“Latinum Ocean” is an adventure for Star Trek Adventures and part of the Supreme Mandate Campaign. This adventure is meant to be played by a Gamemaster and 3-6 players.

This adventure occurs within the Cordon Nebulae of the Sargon Region, stepping stone to the Space Beyond, and as-of-yet region unexplored by the Federation. The exact location of this adventure is in the area designated as Relay Station 20.

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Synopsis (SPOILER ALERT – GMs ONLY!!!!)

The crew has been pursuing the dark matter thread they discovered while on the planet of Ictharys, linked to the first planet of SR-212, and continues deeper into the Cordon Nebulae. (See Planet of the Ebon Pearl and Prayers of Suppression Campaigns). This time, the dark matter thread leads them to a small, lifeless moon. According to long-range sensors, the lifeless moon has an alien building that houses another dark matter orb. However, the moon has one remarkable feature: one huge ocean composed of latinum, a rare silver-colored liquid metal that was used as currency by the Ferengi Alliance and many other worlds.

Upon further scans, the Player vessel picks up a faint distress signal coming from a low elevation island on the moon. They soon discover a crashed Ferengi vessel. There is one faint life sign coming from the vessel. The Players learn that the life sign belongs to a Ferengi named Lork. The vessel crashed after its warp engines inadvertently intersected with the dark matter thread. The Player crew notes that there are also disruptor burns across much of the ship hull that they identify as the result of Nausicaan weapons fire.

Lork claims stake to the moon and its latinum ocean, but when another survivor aboard the Ferengi vessel things get complicated. The survivor, Pok, says that he is “humble explorer and surveyor who knew of the moon’s existence but lacked the means to travel there” and that he made a contract with Lork to split the profits from the find. Pok claims that Lork tried to murder him shortly after they discovered the moon but the impact with the dark matter thread prevented Lork’s wicked deed.

Just as the Players are busy mediating between the two greedy Ferengis, Nausicaan raiders previously betrayed by Lork arrive demanding his head. When the Nausicaan’s learn of the latinum ocean they will do everything in their power to destroy the Player vessel and claim the moon as their own. Will the Players be able to survive the attack, manage the Ferengis, and learn more about the dark matter orb located on the small moon?

NOTE: This module serves as the third mission in the Continuing Mission Campaign: Supreme Mandate. Even though they will not make an appearance, the alien K’si’s technology will be further investigated. GMs should make sure that no spoilers are given regarding the actual identity of the K’si. This will be revealed in future modules.

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