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    Google drive has been taken care of. You can now add or edit asl needed. I have not seen a bad character yet, but with this type of character creation and the player line up, I doubt I will see one. Everyone here looks to have a tendency to create characters they can get behind and create their stories as well.

    My betazoid will not be joining the crew as the Prelude has an assigned security officer. (What rank by the way? I may use him as an NPC subordinate if you out rank him).

    Has anyone posted in the actual game play space yet?



    Is that permission? Because I’d be happy to kick us off, if you like.

    Also, given the bridge layout, it looks like ops and tactical would combine on an Oberth bridge, is that what you were picturing?

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    Permission is given, yes and combine the 2, yes.


    Kudos Das

    Hey gang,

    Apologies for not uploading a character sheet yet for Captain Harzon Kohvarr, or getting a post up sooner. We had a minor family emergency this week, but everything looks to be on the mend now. With any luck we’ll be back to the regular scheduled program tomorrow, but I won’t be able to get a character sheet uploaded here tonight.

    If we still need a chief science officer I’ve got one Lieutenant Azraelia Casperia on offer. She’s human with a hint of alien ancestry, and is still junior enough in her career that even being aboard the comparatively archaic Prelude is truly exciting. This is her first posting as Chief Science Officer, and she’s eager to prove that she’s got what it takes to be a Bridge Officer and valued member of the crew. Bit of a foil with some of the older officers aboard the Prelude, but figured every crew need a bit of youthful enthusiasm every now and then.

    I’ve also got a few other NPCs I’ve been drafting up for the campaign I’ve been putting together in RL, and I’ve no problem posting them up on the Google Drive if we need a few supporting characters to grab in a pinch.


    No problem. Just add your characters to the google drive link when you get a chance. Life has been getting in my way lately too. A science officer is still requested and I have created a cartography specialist NPC. Right now I am letting the crew “play” with the ship and our Klingon helmswoman gets to buy some info if she wants it. I don’t mind if others chime in as the cartographer as I did not create a backstory/personality for him yet, but I do have something in mind. (a focused librarian type)

    I believe the ships advanced sensor suites reduces TN by 1, correct? If so, Helm would gain 2 momentum. I don’t have the book and for me to find out I have to create more ships. Can anyone verify this for me please?


    Brick Andreasen

    Ah! I’d forgotten about the great sensors our ship has. I would love to use one of those momentum for more information. I’ll make an edit on the latest post.

    Advanced Sensor Suites: Unless the ship’s Sensors have suffered one or more Breaches, whenever a character performs a Task assisted by the ship’s Sensors, they may reduce the Difficulty of the Task by one, to a minimum of 0.

    High Resolution Sensors: While the vessel is not in combat, any successful Task that is assisted by the ship’s Sensors gains one bonus Momentum.

    It looks like maybe we might have received 3 momentum from that check, thanks to the Oberth’s great sensors?



    I can build a science officer, but I’m about to head into a meeting. Unless someone wants to be quicker than me, I should have one mid-afternoonish. As long as no one minds my playing two characters.


    Current USS Prelude crew setup
    Oberth class science and deep space survey vessel (2307)

    Capt Harzan Kohvarr – Human
    LtCmd Nexim – Denobulan – Chief Engineer – 4 momentum currently
    LtCmd Haimich McGregor – Human – Chief of Security
    Lt Ets’ona – Kilingon – Flight Control – 3 momentum currently
    Lt Azraelia Casperia – Human – Chief Science Officer

    Feel free to add pertinent information as needed or more personnel as we gain them.


    Kudos, we can use your science officer as offered.

    Azrael, we can use a medical officer if you wouldn’t mind…

    Does anyone know if there are anyone else out there with an interest in joining us here?
    And multiple characters are welcome. As stated earlier in the thread, the highest rank will be the section chief if there are multiples. 3-6 shifts depending on mission profiles and away team assignments. The ship has a max crew cap of 80, I am expecting about 35 currently on board. We still don’t have an XO or medical chief so once those are filled, the remaining crew would be Lt(jg) or lower.

    Does this fit with what everyone is expecting?


    Brick Andreasen

    As far as people who might be interested, I don’t know of any off-hand. However, we could make a post on the Star Trek Adventures subreddit ( and Google+ ( I’m sure we’d pick up a few from there.


    I successfully posted the request and quick mission profile on both sites. I have more hope from google+ than reddit though. Thanks Brick

    And as an FYI, the Prelude is 105 years old and is carrying 2 type 8 shuttle craft in the shuttle bay.



    Alright, let me introduce y’all to Dr. Lenara Razix, Chief Medical Officer aboard the Prelude.

    Lenara is a former Trill Initiate for the symbiont program, but despite top marks, she was passed over by the program for some reason. After having grown up on an isolated colony out in deep space, however, she was accustomed to making the best of things, and quickly leveraged her years of study to transfer to Starfleet Medical. Her enthusiasm for medicine was only matched by her excitement for exploration and seeing new things, and when the chance came to be posted to ships, she leapt for it. Serving as Junior Medical Officer on several ships, she developed her skills, and quickly realized she would be best served by taking a posting near the border of explored space, which is how she ended up on the Prelude.
    She’s an attractive brunette woman with piercing green eyes, long, wavy hair, a no nonsense attitude, and a youthful enthusiasm for seeing and trying new things that’s infectious to all who meet her. A woman full of dichotomies, she’s easy to meet, but hard to get to know.


    Kudos Das

    Lieutenant Azraelia Casperria

    Azraelia is a human Starfleet science officer and first contact specialist currently serving as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Prelude. The daughter of two civilian Federation scientists, Azraelia was born and raised on Starbase 621 on the edge of Tzenkethi space. Growing up on a starbase on near the edge of Federation space filled Azraelia’s childhood with a plethora of new and exciting experiences, her parents fostering her keen intellect and drive to explore the universe around her.

    Being surrounded by a variety non-humans, Azraelia developed a keen interest and appreciation for other species and their cultures. Her own natural metallic purple hair and slightly alien grey eyes, genetic inheritance from a non-human maternal grandfather, often lead people to believe she herself was something other than human. How she was treated in these different circumstances informed her own approaches and unconscious biases towards non-humans.

    A talented musician and vocalist, Azraelia briefly considered pursing a career in music before finally accepting entrance into Starfleet academy.

    Alright, both character sheets posted! Now to remember what all of their talents do…

    Also, I realize that Kohvarr’s Engineering is on par with his Command, but I wanted to capture his inherent technical skills and the amount of time he spent as an engineer. He’s really still an engineer at heart, but wanted to make sure the Prelude was captained by someone who truly understood her.

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    Did anyone else notice the NPC cartographer and the Doctor both have the same surname? Was that intentional or will it play into gameplay somehow that these 2 are distant/close family?

    Both are friends to different cultures and both are from an isolated colony. LOL, this could be fun.



    Hello All,

    You folks don’t happen to need another player? Because I need to play this gane and i have hard time putting a group together where i live.

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