Featured Crew: Sam Lavelle


Featured Crew articles spotlight familiar characters not currently covered by official stats. Each article will typically feature a Major NPC version of the character, as well as a playable Main Character version (Core Rulebook compliant) that you can hand out to a player for immediate play (such as for a demo or convention game).

Sam Lavelle first appeared in the TNG episode, “Lower Decks” as an Ensign assigned to Conn. Sam pursued a promotion to Ops, competing with his friend Sito Jaxa for the position. Described as Riker-like, Lavelle is an avid poker player who enjoyed spending time with his fellow junior officers. He received the promotion to the Ops position and gained the rank of Lieutenant junior grade.

Given that he only appeared in one episode, he would be a great blank slate for a player or as a NPC. Since little is known of his career after that episode, you can put him in a variety of possible posts. He has expertise as a Flight Controller and an Operations Officer, and the comics and novels posit that he moved to Tactical aboard the Enterprise-E. He could have been re-assigned into a Chief Flight Controller position aboard another ship, for example.

Only the PC version is given, as it easily doubles for a NPC version.

Sam Lavelle (PDF)

Microsoft Word - LavellePC.docx

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