Battle Grids

Here at Continuing Mission we try to support all your needs at the gaming table, including the table itself! Below is a collection of all the battle grids we’ve released to date. If you have your own, submit them and share with the community!

Starfleet Starships

  1. General-use tiles for Starfleet ships.
  2. Shuttlecraft
  3. Akira class
  4. Ambassador Class
  5. Constellation class variant
  6. Constitution class
  7. Constitution class refit
  8. Crossfield class
  9. Defiant class
  10. Excelsior class Refit
  11. Galaxy Class
  12. Intrepid class
  13. Miranda class
  14. NX class Refit
  15. Oberth class
  16. Persephone class
    • Bridge (Walter Milani-Müller)
  17. Sovereign class

Starfleet Stations

Other Starships

Planetary Maps

Space Tiles