Actual Play Index

This is a living index of Actual Plays of Star Trek Adventures. This list will be updated when new podcasts/streams are released, found, or otherwise requested to be added. Make sure to check back from time to time for new viewing/listening material! We welcome requests to be added to this list. Just let us know.

Note: There may be spoilers in some podcasts/streams, either in shows you haven’t watched or adventures you haven’t played.

Enterprise Era (NX)

None at the moment

The Original Series Era (TOS)

None at the moment

The Lost Era (LOST)

  • Tempest – Ambassador-class on a sister ship to the Enterprise-C
  • KasumiAmbassador-class on a deep space 5-year mission

The Next Generation Era (TNG)

  • Constellation – Constellation-class
  • Voyages of the U.S.S. Garfield – Intrepid-class
  • Vasquez – New Orleans-class in the Shackleton Expanse
  • I-13 – AM-class during the Dominion War in 2374/5
  • Ophion – Prometheus-class in 2378 in the Sabine Expanse
  • Amalthea – Jupiter-class in 2381 in the Gamma Quadrant
  • Clear Skies – Ross-class in 2381 in the Shackleton Expanse
  • Blood of the Void – Klingon spin-off of Clear Skies in 2381 in the Shackleton Expanse
  • Hope – Olympic-class/Typhon-class in 2399

Star Trek Online Era (STO)

  • Nighthawk – Scryer-class game in 2405
  • Cerberus Station – Station-based game in 2405
  • Fenrir – Cerberus-class in 2410 in the Sabine Expanse
  • Mata Hari – Eclipse-class in 2411 in the Shackleton Expanse
  • EndeavourEndeavour-class
  • October – Station-based game in 2414
  • KongoTrident & Columbia class game in 2415 and beyond

Time Travel / Variable Era

  • Bastet – Time-Traveling Prometheus-class