Actual Play Index

This is a living index of Actual Plays of Star Trek Adventures. This list will be updated when new podcasts/streams are released, found, or otherwise requested to be added. Make sure to check back from time to time for new viewing/listening material! We welcome requests to be added to this list. Just let us know.

Note: There may be spoilers in some podcasts/streams, either in shows you haven’t watched or adventures you haven’t played.

Enterprise Era (NX)

The Original Series Era (TOS)

The Lost Era (LOST)

  • Tempest – Ambassador-class on a sister ship to the Enterprise-C
  • KasumiAmbassador-class on a deep space 5-year mission

The Next Generation Era (TNG)

  • Constellation – Constellation-class
  • Voyages of the U.S.S. Garfield – Intrepid-class
  • Vasquez – New Orleans-class in the Shackleton Expanse
  • I-13 – AM-class during the Dominion War in 2374/5
  • Enigma – Actual play video series in Polish.
  • EuropaLuna-class in the aftermath of the Dominion War.
  • Ophion – Prometheus-class in 2378 in the Sabine Expanse
  • Amalthea – Jupiter-class in 2381 in the Gamma Quadrant
  • Clear Skies – Ross-class in 2381 in the Shackleton Expanse
  • Blood of the Void – Klingon spin-off of Clear Skies in 2381 in the Shackleton Expanse
  • Hope – Olympic-class/Typhon-class in 2399

Star Trek Online Era (STO)

  • ValhallaIntrepid-class game in 2404
  • Nighthawk – Scryer-class game in 2405
  • Cerberus Station – Station-based game in 2405
  • Fenrir – Cerberus-class in 2410 in the Sabine Expanse
  • Mata Hari – Eclipse-class in 2411 in the Shackleton Expanse
  • EndeavourEndeavour-class
  • October – Station-based game in 2414
  • KongoTrident & Columbia class game in 2415 and beyond

Time Travel / Variable Era

  • Bastet – Time-Traveling Prometheus-class