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    If you’re still looking for players, I’d be enthused as all heck to get on board. My players are taking their sweet time getting into play mode, and I’m just itching to take this system for a spin.


    I will turn NO ONE away. I don’t care if I wind up with 20 players. The highest ranking member in the specified profession becomes the section chief or may wind up with a B-Billet. (Safety, Diplomatic Attaché, etc…) I can incorporate almost anything into this. Let’s see where this leads.

    Let us know if anyone has a way we can post our ships stats (or crew when necessary) so everyone can use the ships computers/sensors please.


    Kudos Das

    Along the lines with what Brick was thinking, my current idea for captain is an exomale Jelna who’s staring down his 60th birthday. He’s well aware that several great captains, including Picard, accomplished some of their greatest exploits in their 60s and beyond, but with his ship about to be retired he’s also thinking that this may be his last voyage as well. He’s been in Starfleet for 42 years, and still has a desire to settle down with his mate and have a family (which is still a possibility given his age, at least for a few more years). While he’s seen many truly amazing and wondrous things in his career, he’s also been no stranger to the hardships of exploration, space travel, and war, and has certainly lost more than a few friends and fellow crew members and colleagues along the way.

    Along those lines, I’m considering having him been been aboard the USS Enterprise-D as a fourth year cadet on a training assignment at the time the Enterprise was destroyed. Having been involved, albeit to a very small degree, in the loss of Starfleet’s flagship had a profound effect on him. It solidified his desire to help keep Starfleet’s ships in the sky, and their crews out of the ground, or the cold black nothingness of space.

    Following graduation he served for almost twenty years as a part of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. He found that he had just as much passion for trying to keep old tech working and overcoming its inherent design flaws and inefficiencies as he did “playing with the new toys”. Because of this the further he got in his career the more he preferred to be posted to older vessels where he felt his inherent technical and engineer acumen and accumulated experience could do the most good. He eventually found himself as Chief Engineer aboard the players’ ship, only leaving the role for the command track at the strong and consistent urging of the former captain when the then First Officer eventually accepted their own command.

    I figure he’s been captain of the ship for just over decade by now, and while he’s certainly an explorer he believes that his greatest exploit has been keeping the PCs’ ship in the sky as long as it has, and getting the vast majority of her crew back home in one piece at the end of the day.

    Let me know, Dutrax, if anything above doesn’t fit with what you had in mind and I’ll tweak it accordingly. If you’re fine with what’s above let me know and shoot me the name of the players’ ship. I’ve got a personal log entry in mind to kick things off and properly introduce the character.

    Oh, and I’m also thinking that with his own parents in Starfleet that he spent a fair bit of time growing up on Earth even before his time at Starfleet Academy, and as such has a fondness for “Earthism”.


    I have a short mission log from “a captain” in the play by play section under “USS Prelude.” As for what may or may not happen, I like the concept and it fits surprisingly well with what I have in mind for the mission. I can’t go into too much detail, but I may have a new path for him to follow at the end…. if he survives… ;-P


    Kudos Das

    Ha ha, that’s always the case with PCs, eh? You have whole story arcs planned out and then they fail a critical role trying to save some no name NPC from a runaway apple cart.

    Glad you like the concept, I’ll go ahead and post up the official character sheet tomorrow. Do you want us posting character sheets here, or did you have somewhere else in mind you like them posted or sent?

    Also, my bad, I didn’t realize from your earlier posts that Prelude was also going to be the name of the ship as we all the title of the “series”. That is unless it’s late and my brain has just decided to stop working correctly…again…


    I started this adventure with my daughter, but she hasn’t gotten to the dangerous parts yet, however, her and her crew are having a hard time at parts…. like piloting a simple shuttle mission and crit failing on multiple checks… add a threat and the situation becomes a fun little laugh to help the game play.

    If you know how to post your character here, let us know how. I am still trying to figure that out, but I don’t think I have the files I need on this computer, … I don’t work tomorrow so I should be able to play around with the site some.


    Brick Andreasen

    In the event that Dutrax wanted me to play two characters, I built a Denobulan chief engineer for the ship. I put the build here:

    He grew up on an agricultural frontier colony where everything was always breaking down, giving him plenty of chances to learn how technology works, and developing his grumpy, stubborn attitude. He had a long career in Starfleet, and maybe even went through a few wars. However, while working on some new technology, he got into an argument with an Admiral. Though he wasn’t demoted, he was punished in the form of being reassigned to the Prelude–a really old ship out on the furthest borders of Federation Space (probably filling the vacancy left when Kudos Das’ character was promoted to Captain).


    So we have an engineer, flight controller(conn),security and a captain. I would prefer to have more for this particular mission. It is acceptable for bridge officers to play lower ranking officers/enlisted that are assigned to away team missions as Bridge crews are rarely supposed to leave, especially captains… curiosity aside.

    Security, science and medical crews are a pleasure to have here. Anyone have other friends who have an interest? I can also use my betazoid security officer if no one wants that role.

    Feel free to play multiple characters. If someone new wants to join and has a similar character, it will be at your discretion to reduce to 1 PC or keep them both.


    Brick Andreasen

    My Klingon Flight Controller is capable enough to serve as Security during away missions, but we at the very least need someone to man the tactical station if the ship gets into a space battle, since she’ll be busy performing evasive maneuvers.

    Edit: I suppose we could use a Crew Support NPC for that, but I’d feel a lot more comfortable if we had a PC to squeeze the most out of our poor Oberth’s single phaser array.


    Agreed and if need be, mine can do that. unfortunately as an NPC, but at least he would be there. I’m hoping this will get more interest and more players as we go along, and we haven’t heard of the character idea from another of this forum’s posters so until then…


    Here is a link to my Google drive. Let me know if it will allow you to add your character sheets. If not, I can have them emailed to me and added that way. This is how Mephit suggested I do this. The ship and my character are already there. Feel free to take a look.


    Brick Andreasen

    Dutrax, it looks like your Google Drive is set to “Anyone with the link can view,” which will let us see everything just fine. If you’re not comfortable with giving us editing permissions for the folder, then emailing you our sheets for you to upload will work plenty well.

    Also, so far I’m only seeing the Prelude’s character sheet; not sure if you just haven’t had a chance to upload your character’s sheet or not.


    My sheet had issues and refused to load, so I just finished rebuilding him. I am fine with you guys having FULL access to that folder. I feel that if someone wants to put a backstory there or rules or another fun NPC we should have that right. I try to be more story driven and to make that story the characters need to be accessible.

    What did you think of the ship? She’s almost 50 years old now, and I felt the ship would be better being a no name so it might be able to make a name for itself on the way out. All outcomes are story dependent and will be decided at the completion of the last arc.



    I’ve got Lt. Cmdr. Haimich McGregor, chief of security.

    Grew up on Earth, son of a couple of theoretical warp technology scientists, rapidly realized he liked his technology more practical and less theoretical. Because his parents worked on a secured facility and he was forgetful, Haimich got really good at circumventing security to visit them. Eventually, the security chief of the base leaned into it, and started getting Haimich to help him improve security in exchange for allowing him to come and go as he pleased. Haimich showed a real talent for security (both designing and breaking), and the base chief fostered that talent, encouraging him to pursue it with Starfleet. While at Starfleet, he expanded his interests, learning practical engineering and deciding that he eventually wanted a ship of his own.
    He’s been a Security Chief for a few ships, improving each one, and this posting to the Prelude is just a stepping stone to his posting as a First Officer on a new ship. He’s charming and friendly, but always a little distant, since he knows (hopes) this posting is only temporary, pending a ship needing an XO of his calibre.


    Brick Andreasen

    Azrael, I like your character! I’m looking forward to gaming with you.

    Dutrax, to give us editing power for the Prelude folder, right-click the folder, then click “Share.” In the window that pops up, click “Anyone with the link can view,” then from the drop-down menu, click “Anyone with the link can edit.” That will give us the ability to upload files there.

    Also, I like the ship; the refits it would have by this point give it better stats than I was hoping for. I also like the Advanced Sensor Suites and High-Resolution Sensors talents; both suit a science vessel very well. At first, I wondered about the Improved Warp Drive (as the Oberth is limited to Warp 5 cruising, and a max of warp 8 for short sprints), but the way it’s explained in the Command Division book makes sense as to why they picked that talent.

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