Adventures Index

This is a living index of all playable adventures in official Modiphius Star Trek Adventures releases, as well as homebrew adventures here on Continuing Mission, as well as other online sources (where known).

This list will be updated when new materials are released or found, so check back from time to time for new materials. We welcome other adventures that we may have missed. Just let us know.

Note: There may be spoilers in some podcasts/streams, either in shows you haven’t watched or adventures you haven’t played.

Complete Adventures

Modiphius Compendiums

  1. A Star Beyond The Stars [TNG Starter Set] {TNG}
    1. The Alcubierre
    2. We Are Not Ourselves
    3. The Pierced Veil
  2. Living Campaign, Season One (2269) [Modiphius] {TOS}
    1. Adrift
    2. Abyss Station
    3. Fury of the Hive
    4. Bacchus’ Irresistible Call
    5. We Came Forth To Contemplate The Stars
    6. Simplicity
    7. Punishment And Crime
  3. Living Campaign, Season One (2371) [Modiphius] {TNG}
    1. Decision Point
    2. Doomed to Repeat the Past
    3. Fading Suns
    4. Convoy SE-119
    5. Tug of War
    6. Signals
    7. We Are The Stars That Sing With Our Life
    8. Assessor’s Gambit
    9. The Displaced
  4. Strange New Worlds [Modiphius]
    1. A Cure Worse Than The Disease {ENT}
    2. Plato’s Cave {TOS}
    3. Drawing Deeply From The Well {TOS}
    4. No Good Deed {TOS}
    5. The Whole of the Law {TOS}
    6. Footfall {TNG}
    7. A Cry From The Void {TNG}
    8. Darkness {TNG}
    9. The Angstrom Operation {TNG}
  5. These Are The Voyages [Modiphius]
    1. A World With A Bluer Sun {TOS}
    2. Border Dispute {TNG}
    3. Entropy’s Demise {TNG}
    4. Forests of the Night {TNG}
    5. Biological Clock {TNG}
    6. Plague of Arias {TNG}
    7. That Which Is Unknown {TNG}
    8. The Shepherd {TNG}
  6. Klingon Core Rulebook [Modiphius]
    1. Strength of Belief {ENT}
    2. The Honored Undead {ENT}
    3. Disruptors At Dawn {ENT}
    4. Move and Counter-Move {TOS}
    5. The Great Gorn Gaffe {TOS}
    6. Dinner For Two {TOS}
    7. Gale Force {TOS}
    8. Subversion {TNG}
    9. My Ally Or My Enemy {TNG}
    10. Broken Promises {TNG}
    11. Who Holds Dominion Here? {TNG}
    12. Where’s The Gagh? {TNG}
    13. The Oracle of Bar’koth Reach {TNG}

Modiphius Standalones

  1. A Forest Apart [Modiphius] {TOS}
  2. A Vulture Among The Stars [Modiphia #2] {TNG}, free
  3. Call Back Yesterday [Modiphius] {TNG}
  4. Ends And Means [Modiphius] {TNG}
  5. Hard Rock Catastrophe [Modiphius] {TOS}
  6. Kobayashi Maru [Modiphius] {TOS}, free
  7. Nest In The Dark [Modiphius] {TNG}
  8. Remnants [Modiphius] {TOS}
  9. Signals [Quickstart Guide] {TNG}
  10. Stolen Liberty [Modiphius] {TNG}
  11. The Ghost Writer [Modiphia #3] {TNG}, free
  12. The Gravity of the Crime [Modiphius] {TNG}
  13. The Rescue At Xerxes IV [Core] {TNG}
  14. Trouble On Omned III [Modiphius] {TNG}

Other Mission Compendiums

  1. Mission Compendium: Andromeda [CM] {2381+}
    1. Heart of Steel
    2. New Neighborhood
    3. Paradox
    4. Muuat
  2. Mission Compendium: Dark Mirror [CM] {ENT}
    1. Polished Mirror
    2. Mirror of Steel
    3. Crystal Mirror
    4. Broken Mirror
  3. Mission Compendium: Deep Space 24 [CM] {TOS}
    1. If the Shoe Fits
    2. Mirage
    3. Payback
  4. Mission Compendium: Hurricane [CM] {TNG}
    1. Calm Winds
    2. Shattered Time
    3. Stormwall
    4. Caught in the Web
  5. Mission Compendium: Pandora’s Box [CM] {TNG}
    1. Psi-Shift
    2. Triplicate
    3. Rings
    4. Pandora’s Gate
  6. Supreme Mandate [CM] {TNG}
    1. Planet of the Ebon Pearl
    2. Prayers of Suppression
    3. Latinum Ocean
    4. First Contact: K’Si
    5. ADV010: Catch and Release [CM]
    6. ADV017: Dark Secrets [CM]

Other Standalones

  1. A Visit To Armageddon [Other] {TOS}
  2. Absent Friends [Other] {TOS}
  3. Banned From Argo [Other] {TOS}
  4. Dail Colony [CM] {TNG}
  5. Decay [Other] {TNG}
  6. Demon World [CM] {TOS}
  7. Do Mudd-Droids Dream of Electric Sheep? [Other] {TOS}
  8. Enigma [Other] {TNG}
  9. Flora & Fauna [Other] {TNG}
  10. Ghost In The Shuttlebay [Other] {ENT}
  11. Most Wanted Klingon [Other] {TNG}
  12. Pilleurs d’Epave [French] {DIS}
  13. Poseidonis [CM] {TNG}
  14. Psi-Shift [CM] {All Eras}
  15. Rig For Red [CM] {TNG}
  16. Risa [CM] {TNG}
  17. Solomon’s Dilemma [Other] {TNG}
  18. Shadows Fly On The Wind [Currently unavailable] {TNG}
  19. Shadows of the Past [Other] {STO}
  20. Sovereignty [Other] {TNG}
  21. Symbiosis Failure [Other] {TNG}
  22. The Flying Dutchman [Other] {TOS}
  23. The Gene Genie [Other] {TOS}
  24. The Listening Post [Other] {All}
  25. The Negative Paradox [Other] {TOS}
  26. The Quadrupole Quandary [Other] {TNG}
  27. The Rescuers [Other] {TOS}
  28. The Roord [CM] {TNG}
  29. The Ruin of Maxanor [Other] {TOS}
  30. The Wedding of S’zera [Other] {TNG}
  31. Through A Forest Wilderness [CM] {DIS}
  32. Time And Time Again [Other] {TNG}
  33. Time Skips [CM] {ENT}


  1. Living Campaign Supplementals
    1. Lower Decks Adaptation [CM] {TNG}
    2. Beyond the 2371 Finale [CM] {TNG}

Misson Briefs

Most of these can be adapted to different eras or non-Federation settings with some work.

  1. ADV001: Order of the Amber Pendant [CM] {TNG}T
  2. ADV002: A Surplus of Problems [CM] {TNG}
  3. ADV003: Prix and Proxy [CM] {TNG}
  4. ADV004: NX Squared [CM] {TNG}
  5. ADV005: Hyperspace Blues [CM] {TNG}
  6. ADV006: The Orb of the Exile [CM] {TNG}
  7. ADV007: Deepen [CM] {TNG}
  8. ADV008: Planetoids [CM] {TNG}
  9. ADV009: I, Hologram [CM] {TNG}
  10. ADV010: Supreme Mandate: Catch and Release [CM] {TNG}
  11. ADV011: The Hur’q [CM] {TNG Klingon}
  12. ADV012: Family Matters [CM] {TNG}
  13. ADV013: A New Warp Signal [CM] {TNG}
  14. ADV014: Find [CM] {TNG}
  15. ADV015: Blueberry Trill [CM] {ENT}
  16. ADV016: Waste of Time [CM] {ENT}
  17. ADV017: Supreme Mandate: Dark Secrets [CM] {TNG}
  1. TNG502: Darmok [CM] {TNG}
  2. The Roord, Part II [CM] {TNG}
  3. The Path of Distress [CM] {TNG}
  4. The Cure [CM] {TNG}
  5. Deadlock [CM] {Any}
  6. Extraction [CM] {TNG}

Partial Adventures


  1. Ackworm [CM] {TNG}
  2. One Dam Problem [CM] {TNG}
  3. Ping Pong [CM] {TNG}
  4. Sentient Seed [CM] {TNG}
  5. Tsunkatse [CM] {VOY}
  6. The Best Pilot In The Galaxy [CM] {TNG}

In Progress

  1. Transplant (Act I) [Other] {TNG}

Settings and Inspirations

  1. Sargon & Beyond [CM] {TNG}
  2. Star Trek: Explorations [Other] {2200s}
  3. The Tekli Campaign [Other] {TNG}
  4. The Gathering [Other] {TNG}
  5. Three New Worlds [Other]
  6. 20 Side Plots [Other]
  7. A Setting Overview for 2380 [Other] {2380}
  8. Home Ground [Other]
  9. Where No One Would Ever Want To Go [Other]