Mission Compendium: Andromeda

To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilization, to boldly go where no man has gone before… These words have been uttered by some of the most influential Captains that Starfleet has ever yielded. They embody Starfleet’s guiding principles, regardless of era. That’s why, when a mysterious alien is discovered that claims to come from a place no one in the Alpha/Beta Quadrants has gone before, Starfleet makes it a top priority to send a ship in that direction. It is a mission of exploration as well as one of mercy, for the alien wishes to return home. Starfleet is all but happy to oblige.

Hello again! I’m excited for the opportunity to bring you the third of my STA Mission Compendiums. Like the first two, this compendium has four full-length missions inside complete with everything you’ll need to run the adventures at your own table. The missions are designed to be played in linear fashion, though not necessarily back to back. They should provide at least 3 to 4 hours of gameplay for the average group of GM and players. 

This particular set of missions has been designed specifically around a unique alien, Andromeda, in the year 2381 and beyond. They were initially written and run for the Adiona group which I was the Gamemaster (GM) for. It is my hope that by providing these missions to you that you and your group will have just as much fun as ours did. That said, the contents within can be easily adapted to suit other ships/campaigns/characters to suit your needs!

Here’s how the missions break down:

  • Heart of Steel: The Player Characters take on their new mission to deliver Andromeda to her home. They’ll need to transit through a portal before undertaking a voyage that would make the crew of the USS Voyager balk. Given the distances involved, the Players’ ship is outfitted with top of the line propulsion technology. Along the way to this portal, they test their newly-fitted Drive and help a planet experiencing a plague that’s turning people into machine-like husks.
  • New Neighborhood: Now that they are in an entirely new area of space, the Player Characters will need a local guide. To that end, they must seek out the services of the Frila. The Frila are the first friendly species the Federation has made contact with on this side of the portal and are more than happy to provide a guide. However, in the process of taking on a new crewmember, the first hostile species encountered on this side appears. The Toth, as they are known, make it clear that they will not tolerate further use of the portal. The Player Characters must manage this diplomatic situation or else risk losing their only way home!
  • Paradox: A recently-formed neutron star along their route sees the Player Characters stopping to take some detailed scans. All seems well until they discover a derelict Federation shuttlecraft slowly falling towards the neutron star. It doesn’t take long before the Player Characters learn that it is one of their own shuttles, albeit from the future. It carries with it a warning of events to come, ones that must be stopped before the Toth destroy the portal.
  • Muuat: The Player Characters come upon an abandoned vessel over a kilometer long, made out of neutronium, and bleeding radiation. Due to neutronium’s rarity resulting from how difficult it is to obtain, this makes the ship a small wonder. The Player Characters must brave intense radiation and work to recover what data they can. In doing so, they learn of a species known as the Muuat, and a means of contacting them. It involves constructing a Graviton Catapult to enter an area of space known as “The Garden.” When they get there, though, the Player Characters suddenly find themselves way in over their heads. They learn that their VIP, Andromeda, belongs to a species the Muuat revere as gods. And to make matters worse, the Muuat view her arrival as a blessing, and the Player Characters as her envoys. They urge Andromeda to visit their homeworld, where a trove left by her people awaits. The Player Characters must weave their way through this precarious situation before all hell breaks loose.
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If I do a fourth compendium it will be available some time in March. However, I would need greater support on either Patreon or Twitch in order to justify the amount of time I put into these what with how many campaigns I run. Every little bit helps!


  1. Once again, Great stuff!!!!!! You are inspiring me to reformat my modules to look like yours and to do a Supreme Mandate Compendium!!!

  2. Sounds like a blast of an adventure, but the link appears dead. Could you please re-upload?

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