These Are The Voyages…

Welcome to Continuing Mission, a website dedicated to new content for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game by Modiphus. We’re happy to be here. My name is Mark, and I started a similar site for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game when it was released, Plot Points. I also run a general gaming blog, Dice Monkey, with September marking its 9th year of existence.

We’ve got some great writers on board, including our good friend “Jester” David, who will be bringing you brand new ships and races every Friday and Sunday. Other content will come out as our writers create. After scouring over the rulebook, I know of a few posts I’d like to make. We’ll have lots of great resources for you to use, as well as campaign concepts and actual play reports.

We’re glad to have you on board with us.



  1. Got to play STA at Gen Con and we loved it. We are already starting the planning phase for the campaign to kickoff in January. Looking forward to reading what you post. Listened to you back in the day on Order 66.

  2. Hey, just found this site while doing research for my STA game and have to say I loved your plot points site which I remember stumbling on when I was looking for thoughts on Hyperion and the like. anyway, just wanted to say it was great to find you now playing another game i’m interested in and I look forward to more content I can use 🙂

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