Battle-Grid: Romulan Scimitar Bridge

Continuing our series on 3D bridges as battle-grids. There are some great fan-designed 3D models, many very faithful to the original blueprints, that a snapshot could work quite well for a tabletop battle-grid. Credit always goes to the 3D modeler. I only add missing bits and a bit of colour. Search here for the full series.

3D modeler Atherin continues to astound us with his Star Trek builds. This is the bridge from the Scimitar, from the Star Trek: Nemesis movie. It is different in design from most other Romulan ships, and has a second level that leads to the thalaron weapon room. However, as this is the only Romulan bridge design I’ve come across, it may be an acceptable substitute for any Romulan bridge (at least until official Modiphius tiles come out).

Scimitar Bridge (Romulan) PDFscimitarbridge

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