Continuing Mission Campaign—Supreme Mandate: Planet of the Ebon Pearl

Ichtharys System
The Ichtharys system is the small star (right side of picture in the black area) located in a strangely calm patch of the Cordon Nebulae

“Planet of the Ebon Pearl” (Planet of the Ebon Pearl) is an adventure for Star Trek Adventures and part of the Supreme Mandate Campaign. This adventure is meant to be played by a Gamemaster (gamemaster) and 3-6 players.

This adventure occurs within the Cordon Nebulae of the Sargon Region, stepping stone to the Space Beyond, and as-of-yet region unexplored by the Federation. The exact location of this adventure is in the area designated as “Ichtharys”.

Planet of the Ebon Pearl


Synopsis (SPOILER ALERT – GMs ONLY!!!!)

While exploring the Sargon Region the crew stumbles upon a Bronze Age civilization located on a Class M world tucked away deep in the Cordon Nebulae. Interestingly, though most of the civilization is still using metal tools and primarily agricultural in nature, strange dark matter readings are emanating from the top of a dormant volcano on the southernmost continent. The Prime Directive is in full effect as the captain decides to send an away team to explore the source of the dark matter readings.

Upon exploring the mountainous polar region of the southern continent in search of the strange readings, the away team comes across an amphibious race of sentient monopeds who worship a dark orb. Religious artifacts, temples, local art, and music tend to venerate the dark pearl-like orb. Mythological stories speak of the Ebon Spirits that bless their paradisiac world with a calm life, plentiful food, freedom from disease, and eternal peace. As their beliefs espouse, the world is truly a paradise.

The away team must try its best to avoid violating the Prime Directive while uncovering the mystery of the dark matter at the top of the volcano. This mission also stresses how much work goes into clandestinely observing alien cultures.

NOTE: This mission serves as the first in the Continuing Mission Campaign: Supreme Mandate. Even though they will not make an appearance, the alien K’si’s technology will be discovered. GMs should make sure that no spoilers are given regarding the actual identify of the K’si. This will be revealed in future modules.


  1. Hi Team,

    Little bug on pdf page 9.

    You write :

    Success means that they learn the name of the computer’s builders, the K’si. They claim to hold dominion over this and many other planets within the Great Cloud, a reference to the Corbon Nebulae. They are warp-capable and seem to have many of their sciences based on being able to manipulate dark matter. They

    the end of the paragraph is missing ?

  2. Thx a lot.
    Another question : why Black Matter seems so important ?
    A lot of players don’t know what is it and what Star Trek Scientists can do with it. Is it dangerous or just fascinating ?
    We must have a pseudo tecnobable justification. Investigate because it’s just curious is not a good response for a game master 🙂

    1. Not a silly question at all. Black matter (also known as dark matter) seems to be the matter that can exist on both sides of a black hole. Theoretically, A small amount has unlimited energy potential being condensed mass. The fact that this race has harnessed its power to make some sort of communications relay is amazing. Later on, you will see it also fuels some of their other technology.

  3. I have my response. 😆
    I suggest you add a Game master note in your adventure just after the discovery at the beginning (gm note : what is black matter and black matter knowledge in Star Trek Universe).

    – OMG ! Spock, can you imagine a specie with this technology ? It’s a major scientific discovery !
    – Yes Mister Scott… It’s… fascinating !

    (Cadet Silly Frog : I want mastering this campaign !!! 😆)

  4. Hello Michael,

    In Ebon of the pearl planet, you mention a number of complications :

    – Shabby Structure,
    – Not-So-Well Camouflaged,
    – Strange New Species,
    – Nervous Surgeon,
    – Rumors of Alien Arrival,
    – Losing Sense of Self,
    – Painful Post-Surgery Complications,
    – Panicked,
    – Incoherent Altered Personality,
    – Cultural Inappropriateness,
    – Glaringly Awkward.

    I only have the basic book (in French) and I didn’t see anything about these specifics complications.
    I would like to know if these are complications mentioned and described in another STA book or if it “generic free form” complications, your title giving just a general idea ?

    There may be an interesting article to write to explain the context and describe technically bases. As these complications can be recurrent in the game, you can even imaginate a “Complication cards deck” format.

    1. Hello. Tony Pi actually did create a set of cards for complications. The ones I created I made up on the fly. I am very loose with complications, writing them up to match specific situations. I would use the Search function on our site and search “complications”. Tony’s work will appear.

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