Mission Brief (TNG502): Darmok

It was brought up that some GMs may have trouble creating an adventure around a Mission Brief. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, the Klingon Core Rulebook introduced the idea of Mission Briefs, short one-page adventure outlines.

I’ve taken a classic TNG episode, “Darmok”, and written it up in Mission Brief format. The idea is to take an episode and see what goes into a Mission Brief, and see how it might be incorporated into your own campaign. Note that the resolution could be entirely different depending on who is playing your crew. That is perfectly fine – not everyone will solve things in the same way. Let your players reach an ending that fits them.

It would be up to the GM to develop challenges on the fly, guided by the Mission Brief. You can create challenges (in this case, such as Survival Tasks, Linguistics Tasks, and Technical Challenges). But it’s the players who will drive the solution, and they can take it to different places. For example, you might find that an Extended Challenge fits what they are doing (e.g., Geordi and Lefler working on the annular confinement beam), or perhaps they decide to deploy multiple shuttles.

How might you craft challenges for this adventure, with this outline? How would your crew take this in an unexpected direction? What would Sisko or Janeway do? We’d love to hear in the comments.

Also, check out Jim Johnson’s explanation of the Mission Briefs on YouTube. He looks at Michael Dismuke’s Mission Brief ADV012: Family Matters in this video.

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