Mission: Qilling Time (Corey Bass)

One more mission from Corey Bass: an adventure featuring Q!

Corey’s notes:

“I was searching through sites on the net for ideas and read a snippet about the Q. I thought, why couldn’t I do a different Q instead and decided to base “my” Q on one of my favourite comedians.

I immediately thought of Rik Mayall and decided to get some of his different characters, from different shows that I loved, mixed together and play “my Q” as something like him.

The idea was he caused trouble for an alien race and got in trouble for it. To be released from this imprisonment he had to get a group of people to do something for him out of their own free will.

By helping Q, my crew changed history. Their ship, first of its name, The USS Leichardt, gained a bit of history and became second of its name.

Being a proud Australian I decided to name my crew’s ship, the Leichardt after a famous German – Australian explorer of the 19th Century, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Leichhardt, also known as Ludwig Leichardt. He explored a large amount of the state in which I live, Queensland.”

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