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    Brick Andreasen

    I might be a day or so; I’m in Oregon, and a freak snowstorm has knocked out power all over since last night


    No worries guys. I’ve had some time to think up more plot twists and things to break… oops… I stopped in here before I go read the adventure. I was missing the group. Now if only Azrael comes back and we get some new players. Does anyone want to play Haimich or the CMO while he is out?


    Kudos Das

    Yeah, I was missing this as well. I’m still holding out hope as well that we’ll see Azrael posting again. I really liked what he was doing with his characters, especially with Haimich. As for playing his characters in the meantime, at the moment I fell I’ve got my hands full Kohvarr and Casperria. That said, if no one else wants to on one or both of the characters then I’m okay with doing so in the short term.


    As for leveling up, STA has a Milestone system which means that at the end of a mission players get to adjust their characters.

    Normally at the end of a mission each character can switch up a Value that was challenged during the mission, move a point between Disciplines, change a Focus, or do one of these things for a Supporting Character.

    If you were the ”star” of the mission (did something cool, dealt with personal stuff, etc. … You know this sort of episode) then you can choose instead to switch a point between Attributes, change a Talent, do one of those for a Supporting Character, move a point between ship Systems or Departments, or change a ship Talent.

    At the end of a story arc, each character can increase an Attribute by 1 (max 12), increase a Discipline by 1 (max 5), gain a Talent, gain a Focus, gain a Value, do one of these for a Supporting Character, increase a ship System or Department by 1, or add a ship Talent.

    Teppolt was voted main star for that story arc. I consider that time to be the end of a mission, and the end of 1 story arc. The ship had to leave the area and gained a new mission from a higher command authority. No longer mapping, now investing time in investigative work and gaining power to the station to be a point of support for other missions in this quadrant. So, any questions? The first few paragraphs came straight from Mephit James.


    Kudos Das

    Looking at the core rulebook here (Pages 139-140) my understanding is that there are three types of Milestones: Normal, Spotlight, and Arc. As far as I’m aware, asides from changes in Reputation, those three types of Milestones are the only form of character advancement/change in STA.

    Normal Milestones, which is what it sounds like you’re describing in your second paragraph above, Dutrax, aren’t necessarily always awarded to every character at the end of every mission. Usually, to receive a Normal Milestone during the course of the adventure/mission, a character must have been in at least half the scenes for the adventure and had one of the following happen:

    – Challenged a Directive or a Value
    – Been Injured by an Attack to kill
    – Used a Directive or Value positively
    – Used a Directive or Value negatively

    If I’m following/remembering correctly, what Teppolt received was a Spotlight Milestone, which is voted upon (as we did) and can be used as you outlined above. A character’s first Arc Milestone is received after they’ve previously been awarded two Spotlight Milestones, and the book recommends awarding a Spotlight Milestone about every 2-3 missions.

    The above is at least my understanding based on what I’ve read so far in the core rulebook, but if I’ve missed something let me know (I certainly have yet to read the entire thing cover to cover). If we want to run with the house rule that every main character is considered to have received a Normal Milestone at the end of every mission/adventure then I’m certainly all for it.

    Not trying to be a jerk here or anything like that, just trying to make sure I’m understanding what’s written in the core book for my own sake. Whatever you want to do here, Dutrax, is totally your call. This is your game and your story after all, and I’m happy to be along for the ride so I’m certainly good with whatever you decide.

    As for Casperria, since she qualifies for a Normal Milestone in either case, I think I’ll change her focus in Botany to Linguistics given that she’s been trying to decipher the alien language on Cuneiform Station for the past 40+ days. I’ll update her character sheet tomorrow after I get some sleep.

    PS – I’m often writing these posts at around 10-12 pm at night after a full day of work, so if things aren’t making sense or seem out of sorts, my apologies. My brain’s not always working at optimum level after dealing with reports and emails all day long this time of year…


    I will look into the pages you referred to later. I have chores to to today and I will be running a 3.5e eberron DnD campaign at our local library this afternoon. I have noticed when you post Kudos. Me and Brick do most of our posting during the day and occasionally before we crash for the night. I don’t really like writing these posts from my phone as they are hard to edit and read while typing, but I do so I can keep the story going. I’m still trying to pin down Janpfe’s times, but we all seem to have taken a short hiatus…

    I am going to use normal as directed by me. I awarded the milestone because of 2 things: the need to leave the area, and the Prelude’s mission has changed. I have it that, in game, the next mission happening will occur in 20 days. I also took into account that the crew actually powered something on the station. I think my next day off is Saturday, but I need to verify that because of changes at work. I post as often as I’m replied to when off and during lunch break when not.

    I will award question answers when all 3 have answered. And I will answer storyline after my appointment this am.



    Hi All,

    It has been rough here. My schedule is highly in flux. I usually don’t have the energy to do anything after work (I commute 2hrs each way). Usually I can be active every now and then in the am, but usually at lunch breaks. I hope to have bit more time coming due to some projects getting tied up.


    Brick Andreasen

    janpfe, I’m sorry to hear that things are a bit rough for you. I hope that things get smoother for you soon!

    Is anyone else a bit worried at the sudden appearance of a space combat reference sheet in the Prelude Drive? πŸ˜€


    An 11 month old and those experiences are something I will not likely ever have. Cherish them and know we all back in what ways we can.


    Kudos Das

    Yeah…the appearance of that reference sheet isn’t ominous at all…

    As for the RP, I’ll have a post up tomorrow. On top of having to take an unexpected early morning flight for work today to conduct fieldwork halfway across the province, we also had it unexpectedly announced that immediate staffing changes were occurring in our department. So, a super fun day all around. Hopefully after some sleep my brain won’t feel so much like soggy cereal.

    In the meantime, super stoked to see where all of this is going Dutrax, keep it up!


    Good luck, safe trip, Hope you get promoted or get where ever you want to go in your career. It’s my job to turn your brain to mush… You’re supposed to be able to make your living enjoyable. Not something I have been able to do very often, but when I could it was worth it,… even though the pay hurt my budget pretty badly.

    Anyway, I still have some fun and nasty tricks up my sleeve. Right now focus on getting the station going… I estimate 20 days in game until the next major Major MAJOR event… hehehehe..

    Until then, I’ll let you guys stew on the new spreadsheets. πŸ˜›



    Hope all goes well.
    I just got done with a bunch of grading, so I will be having some time to use my horribly under-utilized alter ego of Teppolt πŸ™‚

    The new spreadsheets have me all curious, give us more! But don’t kill us yet haha


    Kudos Das

    Hey gang! Apologies about the radio silence. What started as a 6 day shift has morphed into a 14 day shift working 12-14 hour days out in the field. The good news is that I should be heading back home on Monday for some time off, so my posting should be back to normal levels here shortly. I’ve got a post just about ready to go, so expect that here in a bit.

    Janpfe and Brick, thanks for keeping things rolling on the PC end of things. Hope things are looking brighter at your end as well Dutrax!



    Hi all,

    My apologies for missing out. My wife is two weeks out from giving birth and we have been going through some complications (nothing life threatening, just very major inconveniences). She has been on bed rest for a week now and I have picked up all things of the household and parenting. I hope to be able to post something today or tomorrow, but it is really damn hard to catch 15 minutes of free time right now. Maybe once the baby is out I have more free time ?(…right…)



    I’ve been putting my wife in the hospital off and on for a few weeks now for pneumonia and nausea; and am seeing a dr myself for a work related injury. I am looking forward to what Teppolt will come up with. Hope all goes well in the coming days for everyone.

    4/21: Found out my wife needed surgery and 2 weeks of antibiotics via IV so they are putting her in a nursing home for awhile then looking at another surgery to put another type of port in.

    On a better note, happy Easter guys. Hope you had fun chasing the bunny.

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