Mission Compendium: Deep Space 24

The Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk is but a year away from completing its Five-Year Mission. The Ceratodraco have recently joined the Federation with full member status. The Alpha and Beta Quadrants are at peace. However, there are those that would seek to destabilize the relationship between the Klingons and the Federation. It’s up to the crew of Deep Space 24 to hold the line and prevent an all-out war!

Hello again! I’m excited for the opportunity to bring you the fourth of my STA Mission Compendiums. Like the first three, this compendium has three full-length missions inside complete with everything you’ll need to run the adventures at your own table. The missions are designed to be played in linear fashion, though not necessarily back to back. They should provide at least 3 to 4 hours of gameplay for the average group of GM and players.

This particular set of missions has been designed specifically around Deep Space 24, a K-Class Station near the Gorn and Klingon Borders. It is my hope that by providing these missions to you that you and your group will have just as much fun as I did writing them. That said, the contents within can be easily adapted to suit other ships/campaigns/characters to suit your needs!

Here’s how the missions break down:

  • If the Shoe Fits: An importance conference of Ambassadors from the Klingon Empire, the Federation, and the Gorn Hegemony is taking place on Deep Space 24. All seems to be going well until the Gorn Ambassador turns up dead. And to make things even worse: all signs point to the killer being from the Federation. It’s up to the crew of DS24 to solve this murder mystery before conflict breaks out!
  • Mirage: New holographic technology is being tested on DS24. All seems well until some of the crew begin acting oddly, as if they are being mind-controlled. This turns into a race against time to find the problem with the new technology before the entire station succumbs to this effect!
  • Payback: It’s a quiet day for the crew of DS24. Or, it is until a Klingon battlegroup suddenly decloaks and begins attacking the station. They believe DS24 to be the hub of a shadow network that has been interfering in Klingon affairs. The very same shadow network responsible for the events of If the Shoe Fits and Mirage. The crew must fight for their lives while trying to deescalate the situation and trace this shadow network. It’s up to the crew of DS24 to bring the leader to justice one way or another.
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