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    Kudos Das

    Hey guys,

    So sorry to hear about all of the recent health problems, I hope things are looking on the mend for both your wives, and that the rest of your families are also doing well. It’s always stressful whenever a loved need medical attention, no matter the severity. Take care of yourselves and your families, the truly important things always come first.

    Hope you all at least had a good Easter, and if nothing else got to at least enjoy a chocolate egg or two.

    Cheers and best wishes!


    Kudos Das

    Hi folks,

    Apologies about my abrupt absence from the game. Life’s been a bit crazy on all fronts these past several weeks, however things should be almost back to normal come the beginning of July once we’re finished the move we’re currently in the middle of.

    I feel terrible for not checking in sooner. It, unfortunately, became one of those “oh crap, I’ll do that tomorrow” items on the ever growing to do list. If things have progressed too far for me to easily slide back into the game then I completely understand and wish you all nothing but the best, but if you can forgive my absence for another week or two I’d be more than happy to jump back in.

    Hope you’re all doing well, and that things in your neck of the woods are less hectic than mine.


    – Kudos


    The adventure has pretty much been on a form a weird hiatus ever since you left. Everyone had Stuff hit the fan at the same time. Haven’t heard from anyone except Brick and he won’t be online for a bit. Read up when you get a chance, fill in the blanks, redo what I did in your characters name etc. Your crew has 2o something days to kill until the next expected meetup at Cuneiform Station for resupply and new orders. I may even have some surprises in store. All we need now is for Janfpe to come back, tell us about the new family member and reprise his role. Enjoy the read.


    As of today, I am no longer employed so I have more time to wat h this site. I have some construction jobs that I might be able to get, but they will have to wait until next week to verify. Who knows what hours I will wind up working. I know everyone else is busy with work or family, but I wish you the best. Hope you enjoy what’s happening in the story now.


    Is anyone coming back? I’ve had a lot going on here and none of it good. It’s been a month since anyone else checked in. I will continue to check in when I have access to a computer. My remaining family is planning on moving, we don’t know where yet, for multiple reasons. My wife will never have to worry about pain ever again. I have also started another version of this for John Carter of Mars on rollgate and discord. It was fun playing and hope we get to continue. I had huge plans that you guys were unable to get to. You might have even liked it.

Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)

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