Featured Crew Collection #1: U.S.S. Thomas Paine

The Featured Crew Collections at Continuing Mission assemble together a starship we’ve featured here, along with crew members also created here, into a single PDF to make it easy to print-and-play for a demo or convention game. Suggested ranks and roles for characters are provided, and we assume a start date of 2371. Some characters may see promotions beyond their initial appearance in the series, and new ranks are suggested here. Feel free to change these as desired.

Collection #1 features the U.S.S. Thomas Paine (NCC-65530). I selected the key roles needed to staff a starship, and chose characters that are more open to different interpretations by the players. These include Rixx, Shelby, Primmin, Gomez, Selar, Mendon, Lefler, and Lavelle.

Featured Crew Collection #1: U.S.S. Thomas Paine (PDF)

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