Star Trek Adventures: Fathomless (Community Campaigns Season One)

Community Campaigns

The Star Trek Community Campaigns team is a virtual ‘writer’s room’ of Star Trek Adventures fans who band together as fans and volunteers to create seasons of linked campaign adventures for use with Modiphius’s Star Trek Adventures RPG.

Season One

Fathomless is the first campaign for the Star Trek Community Campaigns, based on an arc by Tony Pi. Designed to be era-adaptable, you can adapt the 10-episode campaign for use with any era. Season One is brought to you by: Benjamin Axelsson, Michael Dismuke, Darrin Drader, Karen Macek, Scott Macek, Miles Marker, Walter Milani-Müller, Tony Pi, Stan Shinn, Al Spader, Colin Wilson, and Andy Wixon.


We dedicate this campaign to the memory of Walter Milani-Müller, author of Episode Three, Twilight Season. Walter passed away during the course of this project. We pass onto you his words and vision. The Federation starship in the illustrations is the U.S.S. Persephone NX-63109, an original starship class designed by Walter.

How To Play

First, the Gamemaster should download and read the Fathomless Campaign Guide. We are releasing the campaign in two arcs, with the First Arc in November 2020 and the Second Arc in December 2020. Each adventure is available in its own PDF file.


To download the entire arc, use this link.


First Arc

Second Arc

Bonus Materials

Pregenerated Characters and Starships

You may use Captain Rixx and his crew, or Captain Erika Benteen and her crew. These include their starships. Walter’s U.S.S. Persephone is included in the Campaign Guide, but it can also be found here.

Battle-Grid: Fathomless, First Arc (Configuration Circle Gamma, 1920x1920px)

Battle-Grid: Fathomless: Second Arc (Configuration Circle Beta, 1920x1920px)

Battle-Grid: Fathomless Planet

Battle-Grid: Fathomless Ships