Featured Crew: Alyssa Ogawa


Alyssa Ogawa is a Human who worked as a head nurse in the sickbay of the Enterprise-D and later the Enterprise-E. She’s a familiar face throughout the TNG series, one of the characters who was fleshed out over the years. She was promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade) in 2370 in the “Lower Decks” episode. She was promoted to full lieutenant when assigned back aboard the Enterprise-E.

She met her future husband, Science Officer Lieutenant Andrew Powell, in 2370 aboard the Enterprise-D. They married shortly after, and they have a child together. The beta canon states that they had a son named Noah (although in another work, it was a girl named Suzi). Andrew had died in the beta canon, killed in action during the Battle of Rigel in 2375. But this need not happen in your campaign.

In an alternate timeline, Ogawa had become a doctor, and in the beta canon she was serving as chief medical officer aboard the U.S.S. Challenger. But she served primarily aboard the U.S.S. Titan in the novels.

Alyssa Ogawa would be a great option for a PC who wants to play someone in the sickbay, but not the Chief Medical Officer. She’s friends with Sam Lavelle, Sito Jaxa (presumed dead), and Taurik (at present, I have no plans to stat up the other Lower Decks character, Ben). So, you may consider using all these characters in the same game.

Alyssa Ogawa (PC)Microsoft Word - Ogawa-PC.docx


Featured Crew articles spotlight familiar characters not currently covered by official stats. Each article will typically feature a Major NPC version of the character, as well as a playable Main Character version (Core Rulebook compliant, or with fan creations here) that you can hand out to a player for immediate play (such as for a demo or convention game).

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