, but I was planning my adventure around 2410. I don’t know much canon and I don’t know regulations pertaining to crossing borders into unknown space, but I can make inferences. I have an Oberth class starship that’s being decommissioned after this voyage so that if I can get a following that likes my adventures, they will get to start on a prototype next adventure. I would like to get Michael in on this to see if it’s something he would like to publish. If not, it’s his choice.

    I’ve been reading and keeping up on the Bucephalus play by play and am liking how that is run. I like his group’s characters too. I don’t know when they are playing in the timeline though, and that makes imagining the scenes more freestyle, so not bad. The biggest flaw with play by play here is life always gets in the way. So replies can take some time to get back to the group. There is already a dice roller attached to the site and no, you don’t have to use it. Honor system. I run my adventures based off what the characters backgrounds are. I could easily turn this into a first contact mission just as much as a trap/sabotage mission. Right now it’s the most boring of all… Survey. By the way, the trip from Narendra to the border by my limited guestimation would be close to 3 months at warp 7, so expect a lot of either down time or skip this part… stuff.


    Kudos Das

    Sounds good Mike, STO time period it is!

    As for things lagging due to life, I hear you there. In the past when I’ve run games in similar play by post formats I’ve established a certain time frame, usually 2-3 days, for players to post a response in. If they’re unable to post within that time, for whatever reason, the GM makes a decision as to player actions or just considers the scene ended and moves the story along, filling in any necessary details as required. Not necessary, but I’ve found it does help to keep people interested and checking the thread on a more frequent basis.

    As for characters, I’ll gladly call captain if you’ve got no one else in mind.


    Brick Andreasen

    I would be interested in playing; not as captain, though. I would stress out too much about critical decisions, but I can follow orders just fine.

    I also understand most of the rules (except for extended tasks, which still tend to elude me), so I would be able to help out as well. I’ve been running a one-on-one game with my wife for the better part of a year now, and we’ve both thoroughly enjoyed the game.

    I’ve never played in a play-by-post game before, but I’m intrigued by the prospect.


    I will accept any help I can get. I have the ship created, but i dont know how to put a link to my file here. I like that 3 day rule. And sto is odyssey?


    Brick Andreasen

    STO is short for Star Trek Online, the MMO, which has an Odyssey-Class starship (USS Enterprise-F) as the Federation’s flagship. It’s set in 2409-2410. Despite most of them being replaced by the Nova Class, I think that they still have an Oberth or two in service around that time, so it fits.

    As for the link to the file, I’m not sure, but I can guess. I would suspect that you’d need to upload it somewhere (like Google Drive, or Dropbox), make sure its sharing settings allow others to see it, and then put the link here in the chat; I could be wrong, though.


    I figure lets just get this started. Anyone can join when ever. That is an advantage of having a small crew and scheduled rendezvous points. It’s under “Star Trek: Prelude” I could name it “The Final Voyage” but eh, could go civilian with this ship. We will figure things out as we go and we have access to veteran game masters and writers here to ask questions. Right now I have me and 2 others interested.

    Thanks for the interest. Feel free to use this post for gameplay questions and the other for in game stuff.


    Brick Andreasen

    As far as characters go, I have a couple of ideas for my character, and I’d like your feedback/approval on which to use, Dutrax.

    The first is a Klingon Helmswoman, taking the Flight Controller position on the bridge. During one of the Klingons’ civil wars, her whole house was wiped out when she was a teenager, but she was rescued by a Federation officer who adopted her and raised her. Sheis a bit different from Worf, as her knowledge of Klingon culture is first-hand, not all book-learned; also, she has learned a lot of lessons about restraint and truly honorable conduct (not just the violent kind) from her time in Starfleet academy. While she is mostly a pilot, she is still a warrior Klingon, and has her family’s mek’leth and can throw down with the best of them on an away team or if the ship gets boarded. I did a full write-up of her here as a thought exercise:

    The other idea is that of a Denobulan Engineer or Security officer (not sure which just yet), who is getting on in years and has maybe rubbed a few people in the admiralty the wrong way to get assigned to an old ship on its last voyage. He’d be friendly enough with the crew (as Denobulans are very social-minded people), but always griping about failing systems or the lack of weapons on an Oberth Class.

    What do you think?


    I think her ship could have been destroyed in the second dominion war (2393) and she gets adopted into the ds9 ranks that way and into Starfleet academy that way. She would also be a pretty reasonable age for a lieutenant in 2410. I love this chcaracter write up, but personally I would like to see both characters played. We dont have enough players right now to truly start the game, but I really like the way you do your write ups.


    Brick Andreasen

    Thanks! I would be happy to play both characters; I do that as a GM on a regular basis, anyway 😀

    I don’t have a write-up for the Denobulan yet, but I will start working on it.


    I guess reddit is a good enough platform to put documentation and character stuff for all to see. When I get access to my laptop, I’ll put some extra crew and the ship sheet there for the gamers to see.

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