Featured Crew: Reginald Barclay

Featured Crew articles spotlight familiar characters not currently covered by official stats. Each article will typically feature a Major NPC version of the character, as well as a playable Main Character version (Core Rulebook compliant) that you can hand out to a player for immediate play (such as for a demo or convention game).

Lieutenant (junior grade) Reginald Barclay is a fan-favourite who has appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as Star Trek: Voyager. His quirks and neuroses are legendary, including his fear of transporters and his holo-addiction.

While onboard the Enterprise, Lieutenant Broccoli–er, Barclay–works as a systems diagnostic engineer. Around 2371, he was working for Dr. Lewis Zimmerman in his holographic laboratory aboard Jupiter Station. Later, he would return to work aboard the Enterprise-E, and subsequently for the Pathfinder Project. He was promoted to full Lieutenant sometime between 2371 and 2376. Modify his rank if he appears later.

Depending on your setting and time period, Barclay could appear in missions that involve holo-technology, Enterprise-D or -E, Jupiter Station, or the Pathfinder Project. It is also possible that between those postings, he may have been temporarily re-assigned elsewhere, such as Narendra Station or another starship. Since many episodes have featured him as protagonist, he is also ideal as a Main Character option for players familiar with his portrayal.

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Lieutenant (jg) Reginald Barclay, Main Character Version (PDF)BarclayPCLieutenant (jg) Reginald Barclay, NPC Version (PDF)BarclayNPC





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