Sargon and Beyond: A Continuing Mission Living Setting

Here at Continuing Mission, we’re committed to expanding your options in Star Trek Adventures and ensuring that you have the tools you need to run the game you want. As part of that we have an ongoing project to create a shared region of space in Star Trek Adventures where we can set an ongoing campaign spanning multiple eras that people are playing at home.

The idea of a “living campaign,” one that evolves and is supported based on what happens at your gaming table, is not a new one. Modiphius already has one going on in their living campaign set in the Shackleton Expanse. There’s always room for more, though, and the region of space here can be run as a parallel to the official living campaign, a subsequent set of missions, or just an alternative for those who want something a little different.

Keep an eye on this space as it continues to fill up with scenarios, species, NPCs, and other goodies. We’ll post when major additions happen but if you have pitches or feedback then feel free to contact us using the page in the top menu.

Inspired by a throwaway reference in Riker’s ‘future’ service record in The Next Generation episode “Future Imperfect” (re-mastered), where it was stated on “STARDATE 55843 – AWARDED PREANTARES RIBBON OF COMMENDATION FOR EXPLORATION OF SPACE BEYOND THE SARGON REGION”. Since the neural scanners drew information from his memories to create the false future, likely the Sargon Region (and the Space Beyond) is an actual part of space.

The default location of the Sargon Region and The Space Beyond that we have chosen is in the Alpha Quadrant, to the Galactic North of the First Federation. However, you may place this region on any perimeter of Federation Space extending into the unknown.

For example, if integrating into the Living Campaign region, a good place for the Sargon Region would be to the Galactic North of the Shackleton Expanse. That is where our 2372 Campaign, OPERATION SILK ROADS, is set.


Here is the default region map.

Here is the OPERATION SILK ROADS version of the map;


The Sargon Region

The Space Beyond

  • Little has been discovered about the Space Beyond. There may be explorers from the Federation and other interstellar powers, but they are few and far between.

Species of the Sargon Region and Beyond

  • Bayt’Ihat: The amphibious Bayt’Ihat are from Bayt III. Their Directive Council oversees every aspect of life with rigor, with a caste system.
  • Drauodot: The Drauodot are cousins to the Qaruodot, and have an ingrained persecution complex. They are polytheistic.
  • Eavarnian: From Eavarna IV, the Eavarnians are a careful and precise species, and are planners and observers. They are unusually vulnerable to injury.
  • Qaruodot: Cousins to the Drauodot, the Qaruodot are an industrial people who value storytelling and historical records.
  • Uyrror: Native to Uyrr III, the Uyrror are talented diplomats with a manipulative streak that sometimes gets them into trouble.

Scenarios in the Sargon Region and Beyond

The next section is intended for GMs only, as there may be content that they intend to use for this region.

2372 Campaign: Operation Silk Roads




Campaign – Supreme Mandate