New Mission: The Path of Distress

While we’ve been having fun with all the mission briefs lately, here’s a full-blown scenario for you! “The Path of Distress” is a TNG-era mission for Star Trek Adventures that begins with a distress call from a free trader and ends in a most unexpected way.

The mission is the brainchild of David Heidelberger (goldenankh at gmail), a lifelong gamer and RPGer. He’s been playing and GMing Star Trek roleplaying since the three FASA book set. David’s ongoing Trek campaign, temporarily run over Discord thanks to the pandemic, has endured with the same core group over twenty years of on-and-off play and through three-and-a-half* game systems. Each system he’s used has had its strengths and weaknesses, but he’s vocally a fan of the simplicity and flexibility of Star Trek Adventures. David readily admits that the current iteration of his Trek campaign is his favorite mainly because his daughter is now old enough to join in as a player. Three of his favorite episodes of Trek in no particular order are Balance of Terror, Best of Both Worlds, and Cause and Effect, and his favorite Trek movie is Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

(*The half-a-game-system was a conversion to Fate that was almost completely finished when David discovered Star Trek Adventures.)

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