U.S.S. Herald – Refit Ambassador-class Ship

Today we have a fan-submission, the U.S.S. Herald from the campaign of David Heidelberger. David is the author behind The Path of Distress mission and has written up a report for his campaign’s ship, the U.S.S. Herald.

As David pointed out to us in his email, there’s nothing mechanically different about the Herald and you could make these stats following the normal refit rules. However, the Herald‘s in-game report is a great example of using older spaceframes from throughout Star Trek canon for the time period you want. In this case, David really liked the design elements and character of the older Ambassador class and put some thought into why an Ambassador-class ship might be launching after the Dominion War.

Fans of Star Trek, and STA playing groups, have aesthetic preferences from across the franchise’s many eras. There are countless ways that you could have parts of the movies and series in your little corner of the universe and you can justify it in whatever way you like! Take a cue from David the next time you want to use something that seems “out of place” in the era and location you’ve chosen and see if you can come up with some reasoning. Star Trek may have some steadier canonicity than other series but in the end this is your campaign and you should have it reflect what excites you the most! Be like David and make your mark on the Federation!

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