Mission Compendium: Dark Mirror

Empress Hoshi Sato, long may she reign, has graciously allowed the engineers of the Terran Empire to examine and reverse-engineer her flagship, the Defiant. It has led to many technological advances that have allowed the Empire to further subjugate other species and acquire new stellar territory. Meanwhile, the greatest minds of the Empire have successfully enhanced the Human genome to create a new subspecies known as the Csini. Both of these combined have led to the launch of the I.S.S. Bonaventure, a brand-new class of ship that will bring glory to the Terran Empire.

Hello again! I’m excited for the opportunity to bring you the fifth of my STA Mission Compendiums. This compendium has four full-length missions inside complete with everything you’ll need to run the adventures at your own table. The missions are designed to be played in linear fashion, though not necessarily back to back. They should provide at least 3 to 4 hours of gameplay for the average group of GM and players. 

This particular set of missions has been designed specifically around the Mirror Universe as it develops past the “In a Mirror, Darklyepisode of Star Trek: Enterprise. It involves a unique ship, the I.S.S. Bonaventure, as well as a unique Human-Variant: The Csini. It is my hope that by providing these missions to you that you and your group will have plenty of material for a NX-Era Mirror Universe campaign.  

Here’s how the missions break down:

  • Polished Mirror: The Player Characters arrive at Antares Fleet Yards to pick up their brand-new ship: the I.S.S. Bonaventure. They are tasked with overseeing the Bonaventure’s launch and subsequent shakedown cruise. Come the end of the shakedown, an Alliance Fleet attempts to capture or destroy the Bonaventure. It’s up to the Player Characters to ensure the Terran Empire’s new flagship does not fall!
  • Mirror of Steel: Tau Ceti has always been a stain on the Terran Empire’s history. The system is still being held by the Rebellion, something that the Empress herself cannot abide. The Player Characters are tasked with capturing the system and ensuring that all signs of rebellion are quashed.
  • Crystal Mirror: Strange Signals are coming from a nearby “Star Desert” where there is supposed to be space with zero density and no change in gravimetric readings. When the Player Characters investigate, they find that a Tholian Spinner-class has somehow managed to cross over from the Prime Universe. Capturing and studying this vessel would lead to great technological advancements. Yet neither the Tholians, nor the Rebellion ships cloaked nearby, are going to make it easy for the Player Characters!
  • Broken Mirror: In their return to their ship after an away mission, the Player Characters find themselves transported to the Prime Universe aboard a DY-100-class sleeper ship full of Augments. They must find their way back home or be forced to start over in a Universe that would see them confined or destroyed!
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